Thursday, 4 December 2008

The one with... bad things do happen (to good people).

I was supposed to drive to JB today this morning for work.

It was supposed to be a 2 days & 1 night trip.

Since I’m gonna be all alone, I’ve booked myself a nice hotel (read: Hyatt) and already had in mind to have the best me-time over there.. (imagine: deluxe room, dinner in bed via room service and a scrumptious buffet spread for breakfast).. You know, just wanted to take things from a positive light since I have no one else left in JB to hang-out with (Farah, it’s all your fault :P).

Anyway. Like I said, it was supposed to happen that way.

Until I met Kerol yesterday night for dinner.

As always, I went to GE Mall to meet him. These days he goes to work by riding his bike instead of driving his car. I met him at about 7pm, he got into my car, he said “Let’s go to a place with free wi-fi for dinner.. We can surf the net for [some info]. Old Town White Coffee (OTWC), can?”.. To which I said, “Hmm I feel like having KFC laa”.

We agreed to go to the one in Wang$a M@ju, near the C@rrefour.

So the only sensible thing was for us to go there separately, as it would be easier for us to part later. He left his backpack in my car, and off he went to take his bike.

Of course he reached first, as I got stuck in the ever stupid jam at Jal@n Jel@tek. I reached slightly later, around 7.3opm.

We went inside, and had our meal. But the free wi-fi sucks. Shaiks. Should have gone to OTWC. After we were done with the finger-licking good meal one hour later, I then told him that I wanted to go back already as I had to wake up early the next day to drive to JB.

So we walked to my car, only to realise that the alarm was triggered off. (With so many people there, I wonder why the heck nobody bothered to inform the diners? Especially those Pizz@ Hut's delivery guys. Sheesh! If you've been there right, you'd have noticed it was quite a happening area tau. Cars coming in and out. The kids' playground was outside the KFC, unlike any normal outlets where it's located inside. How can the KLites be so ignorant?! Selfish!)

Kerol ran to the car. He opened the left side passenger’s door. And screamed, “My laptop.. Where’s my laptop??!!”

I hurried over.

“It was there just now, I swear!”

And the rest was history……


Yes, somebody broke into my car.

Yes, that somebody stole Kerol’s laptop.

Yes, at the end of the day, we know it’s nobody’s fault. But ours.

We took out my laptop, but not his. Of which we will normally take out both. God knows why that night we took only one out. Guess we were just underestimating the situation by thinking, "It's ok.. the bag is covered by a black jacket, and my car window is tinted.. it's gonna be hard for a passerby to see what's inside.."

So please by all means, do me a favour... Don’t say things like, “Tu lahhh… jangan tinggal laptop dalam kereta..” and such.



We had to go to 3 police stations. And called it the day by 11pm. We were so exhausted. Kerol called his immediate boss from office. So did I.

Both of us were on emergency leave today. And were busy since morning to settle the necessary.
It didn’t take us long to feel all redha towards the whole thing. We told each other and agreed, “Allah nak duga kita ni..”

I must say, the lost was more felt on Kerol’s side.

He lost his favourite Deuter backpack.
He lost his laptop. And all the info contained therein, including pictures and his work stuff.
He lost his thumbdrive(s).
He lost his bank books.
He lost his important documents, including our dewan’s confirmation letter that we had just gotten ourselves for 2 days ago.

I had to cancel my JB trip.
And now my 2 days worth of workloads has to be squeezed into just 1 day. (Wish me luck). I’m flying in first flight out tomorrow morning, and coming back last flight out.

For all the things we’ve lost, we gain something else. InsyaAllah.

Till later~*


  1. lia dearie,
    m soooo sorry bout what happened...
    benda nak jadi, we cannot forseeen it...

    like u said,

    For all the things we’ve lost, we gain something else. InsyaAllah.

    be strong n if anything, m just a call away...
    take care..


  2. babe,

    am so sorry to hear that..who wud hv guessed this kind of thing cud happen at kfc wangsa maju tu..i mean that spot is always full with ppl.. takpelah, adalah hikmahnya tu..

    jgn sedih2 okay?


