Friday, 2 January 2009

The one with... holiday activities here and there..

It's Friday, everyone knows that.. but to the contrary, I hate it!!! Huuuu~~* Reason being, weekend will pass by soon in a blink I'm sure, and thereafter I have another 3 more days only before going back to work...! *tSk*

In addition to the previous 3 dedicated entries re how I spent my off days, here are some other activities I did..

1. Managed to send my car for wash, and my baju for dry cleaning.

2. Picked-up my baju kebaya yang dah lama siap from tailor.. Yeay I can wear it for Iyma's wedding reception tomorrow :)

3. Bangun awal pagi pergi jogging. Tapi tak berjaya bangun pagi join my mom and my sis Liana to go for Poco-Poco & Taichi sessions.. *what A miss!*

4. Layan PC or TV sampai lebam.. ahhhh, heaven! (nevermind the dark circle, for now..)

5. Bangun lambat.. Hmm tapi azam tahun baru adalah untuk menjadi morning person.. Takpe lah, I'll kick start that when I start going back to work next week.. :P

6. Do some room spring cleaning.

7. Shopping kasut secara berjemaah with Mama & Liana.

8. Reply Parveen's email.

9. Catch up with Dayana.

10. Layan movies - The Spirit, Bolt in 3D version, & Yes Man.
My say - Words fail to describe how sucks this movie is, enough said. My bad judgement call to fall for a fact that there'll be Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, & Eva Mendes.. Urghh! DEFINITELY a NO NO.. (Don't say that I never warn you)

My say - A must watch!! Especially the 3D version, this is yet another nice movie produced by Walt Disney's (nevermind the fact that Miley Cyrus did the voice over for Penny, the main character).. Oh to sum up - I love this movie !!

My say - As always, a Jim Carrey's movie is of a light & entertaining type. Thank God, those typical Jim Carrey's signature silly expressions are minimised.. That, I assure you. Hence, it makes the movie worth watching.. Recommended for those in search for comedy movie that does not contain stupid 18sx type of slapsticks.. Plus, the actress Zooey Deschanel is so cute!!

11. Had the best girls day out session with Mama, Erin & Liana (Poor Ajim had to give it a miss, he's in UiTM already now starting his uni life. But then if it was with Ajim, it won't be a girls day out then.. :P). We went for a steamboat buffet at Flaming in Sunway. For the price we paid for (RM19.90+), I thought that the place was not bad at all. It was Erin who brought us there. After stuffing ourselves over there for an early dinner (Erin warned us not to eat in the daytime :P), we then took a stroll around in Sunway Pyramid.. Nothing much can be done as the mall was about to close already when we went there. BUT. Not until when we were on our way back walking to the car park, where we passed by this one game machine located at a quite secluded area in the mall.. unlike any other game machines, typically they will all be placed at the same location -- think game arcade and such.

I then blurted out to them, "Eeee dah lama teringin nak main game ni! Selalu malu lah sebab ramai orang tengok..."

And my sisters said, "A'ah la.. Ni takde orang ni, jom main jom!!".

Which game you may ask? Hehehe.. It's that dance-step game :P BESTTT!!! Mama siap join dancing kat belakang following us.. Rasa macam nak beli the dance step pad letak kat rumah lah, seriously I think it's a good form of exercise, we sweat like nobody's business that night.. :p

12. Lepak layan bunga api on the night of the new year eve from home.. I think that should be the way lah, otherwise you'll be stucked in both the silly cars & people traffic.. (Sebenarnya senang cite, been there done that, I've had enough kot.. Cukup la as an experience kan..)

13. Kidnapped Kerol from work (he's not on leave) or tag along him doing his work or let him kidnapped me from home :P and pergi jalan2.. :)

14. Potong seluar jeans yang baru beli kat Singapore aritu.

Hmm.. that's all I can think of for now.

Oh and here are those things I have not managed to do yet.

1. Update buku ASB.. ;)

2. Facial & hair treatment.

3. Add more working clothes into the wardrobe. Seriously, I am so sick going into from one shop to another trying the shirts and pants only to find out that they do not suit me best.. (Told you I have cacat figure! :( ) And I am so sick with the working outfits I have.. I've tried to go for a tailor-made shirt & pants, once, at Sungai Wang.. But it didn't come out perfect lah. I mean, what's the point of not having it tailored perfectly to your measurement kan.. Otherwise baik beli yang ready-made.. So yeah, anyone of you out there who can suggest to me where to go to tailor-made my working shirts and pants?? Let me know yea, pretty please?

4. Beli a set of tudung baru.

5. More of catching up sessions with friends.

Hmm.. yeah that's all I have on top of my head now.

OK lah.. Guess I'd better go now.. While the connection is still in a good mood, I'd better hit the 'Publish Post' button!

Till later~*


  1. lia .. cutenye mak kau boleh posing sama .. haha ..

    im looking forward for australia this weekend. tengok cpt!!

  2. ohhhh of course, mak borek anak rintik... ;)

    itu lah aku pun nak tengok australia jugak. tapi tatau bile. no spoiler pls!

  3. tgh cuba bayang kalau tetiba aku berdiri dalam gambar korang adik beradik tu. hmm....

  4. hahaha of course la kau lagi tinggi! *wEk!*