Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The one with... a kamikaze holiday trip ;)

Hi there!! :)

A belated Merry Christmas wish to those who celebrates, and salam tahun baru 1430H and 2009 to everyone.. Another new year comes by, marks another new year to live.. So first thing first let's be thankful for that..kan?

So, I'm having a jolly good time so far :) Am trying hard to make sure my long leaves are properly utilised to the max... Per my previous entry, the 1st day was spent in KL doing parts of the overall exhaustive wedding preps.. On the 2nd day till 5th day, I had the kamikaze holiday plan ever - a trip to Singapore! :)

Unlike in 2006 (part 1 & part 2) and 2007, this time around I went there without a proper planning.. It was like, hey lets go Singapore and make it a great trip comes what may :P I am not allowed to carry forward my leaves you see.. Been busy till the very end of 2008, so I had to take leaves without having any proper holiday plan.. And I hate that. I mean, it defeats the whole purpose of being on leaves. To go else where (with Kerol) was not really do-able and feasible at such eleventh hour, so Singapore it was.. And thank God Alin was there! Weeeeeee.. :)

Dayana and Tazz were contemplating to join as well, but unfortunately their kamikaze plan went kaput due to some reasons (it was so close to materialise!! *isk*). Oh well, as the word kamikaze suggests -- It's either menjadi or tak menjadi..

I went there on 24th December, one day before Christmas. Orchard Road was super crowded as always, and sales were everywhere like nobody's business! I liiikeeee.. ;) Only thing was, it was too near to Christmas a lot of stuff was already running out of the normal sizes... *tsk* Oh well, we still did our shopping quest back and forth along that Orchard Road for 2 days until I had such a mega pain at both of my legs! Nevertheless, overall it was a worth getaway trip.. Managed to buy some shirts & pants for ourselves (no shoes though boo hoo!) and also perfume & make-up sets for our hantaran. And the best part of all, we went and managed to catch the very last show of Malaysian's piece of remarkable work (which ironically, is banned in Malaysia) - Muallaf during the Christmas eve! It was such a great movie, very deep.. creative, and.. outstanding.. Oh I wish I can share how great the movie is, but really it's hard to explain through words.. It's, indescribable..

Hmm.. OK lah.. enjoy the pictures ya.. Malas nak tulis caption, boleh kan? :P

Alritey, I want to browse around... Baca blog, check FB & FS.. Will update more on my holiday activities later! :)

Till then~*


  1. oh! i love your sally t-shirt..

  2. PUAN iyma,

    oh! i'm glad u notice.. hehehe.. yeah, sally - the character from nightmares before christmas.. purposely wore that day :)

  3. ~ happy new year babe! 2009 - entering our 15 years of friendship. :)

    ~ ok. spore. alaahhh. hahaha.

  4. of course noticed sbb that was one of my fav..nak jugak t-shirt cam tu!!

  5. farah,

    yeah.. hope it will last! :)

    see told ya it's only singapore, your kampong! :p tapi aku ada tempted nak beli baju gap kids / guess kids untuk baby ko.. tapi terlalu awal aku rase.. so tunggu dah tau gender nanti *wiNk*

    puan iyma,

    amboi amboi amboi.. *hehe*

    kat sungai wang banyak iyma.. soh lah HUBBY belikan.. ;p

  6. comelnya topi christmas kecik tu.. hahahahahahahaha!

  7. hehehe thanks!!! :) eh tapi you puji topi kan.. haha apesal pulak i nak cakap thanks... *ape2 je lah kan* :P

  8. a ah..sangat comel topi itu..
    n orgnya jugak comel..serious dpd dulu pija selalu rasa muka kak lilia mcm sangat suci n ayu..lembut je..i likeee...

  9. peej,
    hehehe thank you thank you *bluSh* but hey looks can be deceiving!=P