Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The one with... of insignificant entry.

.... and the day has come -- some time back it was fr1endster.. now they have banned f@ceb00k already!! *iSk* There goes my getaway at work. Please pretty please, don't let them take away bl0gsp0t and w0rdpress. (Parv, if you are reading this, please take note!!! Eeee so sad!)


I had a great long weekend, despite the tiring JB trip on Friday and 2 trips back to office during the holiday for meeting and conference call.

Basically my sister has summarised some of the activities I did, read here... :)

Yes, we are quite impressed with the new Jusc0 at AU_2.. (we live in AU_1) and soon there'll be W@ngs@ W@lk too.. 'Kampung'ku bertambah maju yawwww.. (hence the worsen traffic jam too! sheessh).

I've also watched 2 movies over the weekend:

1. Los dan Faun

The movie was no doubt nice and funny, after all it's Afdl1n Sh@uki's film. I love all of his movies. But... I think all the huha created here and there has made my expectation went rise up high lah, leaving me with a little bit of disappointment at the end of the day. Perhaps, I got way excited at first, but then my expectation was not entirely met eventually. Well in all equality, yet another creative local production to be proud of, nevertheless.

2. Transporter 3

I've never watched the first two installments, so I went to watch this movie without any expectation at all but merely relying on Kerol's suggestion. He loves both Transporter 1 and Transporter 2, so he's been looking forward for # 3. The verdict, I love it too! :)

Well, maybe..just maybe I got a bit bias since it was our let's-spoil-ourselves day -- we had sushi for lunch, followed by a triple decker cheesecake for dessert, then a stroll around the mall doing some window shopping on the items we plan to buy for our wedding hantarans, and finally a decision to watch this movie, in all itchiness, at G$C Sign@ture in The G@rdens (*gRin*).. We both got so comfy with this up scale cinema we had to remind ourselves, only SELECTED movie can be watched there.. and Kerol had to add, "romantic movies, m@lay movies, chic flicks, other cerita merepek2 and such, cannot watch here!".. :P Baik lah!

OK lah... I have nothing else to write. I'd better continue with work..

Oh before I go, an overdue tag thingy by Fauzana sometime back... here goes!

1) How old are you?

Hmm.. I’d like to think that I’m a sweet 16 trapped in a 26 yrs old body ;)

2) Are you single?

Happily engaged.. :)

3) At what age do you think you’ll get married?

When I’m still sweet 16 trapped in 27 yrs old body.

4) Do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now??

InsyaAllah yes.

5) If not, who do you want to marry?


6) Do you want a garden / beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?

Hmm.. a contemporary ones -- mix of everything that is.. =) Well, after all the best weddings have personal touches and are a reflection of the bride and groom.. So that’s exactly the kind I’m gonna have, i.e. whatever to the likings of both Kerol & I.. ;)

7) Your ideal motif?

Not sure yet, but trying to steer clear from blue so that it’s gonna be something different… *wink*

8) Where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?

Haven’t come to that…yet!

9) How many guests do you think you’ll invite?

My guest list to date already consists of a good 300++ people (excluding relatives as that will fall under my parents’ list…).. Hmmm.

10) Do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?

A simple to others, but extravagant to me & Kerol…

11) Do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own?

I guess this doesn’t apply to the Muslim’s wedding aite? Well… but whatever it is I’m sure just like the other married couples, both Kerol and I would have the mutual vow to continue love each other till death do us apart….

12) How many layers of cake do you want to have?

Hmm.. a question I haven’t been thinking of…yet.

13) Do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?

A simple place… to be nicely decorated.

14) When do you want to get married, evening or morning?

If it’s referring to wedding solemnization, I’d prefer it to be in the morning.

15) You’d rather have your reception outdoors or indoors?


16) Do you like a grand entrance for your bride?

Ini question untuk Kerol kah? Well, on behalf of him… the answer would be, hmmm yes? ;) Well bukan la grand apa… just nak ada that traditional kompang played out loud…

17) Name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding??

I have few love songs to be played, haven’t do the cut yet.

18) Are you a morning person or a night person?

A night person, come year 2009 must practice to be a morning person… Huhu…

19) Do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?

As I’ve answered before… a modern ones with a touch of Malay’s custom and tradition…

20) What age do you want to get married?

A repetitive question this is, I believe.

21) Describe your ideal husband /wife.

Accept me for who I am, and share the same interests and inspiration with me when it comes to what kind of life we want to lead in the future.

22) Do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?

Isn’t fine dining use spoon & fork / knife?

