Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The one with... my KK trip -- updated! :)

Ye.. Ye.. Saya update.. :P Sila baca sampai lebam.. Tak pun, tengok gambar sampai lebam.. hehe.

I am in JB now and so so happy to find out that my room is equipped with the internet connection! :) Thanks to the fully-booked standard rooms, I have no other choice but to book for the deluxe room -- bigger, nicer, and like I said, with free internet connection too.. *grin*

So now that I am all refreshed after taking the hot shower, I guess it’s just about the right time to do my KK updates..

(Warning: A lot of pictures ahead.. and I really mean, a lot).

Day 1
There were 6 of us altogether taking the 10.20am flight to KK on Saturday 7 Feb 2009. Safely reached KK at about 1pm, we took cab to go straight to Promenade Hotel. The hotel doesn’t look nice as it was portrayed in the website (I know I know it’s normal, but this is a bit unacceptable) due to the construction work they are having there.. Sheessshh.. But the room was nice, we got it at RM160nett per room using my company’s corporate rate.

Knowing for a fact that we had quite a limited time (it was a 3D2N trip), we went out straight upon checking in. Took a stroll along the road in front of our hotel (it was supposed to be by the beach path, but like I said they were having some construction work) that leads us to this place called Pasar Philippine.. It’s like a place that sells all those souvenirs, especially the pearl-based accessories.. And they have all different types of nice bracelets too!! *bracelet junkie alert :)* We spent quite some time there... ;)

Next to Pasar Philippine was Pasar Ikan Masin where they sell all those ikan terubuk masin, ikan bilis, udang kering, ikan kering etc and fresh fruits & vegetables too. We then reached to a place called Waterfront or something.. Took some pictures, we continued our walking and finally reached the Jesselton Point jetty.. Was such a long walk we had actually!

The jetty was the place you take the boat to go to the different types of islands for snorkeling. We made the reservation for a snorkeling session the next day, and took a cab to go back to our hotel. I must say that the cab drivers in KK are really making money out of their driving -- to go everywhere also they charge at least RM10 if not more! Reached back our hotel at around 7pm or so.

That night, we had dinner at the Pasar Philippine.. Unlike during daytime, at night the place was quite ‘happening’ with all the eatery stalls opened up.. You are spoilt with the wide choices of grilled seafood -- different types of fishes, crabs, prawns, and my most favourite -- sotong! :) And if you really know how to bargain, you can get them served at quite a cheaper price too.. Taste wise, yummeyh! ;)

In the bus from KL Sentral to LCCT. Masa ni muka tak tan lagi.. Huhu.

Jalan2 lepas check in.

Pasar Ikan Masin.

Hana mengidam pisang.. Hmm.

Behind the Pasar Philippine.

At the Waterfront or something.. (I think).


Pilih jangan tak pilih! At Pasar Philippine choosing the souvenirs for families.

I was busy choosing bracelets for myself.. *happy!*

At Jesselton Point jetty.

Pasar Philippine at night.

Having the yummylicious meal.

Err.. fish-tail licking good! :)

Day 2
It was basically the snorkeling day! :) Actually KK has this place called Gaya Market which is open only on Sunday from as early as 6am till noon. Its a famous where they sell a lot of souvenirs and fresh seafood.. But we decided to give it a miss since we (except Hana :P) didn't want to wake up so early in the morning.. So our 2nd day stay in KK was dedicated solely on snorkeling during the day time... and makan besar during the night time!

We went on the three-islands tour -- first Pulau Sapi, follow with Pulau Manukan, then Pulau Mamutik. It's kinda a bummer that there were no fishes at Pulau Manukan, and the water was a bit dirty too :( Thought of having the lunch buffet over there, but RM105 per person? Thanks but no thanks, huh!

All in all, I had a great time snorkeling... Quite a nice place, especially Pulau Sapi.. Banyak ikan yang besar2.. Cantik2.. Siap ada nampak ikan todak.. dan juga ikan buntal yang sangat comel.. Air pun jernih.. Paling best is bawak roti siap2, konfem banyak ikan yang datang.. Geli pun ada hehe! But.. Having said that, I think Pulau Perhentian is still the best.. (well, I've only been to Pulau Perhentian, Pangkor and the latest one was KK :P).

Boat only for the 6 of us..

First pulau - Pulau Sapi.

Second - Pulau Manukan.

Third - Pulau Mamutik.

Masa ni kat Manukan, since there were no fishes and the water was dirty, we spent some relaxation time by the beach -- nice!

Ni aktiviti laki bini :)

Here are some random pictures (out of so many to choose from! isk):

At the end of the day -- kulit sangat tan!! Hope sempat 'recover' before wedding day! huhu.

And that night we spent time eating big seafood meal at the restaurant next to our hotel. Nak pergi Kampung Nelayan, but the cab driver wants to charge us RM20 one way. And mind you we have to take 2 cabs for the 6 of us, so thats RM80 in total just for the cab? Hell no. Might as well we spend on food kan?
Sangat kenyang! Tapi best... :) (hence the holiday weight gain! *isk*) Cuma the sotong meal was quite disappointing.. Yang kat Pasar Philippine tu lagi best.. Ahhh I'm drooling now just by the thought of it..

