Monday, 2 February 2009

The one with... Dalie's wedding..

Again and again, congrats Dalie! :) It feels like as if it was just the other day you were whining about not meeting the right guy lah, yadda yadda yadda... and my my looks who's blissfully married now! :) Anyway, as per my sms sometime ago, rest assured you are still my idola when it comes to wedding preps.. *wink*

Kerol & I went for the reception wedding of Dalie & Ridz (both of them shared the same birthday btw, how sweet kan?!) last Saturday... It was held at the Auditorium Integriti in Jalan Duta.. I love the way the overall deco was done -- simple yet looked so elegant.. The newlyweds looked SO happy in their black+silver wedding attire..

Dalie was my ex-schoolmate when we both studied in MR$M Ta1p1ng, so naturally I was expecting to see some other familiar faces from the same school..of which I did. Met with Siti & hubby -- Razif, together with their baby Tasneem; and also my long lost dorm-mate, Eqah with hubby & son.. Other than them, I somehow didn't see anyone else.. Perhaps I overlooked it..

Anyway, Kerol & I weren't alone.. We had Tina & Ajib, Peej & Noy as well in our company.. They are Dalie's blogger friends...

Hmm ok lah.. Enjoy the pics yawww.

Oh yeah, the baju kurung I wore during Dalie's wedding marked the last one out of the 5 pieces I bought from my Bandung trip.. Which means, it's about time to stock up more.. (?) :P

Alritey people.. I am enjoying the last day of my long weekend.. (though am in office actually now, clearing something.. But that's ok, coz I love it when there's no one in office =))...

Okie dokie.. I'd better get going..

Till later~*


  1. frh tertekan nak baju baruFebruary 02, 2009 4:34 pm

    liaaaa baju kau sgt shanteksss!!!
    aku jeles
    sbb aku nak buat baju kurung lg, tp lambat sgt bole pakai .. waaaa
    aku masih muat baju kurung aku lg sampai skrg ;)

  2. lia, u looked preeetttyyyy in purple!! and your friend dalie looked beautiful as well...


  3. Lilia ur baju kurung is sOOOO gorgeous...akue sangat berkenan!!!

    u look so pretty babe...n congrats to ur friend dalie n hubby :)

  4. cool giler bersanding dok atas sofa!

    oh, by the way.. baju u sgt cantik ok!!

  5. yeah..pengantin tu mmg cool giler! :)

    and lia, baju ko mmg cantik..lalala..sbb sama dgn baju aku tp kaler merah...lalala :P

  6. farah mengade2,

    best ape skang ko leh pakai baju besar2... leh mengimbas kembali zaman rappers dulu... wakakaka.

    anyway, sile lah tambah berat badan yer.. kesiannnn baby.


    hehehe.. thank you thank you... baju2 kamu lagi cantik yerrrr... :)


    ko pun sama macam seben, baju2 kurung korang adalah sangat cantik.. tak payah beli kat bandung.. :) oh anyway thanks! hehe.


    cool kan? i had the same thought too when i saw them that day.. :) thanks for the compliment. malu lah sume puji baju... :P


    means baju ko tuh merah hitam ke? wah konfem emily the strange lah kau nih... :)

  7. merah putih lar..huhu ;)