Saturday, 15 November 2008

The one with... situ sini sana sinun...

Our $treamyx is finally back to business, I can blog from home... yeay~*

I don't know why but as to the contrary of the norm, I am SO freaking busy comes to this year end… siGh.. Orang semua start fikir nak holiday and such, but on the other hand I have to think about how best to manage my workloads.. Everyday I wish I can split myself into (at least) 3 so that one can be in office, another two can be at two different clients premises each.. Heck I’d LOVE to have more of me actually, so that I can be in office and at all the clients places of which.. hmm 23 altogether? Oh another one perhaps, being away holidaying.. :D

If and only if… huh?

Anyway, some salient updates of mine, of late…

  • I am now working for this one client, of which the so called “project manager” of that client deliberately happened to be an ex staff of my department.. (What's the odd I wonder? Talking about karma ey?) Hmm he's someone whom I would say, did not have a pleasant experience when he was with us… So yeah as you can guess, he’s playing the I’m-your-god-damn-client-now-so-be-afraid-be-VERY-afraid-coz-it’s-revenge-time!!! card… I tell you, it’s no joke ok, this is one heck of a tough assignment by far.. A very very demanding client.. If there’s only one good thing about the client, being at their place means I get to bump into a lot of celebrities!!! Thee hee hee..

  • Went to my favourite tailor’s place today, to return back 2 of my newly tailored baju kebaya I recently collected from her.. I was a bit disappointed coz normally the outcome will be so perfect but this time around something is just not right with the cutting.. So I went to whine, she re-took my measurement which was something she has not been doing for long coz she can just rely on her notes (hint: so far I’ve been able to maintain my figure la tu.. *wink*).. Only to be told later by her that actually my pinggang dah membesar sikit BUT my bontot dah mengecik sikit… Sebab tu kali ni baju tu nampak pelik sikit on me.. To which she said something yang sangat cacat… And I SO agree with her.. WHOAAAA bagaimana kah itu boleh terjadi??? For all I know, my weight does maintain for quite some time.. hmmm? *iSk* Saya adalah cacat, badan tidak proportionate.. huhuuuu~~~ *mind bothering.. mind bothering..* :(

  • Kerol and I have started to do the wedding preps bit by bit.. The date cannot be confirmed yet as there’s a problem with the booking of the dewan (sebab tu stress tak tentu pasal last week, sheesh) but we still carried on with our so called field study.. cewah.. alaaa when I said wedding preps I mean I am still at the stage survey meng-survey lagi.. Masih see see look look what’s out there in the market.. Maklum lah selama ni tak pernah amek pusing langsung, sekarang baru sibuk nak tanya2.. So starting last week we’ve been dedicating our Saturdays for this purpose.. Harini pergi survey this one boutique (harini TERbangun lambat, so sempat pergi satu tempat je.. hehe!) that does pelamin and pelamin only, terus jatuh cinta because they can work with what we want, within our budget.. ;) Most likely we’ll be using them, but we want to keep our options open still.. But that place tops our list for now.. Oh happynye! :)

  • Talking about wedding, I am still the not-so-normal girl who doesn’t have any particular dream wedding.. Hmmm… Well ada tu ada, but the 'dream' is built up slowly according with the flow.. (SO? Hmm tiba2 confuse apekah motif point nih... :P)

  • Saya adalah sangat tidak sabar untuk TARA 3 finale next week!! I am definitely rooting for Ida & Tania’s team (though deep inside I’m still wishing if only Henry and Bernie can make it to the top 3.. huhu!).. And as much as I hate Geoff and Tisha, I can’t help it to love them too.. Hehe.. And with that I hope they will score the second place.. And I'm definitely not a fan of Vince and Sam, perasan tak they bring such a bad jinx to the other teams?? Every time they dragged the others to team up with them (and hence being at gain on other people’s expense, sheeshhh) mesti that other team had some problems.. (From my observation) Paling obvious is kerana mereka lah Henry and Bernie terkeluar.. And kerana mereka lah Geoff and Tisha had problems with the cab… EeeEEee geramnye!! (emo.. emo..)

  • (Alamak, nak cakap pasal wedding lagi lah! Please excuse me ye…) Suddenly now I am like SO looking forward to attending people’s wedding because I get to observe around for reference… Hehehe.. Keji I may sound, but of course laaa tujuan utama mesti lahh nak memenuhi jemputan and also to share the joy and happiness of that couple…. ;)

  • Hmm if you must know recently my firm merged with our counterparts in Thailand and to an extend, Vietnam too.. So being in the department that deals with assignments involving cross border transactions, we are naturally opened up to a lot of opportunities working with clients located in those 2 countries.. But ever since the bosses got to know that I am ‘settling down’, somehow my chances got restricted naturally.. Don’t know how and what to feel… Hmm.. Deep down I feel not fair and all, but on a second thought I think perhaps I should be glad that they appear to understand my situation, no? Entah lah… But given a choice, of course I’d love to travel … Lagipun those opportunities bukannye required me to be there for long.. It’s on assignment-by-assignment basis, just like the way the outstation job we do here domestically works.. Oh well, just a thought...

Hmm.. ok lah.. I think that’s all for now.. Till later~*


  1. tgh darah manis rupanya... hehe... grats on the engagement... adakah terlambat untuk wish..? huhu...

  2. i tink its unfair bir ue bosses to restrict ur assignments just because u r settling down.. furthermore, thailand and vietnam is not that far.. in my opinion, if ur not satisfied with their dsecision, i tink u shul voice it out... i tink laa.. hehehe


  3. hows ur bridal hunting? bile nk update aku? nk tau gak mak andam yg jadik pilihan. & apakah warna pilihan? thehehehe (sibuks)

    plan properly for ur wedding, kalau x suatu hari nnt mesti kau akan regret & dialog2 mcm ni akan mula keluar "ehh kenapa dulu wedding aku xbuat mcm ni, xbuat mcm tu." make it as perfect as u dreaming for. sbb tu kene ada imaginasi :)

    owhh aku pn xsaba tunggu final TARA. hehe.

  4. alan,

    ceh, where have u been? anyway its never too late.. belum sebulan pun lagi :)


    seben dearie,

    well, takde lah sampai tahap tak puas hati sampai nak kena voice out (u know i cant function properly if i keep things to myself :)).. cuma.. you know, like i said.. its just a thought.. in a way am glad actually, kerja kat malaysia nih pun bertimbun2 banyaknye.. huuuu..

    thanks for your concern! muah muah.


    hahaha memang sibuks dis situs.

    tapi takpe, nanti bile bende2 dah konfem, will let u know. skang ni aku adalah masih keadaan stress karena masih tidak boleh konfem tarikh keramat !!! stress !!!

    anyway, yup.. i sure would want to plan properly.. just like the way my engagement was done... :) i just hope everything can go on smoothly...

    owhhh itu lah kannnn.. sangat tidak sabaqqqqq.


  5. haha i heard half the story from our friend A...damn funny ar..pity u n the team..