Monday, 9 March 2009

The one with... the current (interesting) routine of my life.

I SO want to update my blog but I have nothing much to talk about just because my activities are so mundane and routine now.. They are very exciting to me, but can bore the others -- or so I believe. My life is now all about:

Busy with wedding preps.
Busy with wedding preps.
Busy with wedding preps -- long weekend has never been this tiring!
Busy with work -- this is not new.

I have other things that happened around me, like:

  • A farewell dinner with colleagues at SouLed Out last Friday, held for a colleague who’s going to be seconded to Vietnam for 2 years.

  • Another farewell dinner on the recent Friday, again for the same colleague, but that time around was only held for the close friends at work. It was held at this one recently married colleague’s house, which I found to be oh-so-big-&-nice-&-beautiful! She obviously had downplayed the whole thing about her house having no furniture and as such, I should have known it better..! The gathering was of a nice one, with one colleague finally put his words into action, that he can really cook all the pastas and such.. better than those normally served at the restaurant.. :) And with another colleague who finally introduced her long-distant on-and-off boyfriend to the gang.

  • A quick catch-up moment here and there with friends via email, YM, and a quick meet-up. Oh I SO don’t want to be one of those who’s SO busy settling down until unintentionally leaving out friends out of the picture.. Never! At least to the best I can, that is.

  • Mak Rado still insist nak Rado kahwin contract, I mean WTH?!! (Astro Channel 105, Monday to Friday, 11pm to 12am :p)

But the thing is I don’t like to talk so much about colleagues by showing their pictures and such, for I believe they deserve some respects there. That’s why I don’t understand how come sometime people can simply put up the pictures of their colleagues, ok maybe the colleagues equal to friends -- that, I understand for I myself have that, but pictures of the bosses? I don’t think the bosses would want that, do they? Oh well, who I am to say kan.. *roLLing eyes*

And those quick catching-up moments, naahhh I’ll just keep that to myself..

So there you go.. Nothing much, everything is same old same old.. Oh except for the wedding preps of course -- that, is definitely something new, like totally! :) But it's not that I don't want to share about it here.. Sikit2 boleh la kot.. I just don't want people to have any expectation about it... Plus, I shy lah! :P

Okie dokie people, till I have something better to share and spill it out here ya!



  1. ye adikmu ini juga busy with ur wedding preps!
    mencari langsir on sunday. fuhh it's only langsir. tapi u know la, my taste with mama kdgkala ended up tak beli lagi...

  2. hoho sila lah setelkan cepat2.. you are the PIC ! :) thank you so much adikku, all this will end soon k? and it will be your turn next, which am sure gona be even more hectic! aku ni dah abes dah kesah dah.. but you, i think yours will be even to the finest details! :)

  3. hi... me silent reader...

    but then, nammpak note "mak rado..." itu, terus rasa geram n nak mengomen;

    "MAK RADO GILERRRR!" - masih tak cukupkah penangannyer rado "mati" dulu... eeeiii, tgk episod smlm, part dia soh intan pujuk nita, adalah lagi bertambah geram... naper kanker nyer begitu lama nak bagi dia mati sajer?

    p/s maaf, komen emo... hehehehehe...

  4. hi... i've commented in your blog before :)

    anyway, it's ok to be emo cause it shows that you agree with me.. hehe..

    back to mak rado.. yes i also so geram !!!! if i were rado, i'd tell off to 'my mom' yang please lah bersyukur rado masih hidup. kalau tak jangan harap nak dapat keturunan dah.. sebok sangat cakap pasal keturunan kan. eeeee geram sangatttttt..

    hehehe.. see, i'd go all emo too! :P

  5. oh and agreed with you too.. kenape lahhhhh kankernye begitu lama kan.. :P

    (yeay finally ada jugak peminat intan.. hehe.. by any chance you've read the review about the ending of this drama? cause i did *gRin*)

  6. ;) i remember u visiting my blog but it just has been too long... so intro is a must.... hehehehe

    ending intan? tak mo lah... nanti tak best plak... but u make me think twice... cis!

  7. haha up to you.. i saje je bace.. coz isi cerita sikit jer pun kan... drama jer lebeyhhh.. hehe.