23) Champagne or red wine?


24) Honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?

Hmm.. few days after kot?

25) Money or household item?

Both please… *grin*

26) Who will pay for the bills?

Sharing is caring.

27) Are you ready for married life?

Believe me, to this day, whenever this question came across my mind, I have the tendency to question back, “Ready in what sense?”

Well.. honestly, ready tak ready I guess when the time comes, it comes.. and that means, I AM ready... Bring it on! (Wah, confident.. :P)

28) Do you think you will still be a virgin until you get married?


29) Will you always be true to your wife/husband?

InsyaAllah hopefully the jodoh between Kerol and I will last.

30) How many kids do u like?

Entah.. tak terfikir lagi…

31) A new house for a newly wed or an old one?

Ideally of course la would be a new house… But I’m a realist. So it doesn’t matter as long as we have each other. After all it's gonna be a whole new journey altogether regardless..and that matters the most :)

32) Will you celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?

I don’t understand this question.

33) What kind of cuisine would you like for your wedding?

Up to the 2 mothers….. heh.

34) Whose wedding plans would you like to know next???

1. My sis Erin
2. Oya
3. Dayana
4. Alin
5. Tazz

6. Dalie
7. Peeja (not sure whether you've answered this tag before or not, otherwise please ignore.. :P)
8. Joe
9. Pae
10. Fieza
11. Azidi

(Saya adalah sibuk badan nak tau pasal orang lain punya opinion towards all these wedding-related questions :P Yang dah kahwin or dah dekat nak kahwin, you are considered disqualified. So jangan kecik hati tak kena tag. Eh tapi kalau nak buat jugak, silakan..)

Till later~*

p.s. sibuk badan = busy body


  1. frh dah tengok duluDecember 09, 2008 5:40 pm

    wey blahh laa .. apsal x tag aku .. kecik hati tau ..

    xpe, yg penting aku menang sbb aku dah tengok los dan faun dulu tatkala kau sibuk2 di jb ..

  2. ye, memang aku tak tag kau.. kenape aku tak tag kau? itu aku taktau.


  3. lilia darling!!!
    ala... fesbuk sudah kena ban di ofis kamu???? sanggatttt tak syiok laaa mcm nie!!!!

    wah.... lia, i'm in the top 5 yg u wana know my wedding plans??? hehehe... need to find the rite guy dulu kots ;p

    i miss u n hopefully ur doin gud with ur wedding preps...


  4. Hey hey you you.. so sad to hear that they have banned facebook!! At least u still have access to blogspot for now... to keep u entertained! Imagine.. all work and no play.. makes lilia a 'sad' girl.. substituted the word dull cos i dont think u'll ever be a dull person since the day i knew u ;-D

    Guessed u've been extremely busy.. reply my email when u have the time k. I've been very bz myself.. my students are going to have their first term exam and im getting a bit worried cos they are still acting like babies... sometimes i thank God for blessing me wih such patience to nag nag n nag.. hahahhaa... this is how to help them remember what they are suppose to remember!

    Till then!

    Take care!

    P/s: Sorry to hear about Kerol's notebook and ur car.

  5. Silver,Gold or diamond wedding means that are you going to be married for 25,50 or 75 years?

    Of course la jawapannya, till death do us apart..

  6. thanks..dont want to think of such a thing just yet..haha 16 yr old trapped in 16 yr body..still underaged =)

  7. dayanaaaaa,

    tu laaaa... sangat tidak syiok tak boleh berfesbuk daaaaah. *isK*

    hey, single mingle pun musti ade sikit2 wedding plans kan? hehehe.. anyway bile laaaa mr right guy nak muncul nehhhhh ;)

    i miss u too! let me know whenever u r back in KL k!

    enjoy the rest of your holiday dear... muah muah.


    hei hei yu yu!!! yeah am sad too they ban facebook.. :(

    i will write to you once i'm on leave k.. so sorry, been quite occupied at work.. a lot of jobs coming in despite the year end.. sheesshhh.

    anyway good to know u r doing well with your new teaching job over there.. make sure kumpul duit banyak2 then can come back for my wedding k! coz i cant afford to sponsor your flight tix.. *isK*

    i miss your nagging! =) take care... xoxo.


    thanks for the info.. :)


    16yrs old trapped in 26yrs old body laaa....

    hey you better start thinking, you are not getting any younger ok!


  8. is number 10 referring to me? dah lama pencen jawab tag. tunggu jelah kalau ada kad kawin sampai. hahhahahaha