Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The one with... 5W 1H... (warning: boring entry ahead)

My default intro for this month of February will be:

Things have been pretty hectic in office..! *siGh*


I’ve been meaning to blog about 2 things, but apparently am having a (temporary) mental block.. Maybe because to write about those 2 things requires some deep and careful thoughts and I think I am already losing the mood even before I begin to write about it.. :P Too much to talk about yet it doesn’t get translated into words naturally.. So its already defeating my purpose of blogging.. Because to me, blogging is all about writing whatever you want to write. I don’t have to feel forced to. Neither pressured to, just to come out with something.. So it shouldn’t take up much of my precious time cracking up the brain to come out with one freaking piece of something. Blogging is not a report or assignment or thesis essay all right…

To make short of the long blabs = malas sebenarnya.. :P

So I will still write about the 2 things, but by using the 5W 1H tool.. (ya Allah, skemanye!!! :P) (Masa skolah cikgu ajar macam mane nak senang ingat this tool is -- 5 Wives 1 Husband.. Heh memang sampai sekarang ingat! Hehehe).. Malas nak fikir panjang2 lah.. Nanti lagi pening!

Anyway, that’s ‘When, Where, Who, What, Why and How’ just FYI.

Okie dokie... Arrreee you ready kidssss??? (sounds at the background: aye aye captain!)

First -- My career.

When is the right timing to say no to the opportunity lies ahead of me? For a fact, can I actually say no, enough is enough..?

Where else can I go? Cause I don’t have the problem with the nature of the work.. It’s the ever-increasing responsibilities.

Who can I trust at work, to tell about my dilemma without actually putting me in a vulnerable position -- i.e. as if I’m letting people know about my weaknesses? Cause it’s not that I can’t push myself to meet the expectation you see, it’s how I choose to live my life…

What if I decided to just stay at this level? Can I afford myself to see other people move on?

Why am I having this effing mind-boggling dilemma, why oh why???!

How am I supposed to find the guts to solve this one do-or-die dilemma of my life…? *iSk*

Second -- Sihir / Black magic / Ilmu hitam.. (What gives??? :P)

When is it to know that your partner / family member / one of your relatives has changed because of ‘terkena buatan orang’, not because of other things?

Who on earth is that cruel to do such things to other people?

What if it is really true, that such thing can and does happen?? Am I being a complete ignorant and naïve here?? *iSk*

(I know this may be wrong to question but..) Why God permits such thing to happen? I mean… well.. I don’t know.. I don’t expect any absolute answer here, I believe things must have been well explained in the holy al-Quran there.. Apologies for my lack of knowledge.. But sharing is caring, so does anyone care to share… why?

How one is supposed to avoid and deal with all this black magic thingy?

My my.. such a bore isn’t it??? See… Told you, I wanted to lay open those 2 topics before, but I just don’t know how to put it in such an interesting way, intelligently… And this entry says it all... heh.

Wee wooo I guess I’d better zip it for now ey..? :P

Nighty nites, till later~*

P.S. 2 more nights, and then I’ll be in KK… weeeeeee~!


  1. salaam sister bride-to-be! :D
    first,no you are sooo not boring anybody!
    second,i like the sihr this is my share to care,

    it's Allah's swt wisdom to allow us to do good and evil, and yes, He could have created a perfect evil-less world, but then, how would He determines who qualifies for His Jannah? so then comes sihr, a wee part of the evil in this world. Allah swt doesn't 'permit' anyone should use sihr, but it is His 'will' to test us, be it the victim or the culprit, and everything is for the purpose that He has arranged for us, and only He that's why sihr is possible. no one, not even shaitan can do anything without His permission

    there are loads of duaa to help us avoid/cure sihr, and we can always recite surah Al-Aaraf frm the Quran and many more..subhanAllah

    I hope this help! and you have a jolly good day ok! muah2.

  2. topic #1

    well..i've been thinking about this matter too..lately..and i've decided to stay at this level (all this while,i didn't care other people get promoted or what)coz i dont think i'm good enough to take more responsibilities in work..yeah..enough is solution is i'll take the PTK exam (org keje gomen tau la exam test your knowledge about ur jabatan and malaysian govn)..try to pass it with flying colors and get higher salary..

    topic #2

    the thing does happen..dlm Quran pun ada ckp benda2 halus wujud..kite kena percaya cuma jgn sampai memuja i.e termasuk dlm kategori syirik..aku pun x berapa reti bab2 ni..but it did happen to me..maybe sbb dengki or sakit hati..sometimes we didnt realize what we did or said makes others feel mad..sampai sanggup buat avoid, ehem..kena jd alim sket ni..mengaji byk2..solat jgn tinggal...insaf.....

  3. Hi aimie!! :)

    Wise words, I am left speechless not knowing what to say..

    Thanks for showing me some lights here.. Definitely to an extend it was a help, very much needed indeed..

    So that’s that, I know I have a lot more to learn in search for a lot of answers in life….

    You too take care dear and enjoy learning about your oven! Ngeh3x..


  4. hi iyma! :)

    Career wise –- Well that’s very good for you for knowing what to do next.. because my dilemma is, I don’t.. siGh. Things are so hectic in office, I am not sure how to cope anymore.. It’s like I’ve reached the best I can give, so now I don’t know how to deal with the expectation other people have on me…

    Sihir wise – Hmm itu lah.. Kena percaya pada benda2 ghaib.. Tapi macam.. Ntah la.. Bila dengar bende2 macam tu can happen to a person.. Takut plak.. It has been a while, but actually a family member has changed, and they said its because of that.. How sad.. And I’m scared if such thing can happen to my own upcoming family, the one Kerol & I are going to build based on what I have learnt from our own families (InsyaAllah…)


  5. hmm..byk2 doa so that tuhan akan sentiasa lindungi kite..amin :)

  6. aku xde idea to talk bout the 2 topics, sorry.

    tp aku lebih berminat psl trip kau g kk. jgn lupe g pasar petang kat blakang pasa filipine tu, mesti kau xkeruan tengok udang ikan bakar smua. yg paling penting pegi snorkeling!!! owhh aku rindu nk g snorkeling kat sana .. pastu naik gunung kinabalu (eh naik ke?), pegi kinabalu park, kundasang, dan mcm-mcm lg .. boleh refer aku .. aku terer kk nih .. hihihiihi

    enjoy your holidays :)

  7. iyma,

    amiiinnnn.. :)


    blah la kau, aku call nak refer kat kau, tak angkat fon pulak... cehhhh! :P

    anyway, aku takde la sampai naik gunung tu yer, not my cup of tea :)

    nanti aku update k!