Friday, 30 January 2009

The one with... the first movie I watch in 2009.. :)

Do: Watch it!!!! Damn hilarious and entertaining.. =)

Don't: Watch the movie preview + Read any spoilers + Check-out the official website -- These will definitely ruin the element of surprise and excitement.. Trust me.. I watched the preview only after I've seen the movie, and I can tell there's no way I could have enjoyed it the way I did yesterday night should I have checked-out the preview earlier..

Disclaimer: This is only my personal opinion. Why sssssso sssserioussss? ;)

Thursday, 29 January 2009

The one with... my CNY break..

(I am hungry, but cannot go for lunch yet!!! Yes people, the 'school rules' still hold true…firm and strong! Sheeeessshh.)

The 4 days break was something I’ve been looking forward to, but could have been better if Kerol was around.. :P

Nevertheless, I had a good R&R over the long weekend.. It all started on the Friday night after work.. Thought of going out with my sister Liana as it was her last day before going back to Jakarta, but she had other plans.. Did a rain check, thank God Dayana was up for a dinner together :) It was Friday night before a long weekend and KL was having a downpour, so traffic was really bad everywhere in town.. So we decided to meet at MidValley since it was close by both from my office and from Dayana’s house.

Met her at about 8.30pm, I thought of going to Italiannies at first.. But she suggested Delicious and I had no problem with it cause I memang already had the intention to give her a dinner treat for her birthday.. :) As always without fail, I had a splendid time that night..

The next day, I had a wedding to attend.. It was Shireen’s wedding, she’s my friend from Terendak.. Kerol was around that time (before he left KL for his kampung, that is), so he tagged along together with my other Terendak friends -- Dayana, Joy, Tina & Ajib.. It was Shireen’s wedding reception but for the husband -- Aiman’s side.. and combine skali with Aiman’s brother punya wedding reception.. Even though the weather was freaking fiercely hot, Shireen looked all glowingly happy in her beautiful blue wedding attire.. I mean of course.. which bride wouldn’t be so aite? Being in the state of bliss, ahhh I can’t wait for my turn!! :P

Then that night, as per my previous entry, I went to KLIA to send my sister off to Jakarta..

Oh and on Sunday night I spent some time with Tina, catching up at the Old Town White Coffee in Ampang.. I had one heck of a great time chit-chatting with her, especially talking about my wedding preps and her upcoming baby boy.. ;)

And on Monday morning, my sister Erin accompanied me to Jalan TAR for me to buy a new set of tudungs (read: 10 altogether), yeay!! :) I’ve always loved it whenever I have new tudung, and hated it whenever it’s ‘lifespan’ expires.. You know, when the tudung gets ‘berbulu’ and ‘susah nak bentuk’ anymore… Hehe..

But I must say eh, these days they no longer have the wide varieties of those normal tudung bawal, instead they offer a lot more of the trendy types.. (think Ekin’s style and such)..

Of which, I am not comfortable with la! (I hate changes). Plus I’ve always thought those kind of tudung / selendang are only suitable for functions.. not for everyday use. Oh well. To a certain extent I can be quite conventional.. :P

Anyway, my sister Erin is now in the business of selling those trendy types of tudung / selendang.. Hmm nanti I put up some pictures for promo k? :) I've bought one from her, not sure when will I wear that.. Huhu…

And the rest of my off days were spent at home lazing around in bed finishing up the Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy -- heaven! :)

Eh ok lah.. Now that I'm almost done with this entry, I need to find some other things to do to kill the time before I can buzz off for lunch.. Blog-hopping is what I have in my mind now, you people better have a new entry for me to read k!! ;)

Till later~*

Saturday, 24 January 2009

The one with... sunyi.

Haha so funny, but somehow that's what and how I'm feeling now... Right at this very moment... Hmmm... ?

