Thursday, 5 March 2009

The one with... geram no more :P

Ini adalah following to my previous entry..

Not that this entry is necessary.. Tapi lantak lah kan.. :P

Dah tak geram dah and dah tak rasa ralat dah coz baru tau yang contest tu sebenarnya kena teka 2 lagu, when I thought all I had to guess was only 1 song.. So even if I knew the title of that Faizal Tahir song, I wouldn't win that RM1,000 for I seriously had no idea what the other song was... I mean, I didn't even knew that there was another lyrics of another song being read to me.. ! Ngeh3x.


So I am now geram no more... *smiLing sheepishLy*

By the way, a caller had won Rm4k ++ for being able to get it right in guessing that 2 sets of song I was supposed to guess. And now they are throwing another sets of song for the caller to guess.. A different amount of cash-prize is up for grab yaw! :) More details is here.

Till later~*

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