Saturday, 14 February 2009

The one with.. I've been tagged....(and I'm bored now and Streamyx is working at its full swing -- BIG DEAL!)

Okay so I have been tagged by Dayana & Aimie in Facebook... & by Tina sometime ago in blogspot on random facts about myself :) Here goes...

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.....

Random fact #1

I'd like to think that I'm a perfect example of 'looks can be deceiving'.. *gRin*

Random fact #2

Childhood days aside, as I grow up I realise that I'm getting shy-er to use the word 'abang' to refer to whoever around me (even the pasar malam guy or waiter) for somehow I tend to feel that the word is too special for common use.. (haha!) I think maybe because I don't have any elder brother and I don't use that term to refer to any other family members & relatives.. (?) Hmmm...

Random fact #3

I used to think that I will never get married, for I think marriage is so overrated.

Random fact #4

I'm a night person.. I can go back from work as late as 2am and still find some time to watch TV.. Tapi dah tak se extreme dulu la, makcik dah tua... :P

Random fact #5

I have some carried-forward self-esteem issues..

Random fact #6

I can't tolerate well when it comes to surprises.. Not the 'surprise!!! it's ur birthday party!!' kind of surprise.. but the 'sorry to inform you that your baju tak siap lagi' or 'your dewan has been cancelled due to blablabla reasons' kind of..

Random fact #7

I love food so much, but I tend to put on weight VERY easily :(

Random fact #8

I can turn to a complete bimbo when it comes to direction & countries outside Malaysia -- no kidding! you'll be surprised at how bimbo-ish I can be... :P

Random fact #9

I'm a movie buff and ms. couch potatoes.

Random fact #10

I'm getting married like, soon but I am scared just by the thought of it. I mean, I don't even know how to manage myself.. let alone another person! yikes. Tambah pulak the other person itu adalah manja dengan ibu dia... ;)

Random fact #11

I love my mom more than anything else..

Random fact #12

Sometimes I feel that I don't know how to show to the persons I love that I actually do care and love them.. Hmmm.

Random fact #13

I'm watching PGL for the first time this coming 22nd feb, yeay!

Random fact #14

I hate changes.

Random fact #15

I start to feel that to write 25 facts is too much! sheesh.

Random fact #16

Ohh I so can use this to update my blog too.. =)

Random fact #17

I have a public blog, but I don't like to advertise it.. But I secretly wish that people do read it and give some feedback.. Yet I feel super shy if a person comes and tells me that he / she does read my blog... *duh!! -- i know :P*

Random fact #18

Oh but at the same time I hate it if actually a person does read my blog, but yet pretends that he / she doesn't when we meet / talk.. It doesn't matter if you didn't write any comments whatsoever.. That works fine for me.. I mean, for example you knew it I wrote that in this month of Feb I'm busy travelling for work, and yet when we meet up you ask "oh hows work?".. and here I am, not knowing that you read my blog did all the explanation thing only to get a response, "ohh tu lah.. i read your blog"... You get what I mean now?

Random fact #19

I think Eva Longoria is so hot! :)

Random fact #20

I've always wanted a care-free life, like I go to work, come back to my own nicely decorated apartment, go to gym every other day, go for facial, spa, hair treatment, manicure&pedicure once in 2 weeks, shopping like nobody's business, go for holiday few times in a year -- you get the drift.. heh.. only 3 words for me -- JAAAAANGAN LA HARAP.. :P

Random fact #21

It's 5.43pm and I haven't taken my bath for the day.. *thee hee hee* ya ya going to, in a while okie?

Random fact #22

Though I've tried, I still can't appreciate political issues.. So it's hard for me to communicate and contribute when my client / boss / whoever opens up that topic.. Hmmm.

Random fact #23

I am like so bored now, I want to go out.. But my beloved fiance is having his evening nap when I called him just now.. isk.

Random fact #24

I am 27 this year, and I still have curfews..

Random fact #25

When I was a kid, I wish that I can be in the cartoon world, just so that I can eat like them.. You know, like eating the chicken / fish at one bite, and all that's left is just the tulang.. Nampak macam best and sangat menyelerakan.. LOL.

Yeayieee I'm done!! Phew.. :)


  1.'s wedding prep?? bulan bape ur big day?? sure excited gile...bestnye...rase nk ulang tayang sendiri punye bole hahaha all the best

  2. hi bibi,

    insyaAllah bulan May :) (ohhhh gerunnye bile sebut!!! huhu)..

    anyway so far wedding preps is ok.. a lot of things dah booking just to secure the date, tapi the details they say will be working on it later.. (adakah ini normal??)

    hmmm awal2 aritu ade la push2 diorang tapi skarang tengah slow down sket coz lia & kerol tengah busy...

  3. #17 - secretly reading your be shy please.pretty please? pretty,pretty please?pretty,pretty please with a cherry on top? ;D

  4. aimie dearie,

    ohhhh u being my reader is not so secret anymore!! heeeeee... *wiNk* so i feel shy no more! (ok so i felt that way when i first knew it -- all satisfied now?? :P)