Friday, 23 January 2009

The one with... on a friday night to the long weekend.

I have been super busy lately, have been working very hard towards meeting today's deadline.. Of which I did, though not entirely but vastly [at least to the client’s satisfaction (I think)].

There will be more deadlines to come, February is gonna be one heck of a busy month for me.. One good thing is I will be having my KK trip, (finally!) after one year of having the flight tix purchased.. Can you imagine, ever since we bought the tix a lot has changed.. The 3 couples who are going –- one has grown apart but to become teman tapi mesra (errr kan kan? :P), one has married and expecting a child now, and as for me & Kerol, we are happily engaged and busy making preparation for our wedding.. :) Oh well.. Time really flies -- that’s one obvious fact yet people still tend to be overwhelmed by it..

Anyway.. so now.. kerja dah siap.. it’s Friday night.. and it’s gonna be a long weekend..

So? *siGh* All work no play, where's the fun... :(

To my Chinese friends, wishing you guys a very Happy New Year.. May this new year be a lucky ones to you in all aspects of life..

To Dalie, congratulations!!! Dedalie akan menjadi Deduan besok, I wish that the solemnisation event will go on smoothly, and the whole wedding reception events too.. See you next weekend k!

To the rest, enjoy the long weekend!

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