  3. Babe,

    Sabar kay. I was once kena gak. Kat mid valley and the laptop dalam boot. Before that, I tinggal ker dalam kereta, tak pernah kena.

    *Itulah, Allah nak duga kita*

    Kalau you tinggal , all this pencurik bangang nie..depa ada some sort of device to detect electronic items.

    Sabar,kay....dugaan. I lost my laptop lepas I tunang about 2 years ago...Nie semua degaan nak kawen nie.

  4. lili@ l@ling,
    dugaan nak kawin ni, remember my car accident? bak kata ko, redha..

  5. lia, saba ye .. dah nak jadik .. anyway, few months before wedding mmg mcm2 dugaan ..


  6. lia...aku nak nangis la....serious!...sedih sgt! so sorry to hear that.
    be strong,both of u...


  7. omg!! sabar ok babe? ada hikmah tu apa yg jadi..


  8. sorry to hear abt it man...shit if any positive out of it..lesson learnt for everyone else..

    hope kerol doesnt get into too much trouble now with his company for losing his laptop..

    was there any damage to your car?

  9. OMG..dear,sabar ye...
    its company laptop or kerol's laptop. even we covered with something, the thieve still doubt what inside our car. so lebih baik jgn tinggalkan brg dl keter

  10. oh lia..tempat tu!! kfc wangsa maju yg ada pizza hut tu!! tempat tu lar kete aku kena pecah and radio kena curik!! :(
    ye..tempat tu sgt bahaya wpon sgt ramai, tempat tu..

    lepas baca entry ko aku rasa nak bom tempat tu!! ergh! (emo gile nih..)

  11. dayana,

    thanks dear for your concern.. yeah bende2 macam ni tak boleh nak predict kan... siGh.


    referring to your previous comment -- aye aye captain, point noted! ;)

    anyway tu lah kan... guess we really underestimate that place kan? crowded ke tak crowded ke seems like its not the main point now anymore. huhu.


    tu lah guess our firm won't come out with the 'no boot' policy for nothing kan.

    dalie daling,

    tu lah... qada' dan qadar... cobaaaaaan.


    tabah, i am. thanks!


    thanks sis.. i know you'd know best how i feel..


    thanks liza.. i nak belajar jadik ms. calm and composed macam you... :)


    yeah, lesson learnt. one lucky thing, i took out mine. as for kerol, thank God the laptop is insured. he doesnt have to pay anything. but procedure wise he has to sign the declaration form la, to be held liable should anything that happen due to info leakage.. hopefully nothing will happen la.

    yeah, they broke in via the driver side.. i've settled that already, thank God total cost is lesser thank RM500. so i didnt claim any insurance.


    it's company's laptop. anyway yup.. lesson learnt. no more items left behind in the car, regardless.


    haaaaa iymaaaa ye ke??? tak sangkanyerrrrrrr. tu lah aku pun dah black list kan tempat tuh.

    (hey i like your response! :))

  12. mmg al kak..
    sbb dorg cakap perompak2 ni ade device yg bole detect if ade electronics stuff dlm kereta..
    sebab tu if naik kereta kawan2 pun..pija akan suruh dorg letak dlm handbag pija..takut kan..
    even smart tag pun org nak curik..
    tp xpe la kak..nak buat mcm mana kan..mmg kene redha je la..

  13. eh, u like my response yg penuh emosi itu?
    kelakar je.. :P

  14. lilia....

    aku br kehilngan hset..huhuhu....yeah....benda dh nk jdi...

    kena redha...betol la tuh..Tuhan nk duga kite...

    akan ade something good after this...hmm...
    lagipun..setiap kejadian ade hikmah di sebaliknya.....

  15. peeja,

    tu lah.. nasib baik smart tag and other things tak kena curik..


    aku suke respon yang emo coz it indicates your empathy towards how i feel :)

    wan hasmat,

    sedih kan kalau hilang barang..... isk.