Thursday, 12 March 2009

The one with.. the one & only brother..

The one who just turned 18 on 9 March 2009 recently...

And the one who just got his SPM results this morning...

Happy belated birthday & congrats!!! =)

We are so proud of you..!! But, please lah.. go change your friendster background can or not..?


P.S. Adikku Erin, mengapa balik SK? Kalau tak, boleh celebrate! But don't worry. We'll wait for you. So you can help to chip in too. Ngeh3x.


  1. ala...tak ckp pun nak celebr8!
    sabtu pagi aku nak g klantan member aku dayak tu kawen...ahad baru balik..
    mlm ni aku balik nak packing...

  2. cehhhh takkan nak kene state the obvious kan... cait. anyway ajim dah balik shah alam dah pun.. so takde la celebrate..

    have fun at kelantan.. semoga bawak balik with new tudung or kain for me :)