Friday, 6 February 2009

The one with... MAXISsucks! MASsucks!

I've just got back from a day-trip to Johor for a meeting with client, and haven't packed my stuff yet for my trip to KK tomorrow.. But here I am in front of the computer, I just need to de-stress myself after what seems to be such a bad day.. *siGh*

If you've been travelling with MA$ lately you would have noticed how bad the services have been, it’s like they are going down the drain.. (Or has it been like that all this while, I wonder?)

I had my fair share of experience today..

My colleague and I were supposed to take the first flight out, i.e. 7.25am, to catch a 9.30am meeting.. but only to be informed by MA$ yesterday evening that they had to put us into the 10.40am flight instead.. Reason given -- there were just too few passengers, hence it would be such a waste.. I mean really, is that even my problem to begin with? Sheeshh what a bummer!

We informed the client about the change of our flight schedule, but client insisted that they had no choice but to stick to the 9.30am meeting… They even asked to actually fly in yesterday night itself (sorry, but hell no!).. So after the much huha, we finally managed to get ourselves the Air A$ia’s 7.55am flight.. (But only to be told by the client late yesterday’s evening that due to some reasons, the meeting had to be postponed to 3pm !!! *Geramnye, menjerit2 tarik2 rambut!!!*)

Well that’s that, meeting went well nevertheless.. But it was so tiring because we basically had the discussion allllll the way through out the day..

Ok then came the part when we were about to go back.. We have purchased the 6.40pm flight by MA$, only to be told last minute that it has to be postponed to 7.40pm! What is this delaying business they are doing to us??! To make things worse, God knows why, the maxi$ network went kaput at the same time, hence we could not contact our cab driver to tell him that the flight has be delayed to a later time (so he need not come to pick us just yet).. When we went out of the client office, there was our cab driver already waiting for us. So having no choice, we went to the airport as if we were going to board the 6.40pm plane... Haihhh.

And can you believe it, they then made another announcement… the flight has to be postponed to 8.45pm pulak!!!

Great. Just great. Stranded at the JB airport. And cannot make any phone calls.. (my colleague also is using max1s).

It was around 8 something I think that finally the network was back to its business.. So it was only then I managed to inform both Mama & Kerol about the delay.

By the time I reached KL1A, it was already 10pm (the plane cannot landed immediately when it first reached KL1A because apparently there was some ‘air traffic’.. DUH!)

Queued for the cab (was such a long queue), but thank God the traffic was clear..

Reached home finally in one piece at 11.30pm (that’s more important, so Alhamdulillah..)..


I’d better get going to do my packing, or shall I take a nap first? Hmmm. *yaWn*

Hoping that A1r As!a won't do any funny stuff to us tomorrow.. and definitely hoping for better days in KK! :)

Till later~*


  1. pija notice jugak yg maxis tah apa2 lately ni..
    for the past few month pakai u mobile..
    rasa mcm nak pakai balik la..
    mcm best je..xde masalah sgt

    owh anyway..have fun kat KK

  2. haha..akak..contohilah effi kak..effi dulu ade 4-4 line..
    digi, celcom, maxis, u mobile..
    heheh..cume, u mobile pakai kejap je sbb xde teman..lgpon, sbb dapat free...haha..
    yang maxis plak ilang bsame hp kesayangankuuu...
    so, skang, pkai celcom n digi..
    xbley byk2 pon, kalo 4skali ade, kene pakai 4hp..ahah!
    skang ni ade 2, xde masalah sgt..
    dg buat hal, pakai celcom..
    celcom buat hal, pakai dg..
    but..2-2 tu xde problem..
    maxis mmg slalu bengong..
    heheh..pengalaman... ;p

  3. peeja,

    kan, maxis macam sucks gile lately kat kawasan setiawangsa nih... i notice that too.. tapi macam susah la nak tukar2 no. fon nih.. coz nanti office ppl + client susah nak contact....


    hi!!! hehehe gile ah sampai pakai 4-4 line eh?? den tak dapek nak buat macam tu kot.. macam susah je nak kene maintain banyak2 line?

    tapi memang betul pun, maxis lately macam slalu bengong...