Thursday, 29 January 2009

The one with... my CNY break..

(I am hungry, but cannot go for lunch yet!!! Yes people, the 'school rules' still hold true…firm and strong! Sheeeessshh.)

The 4 days break was something I’ve been looking forward to, but could have been better if Kerol was around.. :P

Nevertheless, I had a good R&R over the long weekend.. It all started on the Friday night after work.. Thought of going out with my sister Liana as it was her last day before going back to Jakarta, but she had other plans.. Did a rain check, thank God Dayana was up for a dinner together :) It was Friday night before a long weekend and KL was having a downpour, so traffic was really bad everywhere in town.. So we decided to meet at MidValley since it was close by both from my office and from Dayana’s house.

Met her at about 8.30pm, I thought of going to Italiannies at first.. But she suggested Delicious and I had no problem with it cause I memang already had the intention to give her a dinner treat for her birthday.. :) As always without fail, I had a splendid time that night..

The next day, I had a wedding to attend.. It was Shireen’s wedding, she’s my friend from Terendak.. Kerol was around that time (before he left KL for his kampung, that is), so he tagged along together with my other Terendak friends -- Dayana, Joy, Tina & Ajib.. It was Shireen’s wedding reception but for the husband -- Aiman’s side.. and combine skali with Aiman’s brother punya wedding reception.. Even though the weather was freaking fiercely hot, Shireen looked all glowingly happy in her beautiful blue wedding attire.. I mean of course.. which bride wouldn’t be so aite? Being in the state of bliss, ahhh I can’t wait for my turn!! :P

Then that night, as per my previous entry, I went to KLIA to send my sister off to Jakarta..

Oh and on Sunday night I spent some time with Tina, catching up at the Old Town White Coffee in Ampang.. I had one heck of a great time chit-chatting with her, especially talking about my wedding preps and her upcoming baby boy.. ;)

And on Monday morning, my sister Erin accompanied me to Jalan TAR for me to buy a new set of tudungs (read: 10 altogether), yeay!! :) I’ve always loved it whenever I have new tudung, and hated it whenever it’s ‘lifespan’ expires.. You know, when the tudung gets ‘berbulu’ and ‘susah nak bentuk’ anymore… Hehe..

But I must say eh, these days they no longer have the wide varieties of those normal tudung bawal, instead they offer a lot more of the trendy types.. (think Ekin’s style and such)..

Of which, I am not comfortable with la! (I hate changes). Plus I’ve always thought those kind of tudung / selendang are only suitable for functions.. not for everyday use. Oh well. To a certain extent I can be quite conventional.. :P

Anyway, my sister Erin is now in the business of selling those trendy types of tudung / selendang.. Hmm nanti I put up some pictures for promo k? :) I've bought one from her, not sure when will I wear that.. Huhu…

And the rest of my off days were spent at home lazing around in bed finishing up the Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy -- heaven! :)

Eh ok lah.. Now that I'm almost done with this entry, I need to find some other things to do to kill the time before I can buzz off for lunch.. Blog-hopping is what I have in my mind now, you people better have a new entry for me to read k!! ;)

Till later~*


  1. I pung kureng la tudung ekin..I am into Tudung dubai...senang...pusing pusing..pusing and pakai...he he he..

  2. oh ya....hurry entry pasla ur sis nyer jualan shopping mode is kicking sekarang...

  3. hahahha...3 entry you...Tina look so cute...with 26 weeks dah glowing..

  4. zie,

    hahaha terkejut i tengok semalam takde comment, tup2 harini dah ada 3 sekaligus... rupenye dari orang yang same.. hehe :P

    hmmm tudung ekin ke, dubai ke, those are all what i meant by 'trendy types' :) yang tudung ekin tuh pun same la jugak, kene pusing2 jugak... heh.

    nanti i put up the pics k.. soon i hope! hang in there, don't let your shopping mood fade away tau... :)

    tu lah kan... kejap je dia dah 26 weeks pregnant....

  5. li@,

    Itula pasal, blog hop sampai 3 komen I bagi...ha ha ha...

    Tapi tuh semua fesyen kan? sekejap ajer....sekarang depa leh kata tudung bawal semua simpan....later on...semua orang simpan tudung ekin nie..and pakai balik tudung bawal...

  6. frh xsuke tudung ekinJanuary 30, 2009 12:58 pm

    uhhhh .. tudung ekin ni jugak tidak menjadik pilihan hati saya ..
    sama taste eh kita? hahaha dr dulu lg .. ;)

  7. tak suka la tgk gambar i kat kenduri shireen.. lebar mcm kapal titanic.. sob sOb..

    as for u and nana, i loved the pictures u both took at Delicious.. lighting sgt lawa and you two looked so sweet! :)

  8. zie,

    oh well.. we shall see :)


    hehehe itu lah.. well its not like i'm totally against it.. cume kalau untuk function skali skala nak bergaye ok kot... and lagi satu those types of tudung always make me looks even chubby-er.. huhu... :P


    you are pregnant, so cut yourself some slack okie?? :)