Saturday, 14 February 2009

The one with… back in KL (from JB trip) and still tanned (from KK trip) !

Ahhh home sweet home finally, am loving it! :)

If you must know, after my day-trip to JB last week, I went to KK over the weekend + public holiday on Monday, then back to JB for a week… Reached home only yesterday night and today I am still feeling tired.. Must be the aging factor that’s doing its work ey? Sheeesh.. Need to just stay home ‘recuperating’ then.. Cause next week I’ll be back in JB for another good one week yaw!

Well if there is one plus factor, Kerol is going to be outstation to JB too.. :) In fact, last week also he was there.. Not that we get to meet everyday whatsoever (his nature of work is way different than mine) but at least we get to meet up for dinner once *wink* and the fact that he’s too busy working is a comforting factor.. :) We take it as our wedding rezeki.. You know, the claim and all… That means extra kaching… (Nevermind the aching body driving back and forth KL – JB *iSk*)

Anyway, I want it so badly to update about my KK trip (you wouldn’t want me to update about my work trip, would you? :P) but I haven’t gotten all the pictures yet.. What’s nice about an holiday update if it’s without pictures aite? So that has got to wait for now..

Now I have a big laundry to do.. Can you imagine when I left for JB after my KK trip, mom actually went to Taiping to Mak Ngah’s house and hasn’t come back, not until tomorrow? Well, not that I DO mind so much, I am more that glad she gets to take a break travelling without having to worry about the house whatnot.. BUT, well, if only she alerted me earlier, I wouldn’t leave my dirty clothes, especially the damp after-snorkeling clothes, in the laundry basket… Cause otherwise I know it mom would attend those clothes and wash them all.. But she actually went to Taiping.. So yeah together now, EWWWWWW! It has been freaking one week!!

Till later yeah?

P.S. I am hungry and home alone… *sniff*


  1. lia..i've noticed u're often to JB..boleh suggest hotel best yg rate dia below RM200 nett with b/fast? haha..i've been there like twice tp duk seri malaysia (hahah) sbb dekat dengan ofis mara..senang g keje jln kaki saja..

    so now..nak duk hotel best sbb aku nak cuti & ikut my husband o/station this thursday..oh best nyer!! :P

  2. hmm so far i've stayed in hyatt, pan pac, mutiara, crown princess, and hotel selesa..

    hyatt sekarang under reno.

    pan pac is nice, but under my coperate rate is rm225nett with bfast. tapi untuk next week princess deluxe (standard room) dah penuh, so second choice is imperial deluxe, which is rm245nett with bfast. normal rate aku tak sure.

    hmm other hotels - mutiara, crown princess & hotel selesa is so-so jer i think. but below rm200 la definitely. given a choice, aku suke mutiara coz kat sebelah tuh ade shopping mall, buleh beli dvd tv series yang murah2.. ngeh3x.

    you'll be in jb on thurs? ade rezeki bleh la jumpe for dinner! :) unless ko nak stay je lah kan dalam bilik beramas mesra... hehehehe

  3. oh yer, lupe plak... kat jb ade satu hotel baru -- grand paragon or something.. try la check out that hotel...

  4. grand paragon cam menarik.. :)

    i'll text you later in JB..ape ko ingat kami asyik beramas mesra sampai x mkn ker.. :P huhu