Friday, 27 February 2009

The one with.. enjoying the blast from the past on Friday! =)

A colleague bought this biscuit and offered it to everyone this morning…

I know I know... Do you guys go all "weeeee!!" and "ooOohhh" and "aaaahhHh" grinning with a smile plastered on your face when you see this?

Coz I know I did.. And all my other colleagues too.. =)

It's like everyone claimed that, "Heyyyy!! I used to eat this when I was a kid!"

I don't remember calling it biskut ais jem? Heck I can't even be sure sure whether the biscuit actually had a name or not.. :P All I know is I used to like to eat the sugary top part first, then throw away the biscuit part.. *hehe*

And just like that.... I felt so lighten up, and started to embrace -- hey it's Friday yaw! Why ssssso sssserious? Kan..? Kan..? =)

Enjoy your weekend~*


  1. ooo u put a smile on my face!

    i love the biscuit too....

    reminds me of those days...

    *p/s : mungkin next time u do buy them is when you urself have kids...hehehe

  2. oohhh i remember too!

    but i will eat the biscuit first, then the sugar/topping later...

  3. ahahaha....smpai skang pon kalo tnmpk biskut tu kat kedai, mmg terase nak cam malu pon ade!ahah! ;p

  4. I used to eat the sugary part 1st only to enjoy the biscuit on it's own.....nYuMMm!

  5. Kak Zue,

    kan this biscuit definitely is a reminder of those good old childhood days kan? =) selalu nye buleh jer beli timbang ikut kg kan.. ni siap dah commercialise lagi nih.. not bad.. hehe.

    ms. oy@,

    finally, you appear! =)

    well some of my colleagues are like you too, makan yang biskut dulu.. then baru makan the topping.. nak save the best for last katanye... hehe.


    hahaha ape la.. takyah malu2.. beli je.. kalau orang tanye, cakap beli untuk anak sedara! hehe.


    enjoy the biskut on its own? ko gilo ko apo? bukan ke biskut dia rase plain je? hehehe.. haihhh dasar anak angkat betul! LOL.

  6. eh betol la lia..biskut ni aku mkn zaman kanak2 dulu...suke giler....sebab color dia cantek2...

    alamak...teringat plak..kat kelantan still byk..n masih mcm dulu..kira timbang...

    nma dia aku tak sure...rasanya bukan tu kot...

  7. tu lah kan.. kat sini pun kat pasar2 malam takpun kedai2 tepi jalan tuh ada jual rasanya pakai kira timbang... huhu... and aku rase macam biskut ni takde nama je dulu?? :P