Friday, 27 February 2009

The one with.. enjoying the blast from the past on Friday! =)

A colleague bought this biscuit and offered it to everyone this morning…

I know I know... Do you guys go all "weeeee!!" and "ooOohhh" and "aaaahhHh" grinning with a smile plastered on your face when you see this?

Coz I know I did.. And all my other colleagues too.. =)

It's like everyone claimed that, "Heyyyy!! I used to eat this when I was a kid!"

I don't remember calling it biskut ais jem? Heck I can't even be sure sure whether the biscuit actually had a name or not.. :P All I know is I used to like to eat the sugary top part first, then throw away the biscuit part.. *hehe*

And just like that.... I felt so lighten up, and started to embrace -- hey it's Friday yaw! Why ssssso sssserious? Kan..? Kan..? =)

Enjoy your weekend~*

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The one with.. work affairs -- the love hate relationship..

I thought I have made my conscience crystal clear.. that I am a-OK to just stay at this level, earning the same salary level with the normal yearly salary increment & bonus of few months, and ‘enjoy’ the workloads put under my portfolio, for being at this level that is..

I mean, yes, its not perfect.. I can go further… higher. But at least suffice to say, work wise, I am already at the comfort level one could achieve.. You get to live your life once, so I choose not to live my life by just focusing on work.. I want to have a life outside work too.. You get what I mean? With higher position, come greater responsibilities. And that is something I don’t want, for now.

Yes, I was all sure with my decision.

Until I had the conversation with a colleague on Monday.

She threw me these mind-boggling questions:

  • How can you feel ok to see her (another colleague) being promoted earlier than you?

  • How can you have no passion to go further?

  • I don’t understand, how can you feel satisfied with whatever you have? Don’t you want for more?

Sigh. I know she meant well. And yeah she had a point there.

But truth to be told,

  • Yes, I AM NOT going to be ok to see her getting promoted earlier than me.

  • I have had my passion before, and now it just stops. Temporarily. For I have more passion and interest in the life outside work now.

  • You don’t have to understand, because it’s my decision. I choose my life. And I want to enjoy life. Work is work. Enough for me to make a decent living out of it. That’s it.

Well, I am still very sure with my decision. It’s just that I am so disturbed. I mean, not wanting to go further doesn’t mean I am not capable enough, doesn’t mean I am not skilful enough, doesn’t mean I am not technical savvy enough, doesn’t mean I am not successful enough right… no?

What’s wrong with me having other priorities in life? Not everyone is born rich and lucky. Not everyone gets to have every wants and needs in life. Everyone is born to make the right things in life, based on what and how that person was raised up and the surroundings around that person’s life. And what is right to me, is my own choice to make.

If I were to give a damn towards what people say, I might as well quit. But that would be stupid right? To quit just because I care too much on what other people say about me? Such a vain you say? No, it’s not about the matter of being vain.

It’s a matter of feeling like a complete failure.


I am not a failure. I know what I’m doing and I am damn good at what I’m doing. It’s just that I'd like to mind my own business and I hate to partake in office politics. And I definitely hate more responsibilities. I’d like to think that whatever I have on my shoulder now is already enough to bear. I don't want more responsibilities to jeopardize my life. I observe those with the higher position, on how they struggle to achieve work-life balance. Oh of course the perks is the ka-ching $$$, but still... our lifestyle goes up at the same rate corresponding to our income.. So at the end of the day, people will still complain, they have not enough money.

I don’t want to work in commercial or government for I don’t want to deal with the same issue year-in year-out. I find that working in consulting firm is better (not that I’ve worked else where before, this is my first job after I graduated.. so please excuse me ya friends with this statement of mine.. I say only okie?! =P), I get to deal with the different issues, different industries, different companies, different people etc within a year. Once one assignment is completed, I get to be in another assignment. I don’t have to sit in with the same issues all my life.

Oh well, I guess, after all to talk about quitting during this bad timing… that, is plain stupid. Already people talk about retrenchment, restructuring and cutting down number of people and working days and here I am talking about quitting? Heck no.

