Sunday, 21 December 2008

The one with... here and there in December 2008..

Ahhhh finally a time of my own in front of the laptop, not doing work..but surfing the net.. In the words of McDonald's famous tagline - I'm loving it! :) Broadband at home is still in it's PMS mode (sheeshhh!!), but hey now I have found a new place to hang out and enjoy the free wifi! Kissing Starbucks goodbyes, greetings...Old Taste White Coffee.. *grin* It's nearer to my place, the food is cheaper (decent taste though), environment is not bad, and most important -- the connection is fast (and free).. :)

1. Things have been pretty hectic for me for the past one week.. I'm stress over a lot of things lately... :( How stress??

This stress.

Close up - Yep. Not one, not two.. but now I have six freaking 'nandekssss' !!!! :( siGh.

2. Last weekend I went for Muni's daughter - Maya Arissa's cukur jambul & akikah.. She's so cute and adorable!!

Maya's crib that day..

Muni & Maya..

Isn't she lovely...? :)

Poser, I know. Tapi nak letak jugak coz me likey.. :p

Oya and me..

Rafiq, Famie (Maya's daddy yang over that day, siap pakai baju melayu lengkap dengan sampin & songkok.. *hehe*), & Karim..

Rafiq & Yana, with Danish & Dameer.

Cute kan this pic? Rafiq and Yana's two boys - Danish & Darwish. The parents are of the same age as mine, they were my uni-mate once.. And now they are happily married with 3 boys.. Suka sangat tengok anak2 diorang dah besar dah.. (just a mere fact, no pressure ;p)

More pictures here.

3. Middle of last week I managed to squeeze in sometime to meet Concorde & family. He's my senior way back in high school days, who's currently working in France. He informed me that he'll be in KL for few days. The last time I met him and Kak Hani (the wifey), they were two. And now they are doubled! :) Kerol & I went to meet them at the Curve, and had a great time catching up over *ahem* free dinner... =) We owe you twice now!

Pic curik from facebook :p -- Concorde & family.. (masa jumpa haritu tak took pic coz I left my camera at home.. Huhu)

Their two lovely and cheeky daughters -- Mya Sophea & Jasmine Elmyra...

4. During the recent weekend I attended Kunut's wedding.. She's one of my high school friends back in MRSM Taiping. Kerol and I went quite early to her wedding for we had to go for another wedding pulak after tu.

We bumped into the rombongan pihak lelaki on our way walking back to the car, hence the picture.. :) Hmm I didn't get to meet my other schoolmates at Kunut's wedding, I guess most of them came at about 2pm or so.. Kerol and I then made move to another wedding, it was the wedding of Kerol's highschool friend. We were quite tired by then, so we gave it a miss for another wedding.. It was Kak Sara's wedding, my senior in UiTM.. (Huhu, yeap we had 3 wedding invitations altogether that day!) Hope Oya did send my regards and well wishes to her.. ;)

4. I can now access Faceb00k in office, weeeeeeee! (But it's only after office hour.. Oh well, at least.)

5. We've gotten our first ever hantaran item bought already... kaching!$!$! (Thanks Alin & Dayana for the arrangement that day.. Huhu..)

6. My sis Liana is back in Malaysia! But I'm a bit sad though, can't bring the family out for dinner and entertainment like I normally do, due to tight budget.. *iSk*

7. My lil bro Ajim has just finished with his SPM recently, and now being offered for the same course I did years back when I finished with my SPM... For God knows what reasons, I am so excited! :) He's registering as soon as this coming Friday..

8. Tomorrow will be my last working day for 2008. Will resume work only on the 8th of January 2009... *can't wait!*

9. But in the meantime, rest assured tomorrow is gonna be one heck of a busy day!

With that, I'd better go home now and sleep. After all, I have 6 'dots' to take care of.. Enough sleep is one of the ways to go! Oh, and lots and lots of plain water too!

Till later~*


  1. frh yg xde jerawatDecember 22, 2008 10:57 am

    pergilah facial & pampered yourself babe .. cuti kan lama..!

    bile nak dtg nilai3 shopping brg kawen? singgah umah aku skali, just 5min away from nilai3.

  2. Hey.. i've never seen u with that many pimples before.. guessed u must be really super stressed this time huh. Rest puas puas k! Btwn, i love ur new kebaya's'.. the kains' pattern look very unique.. esp the green one.. i think u look great in green!

  3. farah,

    ces berlagak tuhhhh tkde jerawat, hmpphhh.. !

    anyway aku dh pergi facial semlm.. skang muke tengah merah2.. tu lah.. tak sabar nk cuti.. nk pamper myself. only thing is i hope wedding stress wont get in the way.. huhu.

    shopping kt nilai 3? hmm nanti aku check ngan erin.. ngeh3.


    yeah i know! i think this is one of the worst :( so saddddd ! i think i lack of sleep + water..

    parv, its my last today.. so i will write to u anytime soon ya! muah muah... we sure do have a lot of things to catch up.. :)

    oh.. those are the kain(s) i bought from bandung during my last trip there with the two families.. nice eh? the green ones kerol chose for me.. the blue one, oh well.. of course my own choice :P i have 2 more to wear.. anyway nice to know u love it :)

  4. drink lots of plain water babe.. insyaAllah hilang la jerawat tu nanti..

  5. heyyy...nandeks picture is edited version kan!...should look worse than dat i suppose

  6. Babe...boleh access facebook ek? I try semalam lepas office hour tak dapat pung??? I try at 6 pm

  7. lia,

    at least ko lmbat lagi nak jadi ratu sehari, so the jerawat can go far far far away..but for me, the day is just around the corner and my jerawat...OMG!

    aku tension giler...errrrrgh! bila nak hilang ni??sempat ker??huwaaaaaa!!!!

  8. ms. lili@ on holiday :)December 23, 2008 9:30 pm


    tu lah.. drinking more plain water now, and less fried stuff.. huhu.. thanks!


    mane ade laaaa. tak edit langsung!! caittt.


    oh yeah? kl office boleh jer? ade dpt notification kan from gts.. can access from 5.30pm to 8.30am...


    tapiiiiiiii. ini belum wedding stress, jerawat dah mengganas macam nih... closer towards wedding nanti cemane??? huhu.

    ko pegi facial tak iyma? hmm.. the last time aku tengok muka ko ok jer.. kurus pun kurus.. cun pun cun.. dont worry lah k?! lagi worry lagi unstable hormones tuh... lagi keluar jerawat... am sure everything is in place dah kan.. dekat dah ni... you've done your best.. so chill!! :) can't wait to be at your big day nanti! ;)

  9. ngaaa! aritu mmg muka aku sekarang sangat x ok..oh jerawat!
    aku akan pegi facial, body massage, mandi lulur and what ever things tu on 30th..huhu..cant wait!

    eh, ke mana kau meng'hpliday'kan diri? best nye.....

  10. oh, salah eja..
    meng'hpliday'kan is actually meng'holiday'kan

  11. make it thrice then i'll start claim bck hehehe...

  12. iyma,

    by the time aku reply komen ni, kau mesti dah pergi mandi lulur and stuff kan? so how was it??

    ohhhh its less than 5 days to go!!! bestnye kau dah nak kawen dahhhhhh... :)

    see you soon ok.. am sure you gonna look all nice and gojes! *wink*


    hehe ok! ;)