Anyway, just got back from KLIA to send off my sis Liana back to Jakarta *iSk*.. But I bet Mama would have felt the lost the most, for they have been spending some mother-daughter moment together like most of the time throughout this long semester break of hers.. Pergi poco-poco lah.. Jalan2 lah.. Teasing each other lah.. Main masak2 lah.. Jerit2 kat rumah macam orang gila lah.. Jogging sama2 lah.. etc etc etc.. I mean I myself feel the missing link too.. For the past one month ++ I had someone who would bug me like hell.. Like sms-ing me such early in the morning when I'm at work, just to ask at what time would I go back for the day.. Oh well.. To Liana, we miss you already... I wish you all the best in your studies, sila la belajar rajin2 yer.. (as if she's reading this.. :P)

Hmmm.. Cuti panjang.. Kerol pulak balik kampung saaaaampai la next Wednesday.. (agak2 laaa kan kot ye pun.. haishhh :P)...

OK lah.. Nak pergi sambung layan the latest season 5 of Desperate Housewives lah.. Grey's Anatomy pun tak terlayan lagi nih.. Guess this would be the perfect time eyh? =)

Till later~*

Friday, 23 January 2009

The one with... on a friday night to the long weekend.

I have been super busy lately, have been working very hard towards meeting today's deadline.. Of which I did, though not entirely but vastly [at least to the client’s satisfaction (I think)].

There will be more deadlines to come, February is gonna be one heck of a busy month for me.. One good thing is I will be having my KK trip, (finally!) after one year of having the flight tix purchased.. Can you imagine, ever since we bought the tix a lot has changed.. The 3 couples who are going –- one has grown apart but to become teman tapi mesra (errr kan kan? :P), one has married and expecting a child now, and as for me & Kerol, we are happily engaged and busy making preparation for our wedding.. :) Oh well.. Time really flies -- that’s one obvious fact yet people still tend to be overwhelmed by it..

Anyway.. so now.. kerja dah siap.. it’s Friday night.. and it’s gonna be a long weekend..

So? *siGh* All work no play, where's the fun... :(

To my Chinese friends, wishing you guys a very Happy New Year.. May this new year be a lucky ones to you in all aspects of life..

To Dalie, congratulations!!! Dedalie akan menjadi Deduan besok, I wish that the solemnisation event will go on smoothly, and the whole wedding reception events too.. See you next weekend k!

To the rest, enjoy the long weekend!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

The one with... a birthday dedication :)

Dear Dayana...

Happy birthday !! =) I have only this friendship to offer you as my birthday gift to you.. Just like my wish for Alin, I'm hoping to capture many more moments with you too in many more years to come...

From the first ever picture we took in 1995... (hehe!!)

To the recent ones in the beginning of 2009...

I am sure there will be a lot more to come! =)

A great friend is always hard to find, but you Dayana.. is truly one of a kind.. I wish you nothing but the best, may you always be in Allah's care and His bless.. For all that you've been through, I hope 2009 is going to be a promising one for you...!

Hope to catch up with you soon.. xoxo

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The one with... doing work is tiring, but hanging out with friends is not :)

Saya adalah sibuk... Tersangatlah lapar sekarang tetapi belum pukul 1 petang.. Bos besar adalah risau pasal the business outlook untuk tahun 2009, maka cuba menukar profession agaknya iaitu menjadi guru besar atau guru lagi besar -- pengetua.. Dia telah membahagi2kan kami kepada 3 sub-group, dan semua orang sekarang akan bekerja within sub-group sahaja.. Setiap group ada 1 ketua darjah, maka sekarang semua orang cuma report to their respective ketua darjah sahaja.. Mungkin bagus untuk saya, kerana saya tidak perlu lagi bekerja untuk ketua darjah yang saya tidak suka.. Tetapi agak tak suka juga, kerana saya dan rakan2 seperjuangan adalah dipecah2kan.. Maka secara tidak langsung ini telah mewujudkan persaingan, hopefully a healthy ones.. Dan tidak suka juga kerana junior2 yang telah saya trained before bukan lah di dalam group saya.. Oh well, we'll see how long this will last.

