Sunday, 4 January 2009

The one with.. the first wedding of 2009..

This is what the holiday makes me. Staying late at night, and feeling hungry unnecessarily.. *Sheeshhh!!* For the past few days I managed to fight the battle of this late night hunger, but today... it went to a complete failure. It's 1.30am and I just had McD's prosperity burger!!!! My oh my I am fully guilty as charged.. *guLp* (Though deep down I feel it is McD to be blamed for being readily accessible 24/7... *grin*)

And I am the type of person who can't sleep on a full tummy.. So there you go, another late night sleep it is.

Today I attended the first wedding of 2009 - it was Iyma's wedding. She had the beautiful date of 1st January 2009 for her solemnization event and today was the wedding reception.. It was held at this one nice open-concept place near the Dewan Perdana Felda (Iyma, sorry lupa pulak exactly apa nama tempat tu! :P Kad pulak tertinggal dalam kereta..).. Kerol & I reached there around 2pm, just nice to see the newlyweds bersanding... Thereafter only we started to meet the familiar faces...

To Iyma, congratulations! :) I must say you looked SO beautiful in that lain-dari-yang-lain combination of red & black.. Don't know why somehow when I looked at you, the first thing that came across my mind was -- Emily the Strange... CooL~* :)

Wishing you guys an everlasting marital bliss, love & happiness :) Now that the whole wedding event is over, I bet the feeling must be beyond ecstatic kan? *wink*

Ok lah.. I want to do some internet search on the wedding photographer.. Thanks to the unfortunate event, we've lost Rozek.. *iSk*

Till later~*


  1. emily the strange?? camne ko bleh terpk cmtu ek..kreatif sungguh minda ko kan... :P

    a/way, thanx for the entry..bangga neh.. :P looking fwd to yours plak..

  2. hah? mc d at late night..? ngerinya ...

  3. Hi Lilia,

    y dont u try by saiful nang.
    His finger have a magical touch

  4. puan pengantin baru,

    hehehe..takde lah.. ko minat sally from nightmare before xmas, kot2 la ko minat emily the strange jugak kan.. coz colour theme ko sangat cool and gorgeous ok reddish + blackish :)

    selamat berhoneymoon! nanti update gambar byk2 dlm facebook k.. friendster pasni aku dah jarang masuk dah once aku start kerja..

    anyway i had a peek at your photographer's website.. gambar ko pakai gaun tuh cantik! :)


    elehhh.. ngeri pebende.. syiok!! :) pandai2 la cover balik the next day.. hehehe.


    thanks for the suggestion. hmm bukannye taktau about saiful nang tuh.. tapi macam malas lah nak amek yang dah nama dah established nih.. rasa macam they are a bit overrated.. huhu.. no offense to whoever's reading this, just merely a personal opinion.

  5. puan pengantin baruJanuary 10, 2009 7:45 am

    nmpk gaya aku terpaksa activate balik facebook sbb ramai member yg x dpt bukak frienster..aku menci facebook..sbb aku x reti guna! hehehe

    so, u've seen gmbr2 tu ek..dress tu sponsored by one of my good fren.. :) & aku telah perasan cantik masa pakai that dress..ngeh ngeh ngeh :P

  6. puan pengantin baru,

    welcome back! ko pergi horneymoon kat mane?? ;)

    bukan ko memang ade facebook ke? alaaa aku pun bukannye reti gune facebook pun... gune basic function jer. yg application lain2 sume ignore sudahhhh ;)

    ouhhh bestnye ade org sponsor one part out of the whole wedding stuff! oh well, memang cantik pun! *wink*

  7. pengantin baru lagi kot..kan?January 11, 2009 7:32 am

    aku g tuaran jer..for the beginning :P hopefully pasni kalau ada rezeki dpt lah g bali cam sumer honeymooners yg lain!

    oh facebook aku tu aku deactivated dah sebenarnya..sbb x reti sgt aku dah activated smula..just for u (eceh..)and dah upload a few, selamat meng'enjoy' tgk gmbr smbil bygkan wedding ko pulak.. (hehe..this is what i did when i gone thru other people wed pic b4 getting married..kuat berangan!!)

  8. Hmm..betul jugak
    actually skang mmg dah ramai giler wedding photographer..just pilih je
    rege diaotg pn ok..kerja diaorg pn cantik

  9. of coz masih pengantin baru :)

    as long as it's a hoRneymoon trip, tuaran pun ok apeeeeee *wiNk*

    tu lah.. pressure nih tengok baju wedding kau cantik.. siap ada artis pakai nih.. ish.. :P

    anyway aku skang leh masuk facebook only after office hour je.. so hows married life so far? =)


    hi! hmm tu lah.. kitorang survey from internet and shoot our emails to each and everyone of them for price quotation.. and have finallu found one :) hopefully the pics gonna come out just great.

  10. *typo - finally