Friday, 12 December 2008

The one with... counting days! (to weekend.. to holidays.. to wedding? hmm maybe not yet :p)

I’ve never felt soooo desperate wanting for the weekend to come by, the way I feel this week…! (working in a stressful environment with a restricted internet connection is such a hell! *siGh*)

I have one more week to go, then I'm gonna be on leave until the second week of January 2009…yeeehaaa~~* Thanks to the in-between public holidays (25th Dec – Christmas, 29th Dec – Awal Muharram, 1st Jan – New Year) and my firm’s generous act to declare the 26th Dec as our off day too! (Boxing Day katanye… heh) -- the remaining balance of my annual leaves can really be stretched to the max, to my favour.. *grin*

Next week will swing by so fast I’m sure, as I will be away from office the whole of next week -- 2 days at Klang (Abot, will you be in office next Monday & Tuesday? I’m coming there you know ;)), 1 day in KL, and another 2 days in JB.

Until then, so that I don’t have to spend my holiday worrying over the unfinished business.

Hmmm speaking of holiday, I have not decided yet on what to do and where to go.. On top of my list now is to go Singapore, but I haven’t reached to a conclusion yet. Other than that, one thing for sure some time will be spent on doing parts of the wedding preps, hanging out with family (my lil sis Liana is coming back this coming Sunday!), hanging out with fiancé is of course in the list, with friends, and most important -- a me time! =)

Can’t wait…!

As for now, back to work it is.

Till later~*

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