Bukan itu sahaja, pengetua juga mahu menukar tempat duduk kami mengikut kelas masing2.. Haihhhhh. Semalam dia telah ran amuk, memarahi kerana mendapati ada di antara kami yang datang pukul 9 pagi (office hour is 8.30am).. Dia mengamuk2 dan siapa yang datang lambat semalam semua kena marah.. Nasib baik saya dan seorang lagi rakan seperjuangan terlepas, kerana kami datang pukul 10.30 pagi (we worked sampai lewat pagi ye the day before -- not proud of it thank you very much) dan dia telah ke meeting dan tidak lagi kembali, sampai lah minggu depan nanti.. Phew, harap2 dia lupa.. Huhu.. Dan juga kerana kami suka pergi lunch pukul 12.30tgh (lunch hour is 1pm, peak hours laaa.. tempat makan semua crowded.. and we are one bunch of hungry people!).. Maka kerana administrative issues like these, dia telah mengamanahkan the secretaries of my department to tulis nama dalam buku 555 -- siapa yang datang lambat, siapa yang keluar lunch awal, etc etc etc.. Macam pengawas laa kiranya.. Dan pengawas2 ini jugak adalah pressure, kerana mereka juga kadang2 datang pukul 9 am.. dan keluar awal for lunch untuk membeli barang2 dapur.

Maka kerana itu lah saya mengupdate blog ini despite being so busy.. Kerana saya adalah lapar.. Tak boleh nak buat kerja.. Belum pukul 1 petang.. Tak boleh masuk facebook lagi.. Sheeeshh..

Last week I had such a great Friday night outing, went out to celebrate Alin's birthday at Alexis in GE Mall with Dayana & Abby.. Tina was supposed to join as well, but she couldn't make it.. I really had a blast -- camwhoring, food indulging, chit-chatting, laughing, and enjoying the live performance.. Ahhh definitely a great form of de-stressing.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hmm... belum pukul 1 lagi lah! Sheesh.

My sister Liana is still here.. This is the longest ever she's back for her semester break.. Sebab selalu dia kena repeat paper.. :D Best jugak dia ada, she can teman Mama at home.. And tolong lipat baju.. And iron baju.. Haha.. And rumah tu rasa meriah je, sebab dengan perangai dia yang suka menjerit2 dan ntah apa2 lagi ntah.. Manja la konon senang cerita.. Tapi saya suka.. Dia membuatkan rumah terasa ceria, walaupun perangai dia kadang2 agak menjengkelkan.. dan mata dia besar :P (Hope she's not reading this.. Hehe.)

Eh.. Eh.. OK lah, loceng dah berbunyi.. (ntah macamane ntah ek kita cakap benda ni masa kecik2 dulu? Dah bell? Bell dah ringing? Yang pasti nye ntah ape2 lah.. Pastu sape ntah ajar, bunyi loceng yang pertama tak boleh bergerak ke ape ntah. Pastu nak pergi toilet kena ambik pass. Again, yang pasti nye entah ape2 lah.. Those were the days kan.. :)) Anyway, masa untuk rehat... Yeay!

ps. Parv, thanks for the email and for the words of comfort.. I am still feeling what I feel, sigh.. Will write to you whenever I'm free k.. xoxo.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

The one with... i've been TAG-ged ;)

The rule is to answer promptly.

What were you doing 5 years ago?

Hmm 5 years ago means January 2004. That time I was still young and naive (now also still young, but not that naive anymore ;p).. Just finished my degree, and straight away jumped into the working world.. and I remember feeling so happy to receive my first ever pay slip then.. :)

What were the 5 things on your list to do today?

Considering that it's already 11 January.. Hmm let me see..

1. To wake up early, my sis Liana ajak pergi Titiwangsa for the usual Sunday morning aerobic session they have there.
2. After that on the afternoon, will be following Kerol to go for his friend's wedding.
3. Then after the wedding, Kerol nak pergi main futsal with his ex-schoolmates. He asked me to join to play as well, but I'm going to settle with just tagging him along only. Huhu never in my life I play futsal lah, segan! :P
4. Pastu I think I want to go Jusco lah. Nak beli some toiletries, and also survey something.
5. At night I just want to stay at home, need to iron baju... Esok kerja! :(

What are the 5 snacks that you enjoy?

1. Chocolates -- Picnic, Ferrero Rocher, Zip, Snickers, etc.
2. Keropok2 -- Cheeselz (not sure how to spell), Super Ring, Twisties, etc.
3. Cakes (cheese based) and donut.
4. Goreng pisang / Keropok lekor / Nuggets.
5. Ice-cream!

