Saturday, 24 January 2009

The one with... sunyi.

Haha so funny, but somehow that's what and how I'm feeling now... Right at this very moment... Hmmm... ?

Anyway, just got back from KLIA to send off my sis Liana back to Jakarta *iSk*.. But I bet Mama would have felt the lost the most, for they have been spending some mother-daughter moment together like most of the time throughout this long semester break of hers.. Pergi poco-poco lah.. Jalan2 lah.. Teasing each other lah.. Main masak2 lah.. Jerit2 kat rumah macam orang gila lah.. Jogging sama2 lah.. etc etc etc.. I mean I myself feel the missing link too.. For the past one month ++ I had someone who would bug me like hell.. Like sms-ing me such early in the morning when I'm at work, just to ask at what time would I go back for the day.. Oh well.. To Liana, we miss you already... I wish you all the best in your studies, sila la belajar rajin2 yer.. (as if she's reading this.. :P)

Hmmm.. Cuti panjang.. Kerol pulak balik kampung saaaaampai la next Wednesday.. (agak2 laaa kan kot ye pun.. haishhh :P)...

OK lah.. Nak pergi sambung layan the latest season 5 of Desperate Housewives lah.. Grey's Anatomy pun tak terlayan lagi nih.. Guess this would be the perfect time eyh? =)

Till later~*


  1. desparate h/wife?????latest season.....dah on kat tv ke?????channel????

  2. anonymous,

    belum on kat tv... not sure bile.. :) my colleague managed to download for me episode 1-12.. *wiNk*