There were no pictures for the third day as it was just the going-back day.. We woke up early, but not so early as far as the wet market is concerned.. Thought can buy some fresh prawns & crabs at a cheaper price compared to KL price but we kinda missed it. Cuma Hana+Acap sempat beli sikit before those prawns & crabs of the big sizes were all fully sold out..

So ok.. There you go.. Perhaps this post should cover the next 3 days entry as well, no? ;)

Alritey.. Want to go do facebook-ing & blog-hopping.. Till later~*

p.s. Few more pictures here.


  1. You. My friend. will work like mad. and cuti like mad also. hehe.

  2. x de lar tan sgt, lia..aku lagi hitam..semulajadi :P
    kalo x sempat recover, ko kena buat bleach lar bg putih balik :P heheh

    best nyer holiday..... :D

  3. 1. best kan kk? aku dah pegi 3x tp still xpuas lg .. try naik gunung kinabalu, itu lg syok!!

    2. masa time aku honeymoon haritu pulau mamutik jek yg xde ikan sgt, yg lg 2 pulau tu ikan sgt byk. kitorang xdpt beli roti, tp feed the fishes with our crackers, sampai kene gigit2 dgn ikan. ikan sabah ganas2. haha

    3. owhh aku pn sama, baru sampai perhentian, pangkor & kk. next plan nk ke tioman pulak ... (hopefully after delivered).

    4. aku jeles korang ada gamba dlm air tuuu, sbb aku punye water camera yg film aje ... sampai skang xscan lg. huhuhu.

    5. next time pegi kk pls dont dont miss the gaya street tawww.

    nice photos. served u with all the workloads before eh? :)

  4. abby,

    I. Your friend. Don’t work like mad anymore. But yes try to cuti like mad still! Hehehe.


    Gile ah hari cuti pun bangun awal?? :) Anyway ye ke tak nampak tan? Pictures can be deceiving you know.. huhu.

    Nanti ko nak pergi bali kan? Best jugak ape.. :)


    1. best2.. tapi tak banyak activities untuk aku lerrr other than makan dan snorkeling ;)

    2. kan, kitorang pun masa kasik roti tuh siap ada yang melompat2 keluar lagi nak grab it. Tapi the experience is enjoyable!

    3.pangkor is definitely sucks la kan?? :P hmm my next snorkeling session hopefully masa honeymoon nanti (whoa! gerunnya sebut this word!! (:P)

    4. ohhh itu bukan kamera aku.. itu adalah kamura acap.. anyway sila la jeles ok! Hahaha. gaya street any different from pasar philippine?

    yeah it was definitely a great holiday… Cuma it happened in-between my busy outstation work period.. before and after my KK I was busy travelling.. so penat from travelling tuh tak abes2 lagi.. I guess this week is the worst, I feel really2x exhausted.. :(

  5. Hi Lilia, next time pegi Simpang Mengayau @ Kudat pulak.. The view is wow.. only god knows! And then I suggest u rent a car next time in Sabah..

  6. pangkor masa aku pegi x ok jugak .. tp bile wan pegi dia ckp ok .. maybe salah time kot kita pegi.

    gaya street lg byk stuff dpd pasar philipine .. pasar philiphine cuma accessories jek ada.

    owh aku lupe nk ckp. masa aku honeymoon hari tu memanjang jek aku berjalan kaki dr hotel ke jetty ke town smua. baru lah nampak mcm pelancong. haha (padahal sbb cab mahal gilos)

  7. anonymous,


    Hmm tak pernah plak dengar about Simpang Mengayau… will sure do to consider that :)

    Anyway itu lah kan… memang ada plan nak rent a car.. Cuma the trip was so short, so rasa macam tak berbaloi plak..


    Ko duduk kat hotel mane eh? Lupe la…

    Kitorang haritu mule2 sampai memang berjalan bagai nak rak.. pehtu pancittttt… :P (tapi memang cab mahal kan?)

  8. aku duduk beverly hotel .. lg jauh dpd promenade tau .. huhu. tp dah namanya hornymoon kan, jauh pn rasa dekat ;)

    cab dia mcm **** (aku adalah dilarang utk mencarut)

  9. ya betol laling, cab memang mahal cam haram! omg aku terliur tgk ko mkn seeafood hehe. KK mmg best.

    nanti nak hornymoon kat mana? ahaha

  10. farah,

    ohhh ye ke.. tak sure lak hotel mane kah itu...

    dalie daling you are back in blog commenting business!! :),

    kan mahal kan?? aku pun terliur bile tengok balik gambar2 seafood.. huhu..

    hornymoon tak tau lagi.. :P

  11. omputih..baring tepi pantai..topless(yg laki2 aa.)

  12. nikman,

    azidi je yang macam omputih! (tapi lapo nasik sesaje.. ape kes omputih nye aihhhh)