What are 5 things that you will do if you were a billionaire?

1. To make sure I am debt-free.
2. Make investment in property.
3. Fulfill the needs and wants of my family.
4. Channel some of the money to the right place, like the orphanage,rumah orang2 tua, and some other badan kebajikan.
5. Splurge for both Kerol & I.. :)

What 5 jobs you’ve had?

1. Part time staff at Dunkin Donut Ampang Point.
2. Working with this audit firm (but in Tax department), since 2004 till present.
3. NA
4. NA
5. NA

Who are the 5 person you want to tag?

1. Erin
2. Oya
3. Farah
4. Hana
5. Azidi

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The one with... just a mere update.

It's gonna be Wednesday, mayday! mayday!

Sad but true, I have to return back to work soon on Thursday.. :(

I slept rather early yesterday night, and woke up quite early this morning... just to make sure that my body clock is adjusted back to the working days norm.

And so be it tonight, I'm saying my goodnight now. Had quite a hectic day today running some errands (the wonder of last minute, hah).. and a few more to do tomorrow.

Till later~*

P.S. To my dearest bestfriend, Alin.. whose birthday is tomorrow (7 Jan 2009), a very merry happy birthday!! I wish you nothing but the best, may you always be in Allah's care and His bless.. =)

From the oldest picture I had with you back in 1995..

Till the recent one in 2008...

I truly hope to capture many more moments with you, in many more years to come! :) (heck it doesn't rhyme :P)

Have a blast dear friend! xoxo.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

The one with.. the first wedding of 2009..

This is what the holiday makes me. Staying late at night, and feeling hungry unnecessarily.. *Sheeshhh!!* For the past few days I managed to fight the battle of this late night hunger, but today... it went to a complete failure. It's 1.30am and I just had McD's prosperity burger!!!! My oh my I am fully guilty as charged.. *guLp* (Though deep down I feel it is McD to be blamed for being readily accessible 24/7... *grin*)

And I am the type of person who can't sleep on a full tummy.. So there you go, another late night sleep it is.

Today I attended the first wedding of 2009 - it was Iyma's wedding. She had the beautiful date of 1st January 2009 for her solemnization event and today was the wedding reception.. It was held at this one nice open-concept place near the Dewan Perdana Felda (Iyma, sorry lupa pulak exactly apa nama tempat tu! :P Kad pulak tertinggal dalam kereta..).. Kerol & I reached there around 2pm, just nice to see the newlyweds bersanding... Thereafter only we started to meet the familiar faces...

To Iyma, congratulations! :) I must say you looked SO beautiful in that lain-dari-yang-lain combination of red & black.. Don't know why somehow when I looked at you, the first thing that came across my mind was -- Emily the Strange... CooL~* :)

Wishing you guys an everlasting marital bliss, love & happiness :) Now that the whole wedding event is over, I bet the feeling must be beyond ecstatic kan? *wink*

Ok lah.. I want to do some internet search on the wedding photographer.. Thanks to the unfortunate event, we've lost Rozek.. *iSk*

Till later~*

Friday, 2 January 2009

The one with... holiday activities here and there..

It's Friday, everyone knows that.. but to the contrary, I hate it!!! Huuuu~~* Reason being, weekend will pass by soon in a blink I'm sure, and thereafter I have another 3 more days only before going back to work...! *tSk*

In addition to the previous 3 dedicated entries re how I spent my off days, here are some other activities I did..

1. Managed to send my car for wash, and my baju for dry cleaning.

2. Picked-up my baju kebaya yang dah lama siap from tailor.. Yeay I can wear it for Iyma's wedding reception tomorrow :)

3. Bangun awal pagi pergi jogging. Tapi tak berjaya bangun pagi join my mom and my sis Liana to go for Poco-Poco & Taichi sessions.. *what A miss!*

4. Layan PC or TV sampai lebam.. ahhhh, heaven! (nevermind the dark circle, for now..)

5. Bangun lambat.. Hmm tapi azam tahun baru adalah untuk menjadi morning person.. Takpe lah, I'll kick start that when I start going back to work next week.. :P

6. Do some room spring cleaning.

7. Shopping kasut secara berjemaah with Mama & Liana.

8. Reply Parveen's email.

9. Catch up with Dayana.

10. Layan movies - The Spirit, Bolt in 3D version, & Yes Man.
My say - Words fail to describe how sucks this movie is, enough said. My bad judgement call to fall for a fact that there'll be Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, & Eva Mendes.. Urghh! DEFINITELY a NO NO.. (Don't say that I never warn you)

My say - A must watch!! Especially the 3D version, this is yet another nice movie produced by Walt Disney's (nevermind the fact that Miley Cyrus did the voice over for Penny, the main character).. Oh to sum up - I love this movie !!

