Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The one with... holiday checklist.

Claim - checked!

Timesheet - checked!

Filing - not done.. :P

Delegate (and being hated) - checked!

Review work - checked!

Say NO to question "Can you come back on [a date during the leaves] to discuss [work]" and the likings - checked!

Develop the I'm-gonna-be-on-leave-so-everything-else-can-wait-till-next-year attitude towards workloads - checked!

...And yet today since morning I've been receiving calls from office.. Huhu..

Anyway, I had a great day today. Woke up around 9am, and got picked up by Kerol to go to Jalan TAR. We've made this Kak Andam from one of the bridal boutique of our choice (Farah, please.. keep it hush hush for now k!) agreed to follow us to Jalan TAR and have a look at the kain that we've shortlisted earlier on..

Ye lah, I learnt my lesson from choosing the kain for my engagement baju -- warna memang lah cantik and all, tapi sebenarnya kain tuh susah nak buat baju! Huhu.. So this time around, (being the fussy me us :P), Kerol and I went to Jalan TAR first sometime back... shortlisted the kain, and did a survey on which Kak Andam yang willing untuk melayan kerenah kitorang nih... ;)

Turned out this Kak Andam is ok with that option.. weeeeeee~~ =)

So tadi pergi Jalan TAR, Kak Andam approved and said ok with the kain (Yeay!!!) and bought it, went back to the boutique, sealed the deal.. and now awaiting for the next phase of the whole making the baju process lah I suppose... Alhamdulillah, so far looks like things are going on just fine.. Hopefully it will stay this way till the big day, amin~* :)

Sekarang tengah ada problem with photographer pulak... Hmmm.. Oh well, one thing at a time... will deal with it later.

So after finished with the wedding related tasks, I followed Kerol to continue with his work.. Hehehe.. He's not on leave yet, but somehow managed to went MIA in the morning. We went to Putrajaya, he settled his work while I waited in the car, then had the seriously yummylicious nasi ayam dara berempah at one of the foodcourt there (damn it I feel hungry now just by the thought of it.. Huhu!), and went to catch a movie thereafter..

In our attempt to save cost (:P), we went to MBO instead.. Thought of watching Bolt, but it was not in favour to our timing.. So in the end, we watched Los and Faun... Second time for me, but first time for Kerol.. He kinda like it though, but not to the point of shouting it to the whole world "It's a must watch"..

Eh oK lah.. I guess when I am at ease, I tend to write everything to the details of it ey..? Heh. I'd better log off now.. I have a holiday trip to make tomorrow! :)

Till later~*


  1. ala.,,,jeles!.,,nak g jugak! *isk*

  2. frh xdpt g holiday .. benciiiDecember 24, 2008 10:07 am

    lia, amcam dgn mak andam *tuuttt* ok x dia?
    so kompem lah kau amik kaler *tuuttt*..?

    ahh bencinya aku semua org g holiday for this long weekend. im stuck here, bukan sbb xde cuti, tp sbb kene prepare duit beli brg2 rumah, buat grill, extend rumah, cabinet bla bla bla. im moving to my own home next month. nnt aku roger for the house warming ok!

    ehh pegi mana?
    souveniour ok? kalau x all the *tuutt*s akan tersebar .. hahaha

  3. erin,

    i must go with u one day ok!!


    aku gi singapore je lahhhhh, takde maknenye kan nak beli souvenir... singapore is like nothing to u kan ;)

    mak andam *tut* is ok, very friendly when i meet in person.. and yeap, i'm going ahead with the colour.. sila duduk diam diam sudeyyyy boleh?

    alahhhh... ko tak pergi holiday, but going to move in to a new house... isnt it great?? aku pulak yang jeles okeyyy... isk.