Sunday, 1 March 2009

The one with... ticking things off THE list one by one…

Boy does the trip to Nilai 3 and Jalan TAR for the wedding preps can be very tiring yet overwhelming, doesn’t it? :)

I finally have had my fair share of such experience. Went to Nilai 3 on Saturday and to Jalan TAR on Sunday to survey and buy some wedding-related stuff. Overall it was quite tiring, what with the fact that I had to wake up quite early, to walk under the hot weather, to go through the places crowded with people from different walks of life, to then consider the heavy rains everytime come 4pm, to face and manage the different opinions of each family members, and not to mention to let the money flows out of the pocket like nobody’s business… ~~ !!!

But thank God I am surprise at myself on how I can be quite flexible and not too fussy about choosing and agreeing on some of the things.. *few pats on the shoulder hoho* =) (Perhaps maybe because I am more worried about the post-wedding? Ah, the fickle-minded me. Kejap worry about wedding itself. Kejap worry about the life after-wedding. Senang cerita, I'm in the state where I tend to worry just about everything!! *yeLps!*)..


So overall I had quite a smooth sailing experience at those two places.. of which I’m gonna need to come back for another round or two visits sooN.. Huhu!

Both Kerol and I are on leave tomorrow, for we’re going to take that HIV test thingy and plus we need to start dealing with the formal procedures of that ‘permohonan untuk berkahwin’ and whatnot.

So yeah.. Ticking things off THE list slowly one by one, yet there are 1,001 things more to go!

Wish us luck. And enjoy the Monday blues yaw! ;)

Till later~*


  1. seronok nyer prepare for a wedding...rasa lah perasaan mengabesskan semua duit saving..huhu :P

    lia, dah dekat kan ko punya wedding..mesti tgh berdebar giler..tido mlm pun mesti duk pk what's next...what's next...

    Good luck!

  2. masa nilah kau tengok duit kau bukan mcm biskut .. terus xde n makin sikit .. haha.


  3. iyma,

    aku rase seronok setiap kali accomplish something, i can tick off my list.. tapi nak go through every single item in to-do list tu... huhu.. ade yang menguji kesabaran... :P


    ye.. makin sikit.. takpe, its worth every penny! :)