Monday, 10 November 2008

The one with.. rimas..

Sigh I never thought it can be so hard, juggling between working and doing wedding preps.

By now I so want to let the world knows, when is THE day but I just cant... yet.

You can plan things as much as you desire, but things won't materialise that easy.. Simply because at the end of the day, you have to rely on external factors. A LOT of them.

Sigh.. Stressnye!

If only I can just quit my job and focus on being a wedding planner of my own.

Dear bosses, yes, I don't do much work today.. Please spare me some slack, I'll make it up later come tomorrow (I hope).. Oh by the way, when will the workloads ever stop mounting up?? :(



  1. hey you!...
    i heard ade prob pasal dewan?
    is there anything i can help beside the hantarans?
    keje mounting up...gaji oso mounting up lah.
    g la tuka tuka keje ni.
    jomla one day lepak same...nak blanje ko makan ke...hadiah ke..
    jom arrr...
    **wah mood ku sgt baik!**

  2. nk join lepak same jugak!!! hehe...

  3. moh lepak umah aku. umah aku sgt cool.

  4. ohhh thats the worry u have isit?..take a 1 step at a time ok?..

    ur bosses read ur blog meh?

  5. erin,

    tu lah!!! siGh.

    as to what you can offer, will let you know if the need be. thanks sis for being there :)

    kite adalah melepak bersama apabile ko dapat cik siti ko ok!


    hahahaha jom.. jom.. molek lah tu.. bile lepak ngan oy@, erin nak join. bile lepak ngan erin, oy@ nak join... hahaha. mase keje satu bangunan sama2 tkde plak sebok nak berjumpe... doink~*


    a'ah kan.. tak pernah gi visit umah kau lagi.. hmm menarik idea ko kau nih. nanti aku TERJAH! ok? :)


    yeah will try to.. though its not easy to juggle in between the two W's !

    hahaha no la, saja2 tulis only.. can't believe you ask me that question.. :D