Monday, 23 February 2009

The one with... rambles jumbles..

  • It’s back to working-in-office-5-days-a-week routine… sheeessh.

  • February is coming to an end soon which means March is fast approaching -- I’m getting nervous with each passing day! Though I am pretty much rest assured that I have everything under control (so far, that is), I can’t avoid these wedding jitters can I? I mean, it still doesn’t hit me HARD that I am getting married…SOON!! The word ‘wedding’ itself is oh so scary. Let alone ‘post-wedding’. *shiver* Everytime I’m in a client’s meeting talking about a future date to agree on a dateline, I will automatically relate it to the wedding day..

    “So ok we will meet again during the week beginning 6 April 2009 for blablabla…”

    “You will give us the draft report by mid April…”

    “Are you ok to kick off the assignment sometime in April or May instead coz we are now pretty tied up with account closing…”

    My mind will wander around everytime I engaged in such conversation and all the above means only one thing and one thing only -- the W day is getting closer and closer yaw!

  • I’ve been coughing non-stop since morning, oh please sore throat go away… :( I cannot afford falling sick, not this week…!

  • I’ve yet to watch the Slumdog Millionaire but I’ve watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (of btw which one of these two bagged the best movie award this morning, anyone?)..TCCOBB had a very very interesting storyline, but can be very very slow too.. One good part, I love it so very much when Brad Pitt appeared as the younger version of himself, he looked so cute & yummylicious just like the good old days when he was with Gwyneth Paltrow.., for real..! *drooLing* =)

OK I feel like rambling jumbling no more. The cough is such a kill and so does the workloads!

Till later~*


  1. frh nampak kemiangan liliaFebruary 23, 2009 4:56 pm

    hihihi .. neves ke sukeeee .. gatal btol .. hihihihihi

    aku xtengok lg .. weekend aritu pack lg, xsempat nk tgk :( plan nk tengok this coming wed.

  2. ah..biasala nervous tu..aku dulu siap nak tangguh kawen sbb takut sgt..bila dah kawen, ok jer..ntah apa2 ntah yg aku takut dulu, aku pun x tau... :P so, enjoy every nervousness moment k.. :)u'll never feel it again..and it's normal to always relate every date to your wedding date..

    batuk2..minum air masak byk2 k..

  3. farah,

    betul nervous dohhhh!!! cis.


    huhu.. enjoying every nervous moment now it is.. :P

    hmpphhh dah minum air masak banyak2 dah tapi tak sempat to prevent from getting sick.. oh sedih!! kerja banyak.. but i had to be on MC today... huhu.. hope tomorrow i'm gonna be better.