OK now I am not quite sure where are all these heading to.. But definitely I feel slightly better that I manage to let things out of my chest. For now. But that's that. I will deal with the dilemma once it comes to haunt me back again. I know it will. Coz trust me, being a Manager in my department.. is just different from any other.

Till later~*

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The one with.. Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical - Season 3

Last Sunday 22nd of February, Kerol & I together with our mothers :) have had the chance to witness the huge success of Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical, now showing as 3rd season. Thanks to Ain (my sister’s friend), the performance we went to was rather special -- it was the encore performance, final show of the season, and final show featuring Datin Seri Tiara as the main cast, i.e. the legendary princess Putri Raden Ajeng Retno Dumilah known as Puteri Gunung Ledang.

Just like P.Ramlee the musical, I didn’t manage to catch the first 2 seasons of PGL.. From what I heard, those who have watched the earlier 2 seasons of PGL claimed that this 3rd season is better than ever.. Well, I could not agree more!

Seating at the row second from the stage, the four of us enjoyed the show so very much! Everyone’s performance was exceptionally the best, but I love it the most the performance of Stephen Rahman-Hughes as the Hang Tuah and Adlin Aman Ramlie as the Sultan Mahmud, especially the part when he danced as the king, he was oh so cute!! :P

Maybe because it was the last show of the season, Istana Budaya was quite flexible with their rules about using camera in their theatre hall.. :) The PGL casts received their most deserved standing ovation at the end of the show and the atmosphere turned out to be a bit emotional as it was the last show for Tiara.

Ah, words fail to describe how I enjoyed the performance so much.. Go check out the PGL official website for more info and enjoy the pictures! (please excuse the poor quality of the pictures, as always its so hard to adjust the camera setting at night time! shesssh..)

Hang Tuah :)

You just gotta love it when he smiles..!

Sultan Mahmud.. :)

Raja Majapahit performed by AC Mizal..

Datin Seri Tiara..

Everyone gave their best shout out for Tiara...

Emelda (Adlin's soon-to-be-wife) and Emillia (AC's wife) also came..

The mothers and I before leaving the hall..

Kerol and I, tapi tak nampak background of PGL screen.. hmmmpph.

Outside the hall during the autograph & photograph session..

Bought both the book & CD but the queue was so long.. So I didn't bother to join them.. Huhu..

OK lah.. I'd better go take my medicine now (yup, I'm sick yaw! Was on MC today *iSk*).. It's time to watch Intan anyway.. Hehe..

Till later~*

Monday, 23 February 2009

The one with... rambles jumbles..

  • It’s back to working-in-office-5-days-a-week routine… sheeessh.

  • February is coming to an end soon which means March is fast approaching -- I’m getting nervous with each passing day! Though I am pretty much rest assured that I have everything under control (so far, that is), I can’t avoid these wedding jitters can I? I mean, it still doesn’t hit me HARD that I am getting married…SOON!! The word ‘wedding’ itself is oh so scary. Let alone ‘post-wedding’. *shiver* Everytime I’m in a client’s meeting talking about a future date to agree on a dateline, I will automatically relate it to the wedding day..

    “So ok we will meet again during the week beginning 6 April 2009 for blablabla…”

    “You will give us the draft report by mid April…”

    “Are you ok to kick off the assignment sometime in April or May instead coz we are now pretty tied up with account closing…”

    My mind will wander around everytime I engaged in such conversation and all the above means only one thing and one thing only -- the W day is getting closer and closer yaw!

  • I’ve been coughing non-stop since morning, oh please sore throat go away… :( I cannot afford falling sick, not this week…!

  • I’ve yet to watch the Slumdog Millionaire but I’ve watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (of btw which one of these two bagged the best movie award this morning, anyone?)..TCCOBB had a very very interesting storyline, but can be very very slow too.. One good part, I love it so very much when Brad Pitt appeared as the younger version of himself, he looked so cute & yummylicious just like the good old days when he was with Gwyneth Paltrow.., for real..! *drooLing* =)

OK I feel like rambling jumbling no more. The cough is such a kill and so does the workloads!

