Sunday, 15 March 2009

The one with... Wedding preps with fiancé + Goku + Maya + Girlfriends = Great weekend.

Don’t know why these few days I found myself getting so tired easily. I did make sure that I get to have the 8 hours beauty sleep, yet it somehow didn’t work wonders the way I thought it would be.

That’s why though we know that we have lots of things to take care of come the weekend, somehow this weekend we just called for a break. Both Kerol and I decided to go through the weekend free & easy style.

Friday night – went to watch Dragonball Evolution. I don’t want to elaborate much for I don’t want to sound so poyo as if I’ve been a fan since day 1. Given that restriction, I’d thought the movie was nice and had all the right elements to spell entertainment. I know the fan would have to say otherwise (?), nevertheless, I’m sure everyone would be on the same page with me and agree that San-Goku is oh-so-kamehameha-cute!!!! Kan? Kan? =)

*pictures are the courtesy of Google, like obviously.

Going out at night after work doesn’t seem to fit anymore to the lifestyle of the aging 20 something us, so it was already 3.30pm when Kerol reached my house the next day on Saturday to go to Jalan TAR.. Quite late, we know.. *hehe* That’s why it didn’t catch us by surprise that we got stuck there under the heavy downpour as soon as we reached Jalan TAR… Did what we were supposed to do, then without both umbrella and patience, we decided to just go run under the heavy rain to get to the car.. It was far from romantic -- trust me, but it was fun! :P Alang2 dah soaking wet, we then decided to go to Kampung Baru pulak to have our late lunch. Again, another session of running to and fro under the heavy rain.. =)

As it was a free & easy weekend, we then decided to find a place with a free internet connection to do a research on something.. It was then suddenly I thought of one better place to go -- Famie & Muni’s crib! *gRin* Free internet connection and one thing for sure -- a cute baby! Thanks to Muni’s sis who updated her blog regarding the perKEMBANGAN of Maya Arissa, I was SO tempted to witness that myself :)

From then,

She has now grown into such a cute and chubby and adorable little girl!!! SO geram !! :)

*Pictures were of a low quality as it was an unplanned visit, so I didn't bring my camera. I used my phone's camera instead.

Today on Sunday, again we had another late start.. Went to the wedding of my childhood’s friend -- Hazreen.. Brought along my camera to capture the moment, especially that I have not seen her for 15 years! But it was such a bummer, didn’t realise that my camera was with low battery. *sheeshhh*. But thank God, I met Shah over there who was the photographer for the day.. :) Shah is Erin’s friend who took these pictures. So, I have no pictures with me with Hazreen now as he hasn’t given those to me yet -- that would be another entry then hah.

Left Hazreen’s wedding around 3pm to proceed with this one wedding preps related agenda. Did just that until 5.30pm, before I got back home and got changed to meet my girls Alin & Dayana! Met them at GE Mall and oh I had such a great time, and I meant REALLY great! *gRin* Thanks so much girls, especially you Alin… =)

Ahhh.. another great weekend.. Settled few stuff and such :’)

I'd better stop now and get the much needed sleep to savor the moment before Monday comes and kill ‘em all.

Till later~* :)


  1. ya ampun...maya arissa sgt super-comel dan super-adorable!!!!!! nanti suh kak muni visit umah kita bawak dia....time liana ade.. =))))

  2. memang super duper comelllll !!! :)