Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The one with... just a mere update.

It's gonna be Wednesday, mayday! mayday!

Sad but true, I have to return back to work soon on Thursday.. :(

I slept rather early yesterday night, and woke up quite early this morning... just to make sure that my body clock is adjusted back to the working days norm.

And so be it tonight, I'm saying my goodnight now. Had quite a hectic day today running some errands (the wonder of last minute, hah).. and a few more to do tomorrow.

Till later~*

P.S. To my dearest bestfriend, Alin.. whose birthday is tomorrow (7 Jan 2009), a very merry happy birthday!! I wish you nothing but the best, may you always be in Allah's care and His bless.. =)

From the oldest picture I had with you back in 1995..

Till the recent one in 2008...

I truly hope to capture many more moments with you, in many more years to come! :) (heck it doesn't rhyme :P)

Have a blast dear friend! xoxo.


  1. hepi beday alin....

    lama tk jumpa kan...hehehe..

  2. heheh..kelakar je if tgk pic lama2 time tu mesti dah rasa lawa habis..

    tetibe teringat geng kak lilia..

  3. wahahahahaaa....cermin mata itu.manakah mereka?

  4. wan hasmat,

    hehe sebenarnye tatau pun alin bace ke tak.. dia kan sebok terbang.. :) anyway will let her know when i see her k!


    waahhhhh bagus betul ingat lagi nama geng tuh.. hehehe ;P a'ah.. you got it right *wink* tapi tuh geng kecik.. geng besar ade name lain... hehehe. aihhhh i miss those days!

    tu lah kan.. bila tunjuk gambar lama2 kat opismate kan, diorang cakap, "ohhh i'm glad you had a makeover!" hahaha boleh? memang nak kene pang lah kan. tapi memang pun, tengok gmbr lame rase buruk je, padahal masa tuh rasa cam dah ok dah.. :P


    saddap you! ;)


    i'm sure you looked WAY different too in those old pictures of yours.. not to mention your IC.. hehehe :P

  5. Dearest Lia,

    Thank you sOOOOOOOOOOO much for the bday post for me...U MAKE ME FEEL SO SPECIAL :D

    n u must know that..nothing beats that *broaD SmiLe*

    im so sorry this comes really late. been away :(. namun begitu...hatiku tetap berbunga kembanGGG (apo akue cakap ni..)

    to wan hasmat n peej n jO, thanks so much toO :). being 27 is a great feeling...dun worry. hehe.

    I love u aLLLL....MuackSSSSS!!!

  6. I was wondering whether Alin check this post via her iPhone.

    Hehe. I is better shadap before my master is marah. Hehe.

  7. i tink she read the post while watching the DUCHESS... hehehe

    lia, tis is a heartfelt post!!! love the two pictures... then n now ;D


  8. alin,

    this is nothing as compared to what you gave for my birthday last year... ;) but well, the friendship we have is the best ever! :)

    till i meet u again, in kl or in singapore.. or anywhere else.. hehe.

    abby a.k.a roWLing,

    here kitty kitty kitty... missing your master is it? :) awwwww.


    u just wait for my post on this coming 18 jan ya! ;)

    miss ya!