Till later~*

Thursday, 19 February 2009

The one with… back in KL oh home sweet home~*

I miss everything about home, surfing the net on my own sweet time included.. :P

If only tomorrow is Saturday huh, then I don’t have to worry about going back to office.. *siGh* oh well, the next best thing is its Friday anyway and I’ve always LOVED Friday! =)

I’ve mentioned previously here (look at the last point mentioned there) about the merger of my firm with our counterparts in Thailand & Vietnam.. And starting from last Monday, there were 3 juniors from the Vietnam office being seconded here to our department in KL office for 6 months -- their names are so unique to address by, but they are settled with us calling them by their last names. One can be called Ngan (a girl), another one is Han (a girl as well) and another guy, errr or rather another boy I think, called Tu.

And I mentioned here also about the ‘school system’ my ‘pengetua’ was trying to impose (wadda ya know, the system still holds true!).. So each of the Vietnamese were allocated to the 3 ‘classes’ available. Ngan is put in my ‘class’. And every ‘ketua darjah’ must assign one buddy (think mentor-mentee program) to each of the Vietnamese, and my ‘ketua darjah’ has picked me to be Ngan’s buddy.. And seeing how nice, enthusiastic and keen these Vietnamese are to learn new things, I somehow feel so excited too to show Ngan around how we do our work here =)

The HR department has arranged for their accommodation for these 6 months, and they are actually staying at this one nice condo near my house, and my ‘pengetua’, after knowing that the Vietnamese actually went to KLCC & MidVally just to buy groceries (!!!), has asked me to allocate my time during one of these coming weekends to bring them for a tour around this Seti@wangsa + Ker@mat + Amp@ng areas..

I don’t know why, I feel even more excited.. Haha!

If only I have Parveen around (Parv, you’ll be enjoying it too aite to do this kind of thing? ;P)..

Hmm so yeah.. Not sure when will I'd be able to do that, but one thing for sure, I’m gonna spend some weekend time with Ngan, Han, Tu.. (Get it? :D) Hmm.. perhaps maybe I can get Tina & Dayana to teman me bring them around.. (Girls, what say you?)

OK lah.. I’d better get some rest now.. I’m starting to feel tired from the 4 hours journey just now.

Till later~*

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The one with... my KK trip -- updated! :)

Ye.. Ye.. Saya update.. :P Sila baca sampai lebam.. Tak pun, tengok gambar sampai lebam.. hehe.

I am in JB now and so so happy to find out that my room is equipped with the internet connection! :) Thanks to the fully-booked standard rooms, I have no other choice but to book for the deluxe room -- bigger, nicer, and like I said, with free internet connection too.. *grin*

So now that I am all refreshed after taking the hot shower, I guess it’s just about the right time to do my KK updates..

(Warning: A lot of pictures ahead.. and I really mean, a lot).

Day 1
There were 6 of us altogether taking the 10.20am flight to KK on Saturday 7 Feb 2009. Safely reached KK at about 1pm, we took cab to go straight to Promenade Hotel. The hotel doesn’t look nice as it was portrayed in the website (I know I know it’s normal, but this is a bit unacceptable) due to the construction work they are having there.. Sheessshh.. But the room was nice, we got it at RM160nett per room using my company’s corporate rate.

Knowing for a fact that we had quite a limited time (it was a 3D2N trip), we went out straight upon checking in. Took a stroll along the road in front of our hotel (it was supposed to be by the beach path, but like I said they were having some construction work) that leads us to this place called Pasar Philippine.. It’s like a place that sells all those souvenirs, especially the pearl-based accessories.. And they have all different types of nice bracelets too!! *bracelet junkie alert :)* We spent quite some time there... ;)

Next to Pasar Philippine was Pasar Ikan Masin where they sell all those ikan terubuk masin, ikan bilis, udang kering, ikan kering etc and fresh fruits & vegetables too. We then reached to a place called Waterfront or something.. Took some pictures, we continued our walking and finally reached the Jesselton Point jetty.. Was such a long walk we had actually!