My say - As always, a Jim Carrey's movie is of a light & entertaining type. Thank God, those typical Jim Carrey's signature silly expressions are minimised.. That, I assure you. Hence, it makes the movie worth watching.. Recommended for those in search for comedy movie that does not contain stupid 18sx type of slapsticks.. Plus, the actress Zooey Deschanel is so cute!!

11. Had the best girls day out session with Mama, Erin & Liana (Poor Ajim had to give it a miss, he's in UiTM already now starting his uni life. But then if it was with Ajim, it won't be a girls day out then.. :P). We went for a steamboat buffet at Flaming in Sunway. For the price we paid for (RM19.90+), I thought that the place was not bad at all. It was Erin who brought us there. After stuffing ourselves over there for an early dinner (Erin warned us not to eat in the daytime :P), we then took a stroll around in Sunway Pyramid.. Nothing much can be done as the mall was about to close already when we went there. BUT. Not until when we were on our way back walking to the car park, where we passed by this one game machine located at a quite secluded area in the mall.. unlike any other game machines, typically they will all be placed at the same location -- think game arcade and such.

I then blurted out to them, "Eeee dah lama teringin nak main game ni! Selalu malu lah sebab ramai orang tengok..."

And my sisters said, "A'ah la.. Ni takde orang ni, jom main jom!!".

Which game you may ask? Hehehe.. It's that dance-step game :P BESTTT!!! Mama siap join dancing kat belakang following us.. Rasa macam nak beli the dance step pad letak kat rumah lah, seriously I think it's a good form of exercise, we sweat like nobody's business that night.. :p

12. Lepak layan bunga api on the night of the new year eve from home.. I think that should be the way lah, otherwise you'll be stucked in both the silly cars & people traffic.. (Sebenarnya senang cite, been there done that, I've had enough kot.. Cukup la as an experience kan..)

13. Kidnapped Kerol from work (he's not on leave) or tag along him doing his work or let him kidnapped me from home :P and pergi jalan2.. :)

14. Potong seluar jeans yang baru beli kat Singapore aritu.

Hmm.. that's all I can think of for now.

Oh and here are those things I have not managed to do yet.

1. Update buku ASB.. ;)

2. Facial & hair treatment.

3. Add more working clothes into the wardrobe. Seriously, I am so sick going into from one shop to another trying the shirts and pants only to find out that they do not suit me best.. (Told you I have cacat figure! :( ) And I am so sick with the working outfits I have.. I've tried to go for a tailor-made shirt & pants, once, at Sungai Wang.. But it didn't come out perfect lah. I mean, what's the point of not having it tailored perfectly to your measurement kan.. Otherwise baik beli yang ready-made.. So yeah, anyone of you out there who can suggest to me where to go to tailor-made my working shirts and pants?? Let me know yea, pretty please?

4. Beli a set of tudung baru.

5. More of catching up sessions with friends.

Hmm.. yeah that's all I have on top of my head now.

OK lah.. Guess I'd better go now.. While the connection is still in a good mood, I'd better hit the 'Publish Post' button!

Till later~*

Thursday, 1 January 2009

The one with... a new year kick start ;)

They say a picture worth a thousand words, no? :)

I won't elaborate much, here's a sneak peek..
(I'm not suppose to put this, not now.. but can't help it lah! :p One picture [or two three] won't hurt I guess..*grin*)

*! happy !*

Wishing for a smooth sailing journey in years to come, regardless what type of events in life awaiting for me.

Happy New Year people.

Note: Pictures of the day were captured by Shah (thanks so much!!), edited by Kerol & my sis Liana.