Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The one with.. geramnye!!! *iSk*

Sebenarnya aku padamu..
Mungkin sama dengan teman lain..
Yang bisa kau buat begitu..
Dan bila..
Tiada lagi teman bermain..
Kau pulang tuk dapatkan aku..
Itulah aku…padamu...


Hoho.. bukan.. bukan kerana merajuk dengan Kerol ke hape I put this nice and sweet melancholy song..

It was because of this lyrics, I missed the chance to win a cash-prize! Adoiiiii la.

Well, it was one of the usual nights where I was on my way back home from office and I got stuck in the bad traffic due to the heavy downpour in KL.. and as usual I will switch on my second favourite radio station (the first being and they were having this god-knows-what’s-the-name-of-the-contest where you have to sms them, and if you are lucky, they will call you. And then they will read to you in some monotonous confusing tones, a few lines of lyrics of a song.. and within few seconds you have to guess what song is that and who’s the singer.

Easy-peasy aite?

Or so I thought!

So I sms-ed them just for the fun of it.. I did that for 5 times and that was it. I’ve always told myself that I will not send more than 5 sms-es for a radio contest. I mean, if it is meant to be, one sms will do actually.. aite?

20 minutes or so has passed, and there was no call.

Life continued as usual.

Got home, parked my car, said hi to Mama, and went upstairs to get a change.

And that's when suddenly the phone rang.


The DJs called me, and read out lout the above lyrics. I was kinda blur in the beginning cause like I said they would use this one kind confusing, monotonous tone as a trick. But the moment they came to stop at the part.. “Dan bila..Tiada lagi teman bermain.. Kau pulang tuk dapatkan aku…

I was like “AHAH!!! I KNOW I KNOW!!”

It’s a song by Faizal Tahir.. entitled.. aaaaa… urmmmmm.. alaaaaa.. I know! I know! I swear I know this song! Alaaa… it’s… urmmm.. aaaaaaa….

Yes people, can you believe that?? I went all point blank not being able to remember the title of the song!!!!

Geramnye!! If only the PC was on, I swear I would have just about enough time to actually quickly google for it!

The DJs had to tell me that my time was up, so there you go… Just like that…


Sheeeshhhh. The song is so god damn familiar!

By the way, korang tau ke tajuk lagu tu? I mean without having to ask others or google for it? Tau ke? Tau ke??? :P (Oh please just say no... No? :P)

So tell me again, why didn’t I win that cash?

A. I cheated.
B. I was lucky.
C. I am a genius.
D. It’s written.

(Pengaruh cerita slumdog.. hoho!)

Of course the answer is D – it’s written that I was not meant to be.

Oh well.

Hmm you want to know WHY I go all-berserk now? Because I KNOW I knew the song.. and most important.. Because the cash-prize offered was…

A good RM1,000 !!!!

Dang! Yes, mari go berserk sama2.

I guess history hardly repeats itself huh? (notice I use the word ‘hardly’ not ‘never’… So I definitely won’t stop entering radio contest yaw!)


Okie dokie. It's time to watch Intan and do my ironing.. Till later~*

p.s. I hope none of you who knows me was actually listening to just now, for I sounded so freaking funny!! :P Cukuplah Kerol & his 2 saksi managed to catch it and had me as the laughing stock... Huhu.. (Kerol was in the car with Zul & Najib at that time when I told him, he was on the way to get his borang nikah signed and approved.. ;p)


  1. hohoho!!!harapanmu ku kecaikan...dengar!!dengar!!dlm hati,sape la yg sengal xblh jwb lagu COBA nih..rupe2nye..kakak kwn aku sdiri..kahkahkahkahkah..

  2. hahahahhaha aku tak dgr tapi aku malu menjadi adik mu.,,..arghh!

  3. beb,

    reading your story ni kan, rasa abot pun nak join laa next time radio contest nie sumer.. seribu tuh.. aumm..

    better luck next time, okies :p

  4. hahahahha....

    ha ah... name lagu tuh "COBA" mmg COBA-an btol aaa

  5. COBA COBA COBA... takper laaa lia....takde rezeki laa tue.. n i agreed with you, its written!!

    bole COBA lagie..... ;)

    its mt fav song btw!!!


  6. damnnn aku pn xbleh nk ingat tittle lagu nih .. xpe we r in the same shoes .. ;)

  7. ashura,

    Hoho!! Alaaaa ye ke… dengar ke… adoiiii malu… hahaha.. :D Memang sengal pun… hahaha.. mesti geram kan apehal itu pun tak bleh nak jawab… nak wat cemane, slalu dok nyanyi lagu ni tapi lupe plak nak find out tajuk ape..

    Adoiii still malu… and ralat! :P


    Ahhhh you sadap! :P


    Tu lah… seribu terbang melayang… hoho..

    Sila la try radio contest.. yang mana senang2 tuh.. insyaAllah ada rezeki tak ke mana :) Aku slalu try masa malam2 kalau tengah stuck dalam jem.. sebab takde bende lain nak buat kan… and malam2 tak ramai dengar radio kot? Coz kalau siang susahnya nak get through..

    my dear s0ulz,

    Ahhhh you also sadap! Ye itu tajuk lagu tu.. bukan Sampai Syurga ye.. DOINK! :P


    Itu lah! Padahal DJ tuh dah siap kasik hint rasanya.. kept on saying “betul taknak TRY teka.. taknak TRY ??”.. Sheeeshhh.

  8. farah

    kan? kan? like damn, i know this song but how come i forgot the title... huuuuu...

  9. oh my god,

    it's COBA laaaa.. ahaha.. i bet u already knew that, hehehe..

    takpe babe.. takde rezeki la tu.. u were lucky enough to be called by the radio station.. i langsung tak penah, hahahaha...

    better luck next time! :)

  10. ko ker lia...haha..aku dgr tp aku tukar radio lain sbb aku x tau tu kau..kalo tau aku dgr sampai abes..hihihi :P