Saturday, 21 March 2009

The one with... general ramblings.

  • I had to go to JB yesterday, alone and it was my first time boarding Firefly because both Air Asia & MAS were fully booked. I had no expectation whatsoever, all I've ever heard was about the plane being so small. So yes the plane was a bit small as compared to the other two but rather I had quite a pleasant journey to and fro -- no hassle, assigned seating, being served with muffin & a drink and the flight was on time. Only thing was maybe because the plane was small, langgar awan sikit2 pun you can feel it -- now that's a bit scary to me!

  • As always my weekend since February has been a bit busy with my wedding preps, this weekend is no exception. Well, it's not that Kerol & I have like A LOT of things to do per se, it was more like we are taking things one by one, on our sweet time. So I might sound as if I am doing a lot for the W day, no it's not. One weekend perhaps was spent to tick 1 or 2 things off the list only.. =) The clock is ticking, yes we know... but entah.. our chill pills are still working I guess :P We shall see come mid-April later, especially when I deal with mak andam re my wedding dress nanti.. SO far I heard that's the most dramatic part about the whole pre-wedding stuff.. Huhu..

  • Oh Erin told me about this International Gold & Jewellery Fair 2009, so both Kerol & I went to KL Convention Centre today to have a look, see whether any bling-bling worth buying. But we were dissapointed by the fact that we didn't follow the dress code.. YES there's a dress code to observe!! And mind you we had to fill in a registration form and paid a RM10 entrance fee ye.. Haihhh, apa ingat pakai selipar takde duit nak beli diamond ka?? doink!~*

  • My dearest friend Tina has finally given birth! Everything happened so fast, the next thing I know her new bundle of joy has arrived.. Oh I am so happy for her. Though baby E (let Tina herself announce the baby's name ya?) was born pre-matured (8 months and 1 week), but thank God both the hot mama and the adorable baby are safe and healthy. Went to give her a visit earlier today at Hospital Selayang and as always I got all 'ngilu' and whatnot listening to the whole giving birth tell and tale.. *yiKes!* Tina was chirpy as ever, but I didn't get to see baby E yet for he was put in the incubator for observation still. Read here and here for more stories.

  • If there's a list of 'things I regret doing in life', watching this movie will definitely top the list without a doubt! *puKe* I owe Kerol an apology just because I insisted him to teman to watch it :P (ya ya you can pull a sour face and laugh at me now dear *buwek*)

  • I found Ayu's blog via my statcounter account, and she made me go all addicted with this thing called zahada riddles! huhu.. (To Ayu - Hi!! *waving* You are back to the blogging world :) I want to drop a word or two but your new blog has no place for that -- no place to comment, no shoutout box also. Just to let you know that I'm struggling to reach level 11, how can you reach level 44?? *impressive* huhu..)

Alritey people, guess that's all I have for now. Till later~* Nite2.


  1. Elo Lilia, dah start main Zahada Riddles? addicted kan? hehehe... i'm entering phase 2 now, cepat! cepat! :D about the comment, if im not mistaken u can click the 'no comment' thingy on top of the post :)

  2. babe...macam mana naik firefly?
    my cousin dulu..kutuk habis....sebab duduk kat belakang..dekat dengan propeler dier...macam kat pasar malam...

  3. uiks. sampai ada dress code ..?
    patut kau hanging credit card kau kat rantai leher, overshadow sket selipar yg kau pakai tu .. thehehe

  4. ayu,

    itu lah, i'm like SO addicted for the past few days, but now it has slow down a bit given the interest of time, i have so many things on the plate! *yiKes*

    oh ade ek tempat comment, hehe tak perasan :P


    ye ke.. i mean just like i've mentioned, other than the part where the plane being smaller compared to the normal ones from air asia & MAS, i had a rather pleasant experience.. yang penting the flight sticks to the schedule! :)


    itu lah pasal !!! sudahnye tak pergi punnnnn :(