Friday, 30 January 2009

The one with... the first movie I watch in 2009.. :)

Do: Watch it!!!! Damn hilarious and entertaining.. =)

Don't: Watch the movie preview + Read any spoilers + Check-out the official website -- These will definitely ruin the element of surprise and excitement.. Trust me.. I watched the preview only after I've seen the movie, and I can tell there's no way I could have enjoyed it the way I did yesterday night should I have checked-out the preview earlier..

Disclaimer: This is only my personal opinion. Why sssssso sssserioussss? ;)


  1. frh pn kaki wayang jugak..January 30, 2009 12:54 pm

    cool! aku tengah terpikir2 muvie apa nk tengok weekend ni, since mcm xde yg best pn .. thanks lia :)

  2. waah! ko dah tgk bride wars..last week nak tgk tp showtime lmbt sgt so end up tgk inkheart..

    agagaga..nak g tgk mlm ni jgk!! :P

  3. haiyoo,

    i was abt to ajak u tgk this movie with me last evening, hehehe..

    takpe, i'll find some other girls la then..


    ohh am watching Inkheart tonite.. best ke haa?

  4. tina,

    itu lah.. i've watched with kerol.. huhu.. so you dah tengok belum bride wars?

    and i've watched inkheart too.. hmm i thought that movie was so so only, i got bored at the few points of time throughout.. :P


    hehehe sile lah tengok and let me know of your thought about it ek! :)


    skarang banyak gak kot cite baru tengah kuar.. bride wars, inkheart, underworld, etc. nanti aku email ko the 2009 movies ek?

  5. dah tgk bride wars!! best!!

    of course aku rasa best sbb i loooove everything about wedding...hmm rasa nak sanding lagi (poyo kan? :P)

  6. iyma the new blogger :P,

    best kan? the movie is so funny! :)

    hmmm agak poyo laaaa jugak kan statement ko tuh! hehehehe...

    aku ni haa... risau gile about wedding.. scared if the actual event turns out bad... huhu..

    time is *yiKes*