Thursday, 19 February 2009

The one with… back in KL oh home sweet home~*

I miss everything about home, surfing the net on my own sweet time included.. :P

If only tomorrow is Saturday huh, then I don’t have to worry about going back to office.. *siGh* oh well, the next best thing is its Friday anyway and I’ve always LOVED Friday! =)

I’ve mentioned previously here (look at the last point mentioned there) about the merger of my firm with our counterparts in Thailand & Vietnam.. And starting from last Monday, there were 3 juniors from the Vietnam office being seconded here to our department in KL office for 6 months -- their names are so unique to address by, but they are settled with us calling them by their last names. One can be called Ngan (a girl), another one is Han (a girl as well) and another guy, errr or rather another boy I think, called Tu.

And I mentioned here also about the ‘school system’ my ‘pengetua’ was trying to impose (wadda ya know, the system still holds true!).. So each of the Vietnamese were allocated to the 3 ‘classes’ available. Ngan is put in my ‘class’. And every ‘ketua darjah’ must assign one buddy (think mentor-mentee program) to each of the Vietnamese, and my ‘ketua darjah’ has picked me to be Ngan’s buddy.. And seeing how nice, enthusiastic and keen these Vietnamese are to learn new things, I somehow feel so excited too to show Ngan around how we do our work here =)

The HR department has arranged for their accommodation for these 6 months, and they are actually staying at this one nice condo near my house, and my ‘pengetua’, after knowing that the Vietnamese actually went to KLCC & MidVally just to buy groceries (!!!), has asked me to allocate my time during one of these coming weekends to bring them for a tour around this Seti@wangsa + Ker@mat + Amp@ng areas..

I don’t know why, I feel even more excited.. Haha!

If only I have Parveen around (Parv, you’ll be enjoying it too aite to do this kind of thing? ;P)..

Hmm so yeah.. Not sure when will I'd be able to do that, but one thing for sure, I’m gonna spend some weekend time with Ngan, Han, Tu.. (Get it? :D) Hmm.. perhaps maybe I can get Tina & Dayana to teman me bring them around.. (Girls, what say you?)

OK lah.. I’d better get some rest now.. I’m starting to feel tired from the 4 hours journey just now.

Till later~*


  1. I'n in!!!

    Nak pegi mana?? I promise you that I'll behave, hehehehe...

  2. count me in too!!!!
    call saja saya.. m free..........


  3. girls,

    as per my sms, sadly we have to abort the plan.. hehehe... anyhow, any plan to meet up?? i have no outstation job in my schedule...yet. so better grab me while you have the chance!! ewahhhh :P

  4. marilah mari..i am free during the night! hehehe.. as for this coming weekend, am only available friday nite, hehe.. busy mehhh..