Sunday, 18 January 2009

The one with... a birthday dedication :)

Dear Dayana...

Happy birthday !! =) I have only this friendship to offer you as my birthday gift to you.. Just like my wish for Alin, I'm hoping to capture many more moments with you too in many more years to come...

From the first ever picture we took in 1995... (hehe!!)

To the recent ones in the beginning of 2009...

I am sure there will be a lot more to come! =)

A great friend is always hard to find, but you Dayana.. is truly one of a kind.. I wish you nothing but the best, may you always be in Allah's care and His bless.. For all that you've been through, I hope 2009 is going to be a promising one for you...!

Hope to catch up with you soon.. xoxo


  1. lia dearie,
    thank you soo much for this heartfelt post... (how am i gona top tis!! hihihi)
    thank you again lia for everything, for always bein there and for bein my freind.. am so glad you are in my life and looking forward to many more years to come..(tak kisah ko dah kawin ke tak *hint to kerol*)
    love you always.. muahss!!


  2. dear,

    my birthday 26 April..
    *hint hint*


    ps : pernah ker kita amik gambar bersama sama ek??? need to check my album too laa..

  3. to diana :

    tak paham..!! tak paham..!!

  4. abot,

    hehehehe.. hurmmmm rase macam tkde gambar same lahhhh... *pHew* :P

    dear s0ulz,

    wahhhhh ada nama baru untuk dayana nampaknye.... ;) well nak panggil seben, panggil lahhh.. dayana is ok with it... heheheheh