The jetty was the place you take the boat to go to the different types of islands for snorkeling. We made the reservation for a snorkeling session the next day, and took a cab to go back to our hotel. I must say that the cab drivers in KK are really making money out of their driving -- to go everywhere also they charge at least RM10 if not more! Reached back our hotel at around 7pm or so.

That night, we had dinner at the Pasar Philippine.. Unlike during daytime, at night the place was quite ‘happening’ with all the eatery stalls opened up.. You are spoilt with the wide choices of grilled seafood -- different types of fishes, crabs, prawns, and my most favourite -- sotong! :) And if you really know how to bargain, you can get them served at quite a cheaper price too.. Taste wise, yummeyh! ;)

In the bus from KL Sentral to LCCT. Masa ni muka tak tan lagi.. Huhu.

Jalan2 lepas check in.

Pasar Ikan Masin.

Hana mengidam pisang.. Hmm.

Behind the Pasar Philippine.

At the Waterfront or something.. (I think).


Pilih jangan tak pilih! At Pasar Philippine choosing the souvenirs for families.

I was busy choosing bracelets for myself.. *happy!*

At Jesselton Point jetty.

Pasar Philippine at night.

Having the yummylicious meal.

Err.. fish-tail licking good! :)

Day 2
It was basically the snorkeling day! :) Actually KK has this place called Gaya Market which is open only on Sunday from as early as 6am till noon. Its a famous where they sell a lot of souvenirs and fresh seafood.. But we decided to give it a miss since we (except Hana :P) didn't want to wake up so early in the morning.. So our 2nd day stay in KK was dedicated solely on snorkeling during the day time... and makan besar during the night time!

We went on the three-islands tour -- first Pulau Sapi, follow with Pulau Manukan, then Pulau Mamutik. It's kinda a bummer that there were no fishes at Pulau Manukan, and the water was a bit dirty too :( Thought of having the lunch buffet over there, but RM105 per person? Thanks but no thanks, huh!

All in all, I had a great time snorkeling... Quite a nice place, especially Pulau Sapi.. Banyak ikan yang besar2.. Cantik2.. Siap ada nampak ikan todak.. dan juga ikan buntal yang sangat comel.. Air pun jernih.. Paling best is bawak roti siap2, konfem banyak ikan yang datang.. Geli pun ada hehe! But.. Having said that, I think Pulau Perhentian is still the best.. (well, I've only been to Pulau Perhentian, Pangkor and the latest one was KK :P).

Boat only for the 6 of us..

First pulau - Pulau Sapi.

Second - Pulau Manukan.

Third - Pulau Mamutik.

Masa ni kat Manukan, since there were no fishes and the water was dirty, we spent some relaxation time by the beach -- nice!

Ni aktiviti laki bini :)

Here are some random pictures (out of so many to choose from! isk):

At the end of the day -- kulit sangat tan!! Hope sempat 'recover' before wedding day! huhu.

And that night we spent time eating big seafood meal at the restaurant next to our hotel. Nak pergi Kampung Nelayan, but the cab driver wants to charge us RM20 one way. And mind you we have to take 2 cabs for the 6 of us, so thats RM80 in total just for the cab? Hell no. Might as well we spend on food kan?
Sangat kenyang! Tapi best... :) (hence the holiday weight gain! *isk*) Cuma the sotong meal was quite disappointing.. Yang kat Pasar Philippine tu lagi best.. Ahhh I'm drooling now just by the thought of it..

There were no pictures for the third day as it was just the going-back day.. We woke up early, but not so early as far as the wet market is concerned.. Thought can buy some fresh prawns & crabs at a cheaper price compared to KL price but we kinda missed it. Cuma Hana+Acap sempat beli sikit before those prawns & crabs of the big sizes were all fully sold out..

So ok.. There you go.. Perhaps this post should cover the next 3 days entry as well, no? ;)

Alritey.. Want to go do facebook-ing & blog-hopping.. Till later~*

p.s. Few more pictures here.