Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The one with... terpaksa berblog, again :P

  • ... sebab panas yang teramat kerana my office building is having some technical problems with the chiller and therefore, affected the central air-conditioning.
But always everytime in time like this, especially masa zaman belajar dulu, the question of "Which one is better -- no electricity or no water?" came popping up in my mind.

I used to, and will always choose -- i'ts better no electricity than no water.

Same goes everytime whenever I go for weddings, when it was fiercing hot.. the question goes "Which one is better -- panas terik or hujan lebat?"

And whenever I have flu and sneezing non-stop, I would think of "Which one is better -- selsema dan terbersin2 srot sret srot sret or sakit tekak dan terbatuk2 ohok ohok?"

Adakah saya the only one yang always think like this or I am not the only one here? :)

  • ... sebab panas hati dan sedih sedu sedan.


Guess I have no choice but to get back to work. May the force be with me.

Till later~*

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