Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The one with.. (my) stress life cycle..

ps. tak reti nak enlarge the picture without affecting the pixel.. *whatever*


  1. babe, relax laa .. jgn stres-stress ye. nnt 1 keje pon xjadik. keje ntah ke mana, wedding plan ntah ke mana .. xpe, byk time lg & byk org yg akan tlg u.

    return call aku oi. nk mengadu domba ke smlm?

  2. miss lili@,
    arghh aku pon stress!! at least kau nyer wedding lambat lagi. aku ni dah tahap air naik kepala. hujung bulan nak pindah plak. tsk. guess i can't be your role model anymore. hihi. :P

  3. Babe, take it slowly. Memang akan rasa stress bila nak prepare for wedding, kerja lagik ye dak.

    Do it slowly. Yang penting ada checklist for ur wedding

  4. hei..hei..hei..
    dont stress too much..
    but same goes to me..stress..and nervous also..hmm..keje byk & wedding stuff lagi..aiyoo.. i wish i have more than 24 hours a day..nak siapkan keje b4 cuti pjg!

    one more thing, dont expect too much from ur doesnt care about the wedding me..kalau terlampau harap, nnt ko jgk yg sakit whatever u can do by urself..

    ok..jgn malu2 tanya aku kalau nak any opinion.. (ceh, mcm pandai beno!) :P

  5. You're working too hard I see.

    Even to express your stress, you are so organised.

    I would just conteng like ayam and then tore the bloody paper to pieces.

    But not you, colours and arrows are done systematically incase the audit department need to look at the evidence of stress health upon which you are entitled to claim from your respective organisations.

    Hihihihi .............

  6. babe,

    i know it's a bit stressful.. but try to enjoy it as much as u can ok.. im telling u, kalau boleh, i wish i can turn back time and do the wedding preps all over again! :)

  7. terima kasih kawan2 ku sekalian.. on your kind attention and words of comfort...


    i want so much to enjoy doing the W preps, but at the same time things are so bloody hectic in office....

    wish me all the luck in the world ok!

  8. the cutest personal self stress's sooo u n its super cute!!!!


    i miss u!!!