Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The one with... December 2008 -- work overloaded.

Whether you like it or not, time flies and to state the obvious -- yes it’s December already!

My my, I cant actually quite believe that.. soon another year is going to pass us by.. What have I done for this past one whole year? *iSk* I would like to think that I’ve achieved and did so much but really, who am I to kid? Hmm perhaps that’s another entry altogether as I’m just tired to come out with such entry requiring some deep thoughts and whatnots.

So a no-brainer entry it is now shall we? :)

I’ve been so occupied la lately.. And today only it really hit me, how the hell that I’m going to utilise the remaining balance of my annual leaves when workloads are awaiting for me like nobody’s business?

Just before lunch a while ago I was told that I need to start 2 new assignments -- 1 in JB and another 1 in Klang. (WTH?!)

To top it up, yesterday I was told that there’s another job I need to be in charged as well, and also it’s going to be in JB. And it’s starting as soon as this coming Thursday.

Oh, and there’s another assignment awaiting for me to start also during the first week of January 2009.

All these are new jobs that I’m talking about, whatever happens to the current ones?

Sheessshhh. I am sad you know. So sad!

But the thing is, I can’t complain much. All my other peers are in the same boat of mine, even worst, if not at par.

And just like a slap on face, I am still feeling the impact -- of (suddenly) being told about all these new jobs I need to start. I am still ‘hurt’. I still can’t adapt. I can’t move. I can’ think. I just.. don’t know what and where to start. The rebellious part of me just wants to protest, not wanting to do any work. Only for today (I hope), come what may!

I have only two types of working attitude and they are both of the extreme sides -- super hardworking OR super bummer.

Panic attack kah ini?

The great weekend I recently had seems like a distant away now.

The nice time I had on a Friday night with Dayana and Tina..

The outing I had with Kerol on Saturday daytime, with his relatives during the early Saturday night, and the late Saturday night time spent at my house having a pillow talk kind of session with Alin and Dayana -- which was spilled over till the Sunday morning (my body clock is still adjusting due to that, oh well the tell tale sign of aging!)..

And Sunday was half day spent on some me-time and another half was spent with my family…

All these.. are like a d i s t a n t m e m o r y now.. :(

The ever mounting workloads are such a kill.

They told us we cannot carry forward our annual leaves, but I hate it so much having to apply them for nothing. I want my annual leaves to be properly spent. And it’s already December, I don’t have any holiday plan whatsoever at all..! I want to go to Singapore as I’ve planned to buy some of my hantarans stuff there, but with the state of our currency now against SGD, I am not sure -- is it going to be a wise decision?

SiGh.. I shall just zzzzip it, and suck it up ey?!

Till later then~!


  1. lia, kesiannye kau .. :(

    apa lg, move it move it laaa .. tukar tempat keje ;)

  2. Oh my my....Kerja banyak...tapi cuti pun banyak lagik...dah la tak boleh carry forward? Lia, try to talk to ur bosses la, maybe you can get paid for the unutlised leave ker?

  3. singapore?
    weekend ni....ade brani?
    drive kete aku...

  4. saye sokong kak f to r to h!
    tuka keje sudah!

  5. What have I done for this past one whole year? *iSk* I would like to think that I’ve achieved and did so much but really, who am I to kid?

    1: u finished successfully all the 10 sessions required by the toastmaster!

    2: u make urself promoted to ASSISTANT MANAGER!!!

    and the greatest of em all ( i like to think, as i am a romantic at heart)

    3: u got urself engaged to the guy u love wholeheartedly.... ;D

    tis are the few things that u greatly achieved in the year 2008 and i am sure u have achieved lots more ;)

    2008 its ending and tho u have lots of work under ur belt, i know u will go thru all of it.. ( u always do!!)

    utilize the 7 days leave and GO TO SINGAPORE!! u deserve a vacation!!

    wahhh... panjang sudah omongan saya!! better stop here..


  6. farah,

    hmm.. kesian kan? tapi i'll make sure i work hard, i play hard too!

    tukar keje? hmm not the right time i think. sigh. entah lah. or maybe i am just scared of changes?

    only time will tell.


    oh well zie, it's all in a days work... i guess i will just have to do the auditors' style -- lock in the leaves, but utilise it later next year. most of us here have to go on that basis i think.


    banyak laaa kau.. hari isnin kan raya haji, ko ingat mama nak bagi ke? anyway aku memang nak kena pegi johor this thurs and friday, but have to come back to clear the work on saturday.

    so... no no noooo.. :(


    awwwww you are such a darling! i am so touched, really...

    hmm tapi i finished my toastmaster and got promoted in 2007. thats why except for getting engaged, i felt that i did nothing much.. :(

    but one thing for sure, i really do feel that i spent more time with you girls this year as compared to yesteryears, yes? :)

    about the leave, tengok lah macamane nanti... for all u know, i will drag you along! kata tengah cuti panjang yer teacher ? *wiNk*

    muah muah.. your long comment made me smile after coming out from my director's room for review. thanks!

  7. Lia,

    Kater nk tukar keje? Just spent 1/2 hours updating ur resume, then hantar... dpt ke tak, lain citer...

    * just my two cents worth
    ** agree with dayana - you did achieve a LOT of things...




  9. oya,

    huhu yeah i know! ok ok nanti lia update resume... and thanks.. :) hey you've achieved a lot too! the micpa was the main highlight i suppose.


    babe, it was a last minute thing.. alin wanted to see my engagement pics.. so she came with dayana as late as 12 midnight!

    dont worry, you didnt miss anything.. and most of the conversation was what we had the day before at the coffee bean... :)

  10. yerp tina...
    it was a last minute thing....
    we wul never leave u behind laa!!! ;)


  11. i dont care..
    lepas ni, pukul 12am ke, pukul 3am ke.. i wanna be there as welll!!!!!! point taken???

    *aku emo sbb rindu sama kamu semua..

    **aku emo sbb hormones imbalance, hehe..