Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The one with... mentua VS menantu.

Wahhhh tajuk tak boleh blah :P

Well the (thinking too much) point I'm trying to raise here is, in my case it's (bakal) mentua = satu kepala = (bakal) menantu.

Not that I'm complaining, I am definitely more than grateful and happy sukasangatsangat to have such a good sport soon-to-be MIL (wah I finally can use this abbreviation -- big deal!).. It's just that, when things get too comfortable and too complacent, more often than not I am somehow not 'guarded' in my action.. You know, bukan lah nak kena control and be someone else ke ape.. Cuma ye lah, you just need to have the line drawn somewhere kan.. At least when the MIL is being a liiiiittle bit difficult, you somehow will be more conscious with your behaviour you see.

The thing is whenever I have her around me, I have the tendency to let loose of myself! She is just SO pleasant to be with. So everytime I got back home I'll be ended up feeling so worried thinking what would she thinks of me after all the gelak ketawa and tepuk tampar I had with and let myself be towards her. Hmmm.

Though I know this worry-too-much thought is not necessary, but let's just be realistic here. We human tend to get annoyed easily kan if the other person, though how ngam and how well can blend in with us, reach to a point of "eh eh lebih2 pulak dia ni..". You get what I mean?

Ahh well. At least I know she's very straightforward come the things yang dia tak suka (ye, dah pernah kena tegur dah on certain something :P) so all I need to do is just to be more berpada2 next time.. Means kalau tak suka dia cakap, and if tak cakap ape2 means ok la tu... (kot? :P) Anyway I'll just savor this being-so-comfortable moment with her as much as it can last alrightey? Hopefully as forever as I'm gonna be with and love her son :)

On another unrelated note, I went to Nilai 3 with both fiancé and his mother last Sunday (I realllly hope it's gonna be the last time I had to go there -- the place is just so freaking hot thankyouverymuch) and had the chance to drop by at Farah's oh-so-nice new crib.. Just so happened her mother was there too. Had a really good time catching up with the 2 of them (we are friends since standard 5) and touring around her new house.. A 22 x 75 double storey terrace house with a price below than RM200k -- how am I not green with envy? Huhu.. Kat KL ni, where gotttttt.

Anyway Farah I am so happy for you, thanks for having us the other day, and I will definitely come again.. Perhaps when your baby boy has popped out huh? ;)

Ok lah, it's time to watch Intan now =) Till later~*


  1. omg!I got that book as a wedding gift!sally shields's advices are hilarious!you should read it sometime.& btw, am sure you and mil-to-be won't be having any problems, just know our boundaries and everyone will get along just fine inshaAllah :)

  2. oh really?? i just googled for 'daughter in law mother in law' and that picture came out among the various others, heh.

    harus lah beli this book then.. hmm.. anyone? :P

    anyway yeah hopefully everything will be just fine.

  3. its good to see how good u were & ur (future)MIL the other day .. haha. gile cool. mcm kawan2 :)

    haih hari tu kata nk singgah kejap jek. kejap laa sgt .. ;). meh laa beli rumah area rumah aku kalau nak duduk rumah idaman, kalau tidak kat kl tu sampai tua pon dok apartment jek laa kalo nk harga mcm rumah aku.
    anyway thanks again for being the 1st one to come. setelkan hal kawen kau dulu pasni dtg lg utk tgk baby plak!
    (sbnrnya haritu mcm xpuas jek bergossip dgn kau ...... huhuhu)

  4. ishk3... ape gossip2 nih

    anyway, adr satu soalan???


  5. seronok kan bila bleh ngam dgn MIL..hidup pon senang...dan tenang... :) tp apa2 pun, we must set boundries in everything we did..sbb org kata, kalau dah rapat sgt, bila ada salah phm, susah nak baik..

    to encik tunangan lilia,
    MERTUA digunakan bersama ibu/mak dan bapa/ayah..ayah mertua..ibu mertua..

    MENTUA digunakan tanpa ibu/mak/ayah/bapa...

    haha..sila lah percaya..bukan ajaran sesat :P

  6. farah,

    yeah i'm glad i have such a good bonding with my soon-to-be MIL :)

    haha tu lah.. dah kalau semua pun talkative, riuh rendah jadinye haritu... :P

    amboiii kau.. tak agak2, abis orang2 KL kang suma berasap je dengan statement panas kau tuh.. :P

    memang la nak rumah idaman cik kak.. tapi tanak la duduk sampai ke nilai sane... huhu. ape2 pun, hopefully i will find a nice rumah idaman for myself and (then) hubby one fine day.. aminnn.

    of course, there will more trips to your house. kau tuh, BILA NAK SINGGAH RUMAH AKU WEHHHH BORAK2!!!


    take care friend!

  7. s0uLz dearie,

    mana ada gossip.. sekadar sharing is caring =)

    hah, tu dia jawapan from iyma. sila take note. hehehe.


    thanks for the clarification, kalau idak aku pun taktau! hehehe.

    true2.. kalau dengan orang yang kita rapat, bila ada salah faham.. susah sangat nak baik. what's more if its with in laws kan.

    enjoy your bali trip! :)

  8. hmm..aku pun agak baik ngan family bfren aku...memg risau gak kot ade salah silap coz dh close sesgt...

    fuhhh.....mintak jauh la....

    the best part now...dorg selalu menangkan aku....hahaha...pas2 ni...tak tahu la kan...ngeh ngeh ngeh

    ade satu buku inmalay pasal hubungan MIL n menantu nih...aku lupa tajuk dia..i think under karangkraf..takpun sama ker?? nnati aku try carik..aku nmpk kat tai kuang..ko ingt lagi tai kuang??hahaha

  9. haha harus lah ingat! :)

    anyway best kan if baik ngan MIL? so kau bile lagi nih wan.. dah baik2 tuh... ape lagiks.... hehe.. (i bet you got this every now and then, so sila jangan annoyed ngan aku k!)