Monday, 24 November 2008

The one with... Monday sickness..

I am not well today, huuuu.. *sniff*sniff* Now waiting to clear this one report with my director, then I'm planning to buzz off from office.. Can't stand the freezing air-cond lah~! *brrrr*



Oh well, dilly dally dilly dally, pukul 4.30 jugak baru dapat gerak from office… sheeesshh..

Thought of going back home straight away, tapi teringin nak makan bubur lah! *I’m sick so I’m in my mengendeng2 mode* :P So here I am sipping through my green tea latte at Starbucks in GE Mall while awaiting for Kerol to come down from his office.. (P.S. eh Joe, this tea is memang nice lah! ;) And for suggesting this drink some time back, consider that you are forgiven then for spreading the flu virus to me.. *gRin*)

Anyway, now that all the coughing and sneezing making me so uneasy and drowsy… couldn’t help it from feeling all sappy lah… :P

*clearing throat*cough*cough*

I finally realise that with my attempts to start with the wedding preps and whatnots, I felt that I’ve whined a little too much lah.. Huhu.. my bad!

Skimming through back my recent posts, come to a point where now I feel so grateful -- that I can never thank enough to those who have called, sms-ed, talked to me, and gave comments in this blog for words of comfort… It somehow opened up my eyes that everyone actually had their fair share of the pre-wedding drama(s).. It somehow made me realise that I am not alone…and that I can go through all this despite the challenges.. isk, memang rasa terharu sangat… (told you I’m all sappy at the moment..awwww ;P)

To those who have emailed me and shared with me your wedding checklist, thank you so much…
To those who have called to lend your shoulders to cry on and ears to listen to, despite having no experience at all with wedding preps, thank you so much…

To those who have dropped by this blog and gave me your comments, despite being a complete stranger to me, thank you so much…

To those whom I bumped into at friends’ wedding functions, and took a chance to ask me how’s my wedding preps and all, thank you so much…

To those who have shared their own pre-wedding dramas -- not that I feel happy over other people’s misfortune, but rather you guys make me feel that setbacks do happen so I shouldn’t feel discouraged and all negative -- so with that, thank you so much…

Really guys, thanks so much from the bottom of my heart! :)


Oh here’s the reply to those who commented in my previous post:

- concorde, -

Thanks bro :) I shall from now on increase my patience and tolerance level k.. And ececehhhh… navy memang tak suka army ke?? ;)

- ayu ilusm, -

thanks girl.. I’ve never thought that there are some dewan in KL that can be so cruel like that.. this is like a reality slap to me.. huhu.. similar like you, I myself are such a risk adverse person, can never bear to go through such a risky situation! Anyway glad to hear that you get to have your wedding reception to be held at the dewan of your choice.. I think I know which one is that dewan X you’re talking about.. cantik dewan tu, baru je pergi during the recent weekend for a friend’s wedding… ;)

and yeah, the orang dewan yang I dealt with the other day also was damn kerek mannn.. I think they took their role SO seriously for their own good, sheeeshhh.. pangkat mejar jer, berlagak nak mampus.. itu namanye gila kuasa tuh… huhu.. *still geram*

thanks dear for sharing :)

- myJinsei, -

hey, I didn’t get to hear properly lah what’s your name… huhu! Sorry sangat, was too overwhelming being approached by a complete stranger like you.. *smiling sheepishly*

anyway, what I’ve been meaning to say.. thank you so so so much for coming upfront and said hi.. :) I felt so happy too! Rasa excited pulak, tak sangka ada silent reader yang sporting macam you.. :P

semalam masa dah balik baru teringat “eh apesal tak tanye dia ada blog ke tak”.. skali tengok pagi ni you ade tinggalkan link… heheh macam tau2 je.. thanks ye!

Nice meeting you, nanti share with me the picture taken eh, semalam camera I dah low battery…

And hey, thanks for sharing with me with some of your experiences too!

- shya, -

another silent reader’s comment that put a smile on my face this morning.. :) thanks shya for dropping by and shared with me your experience.. really, your comment somehow gave me some boost of strength.. =)

- farah mak buyong my childhood bestfriend, -

thanks dear, as always you’ve never failed to be there.. huhu.. yeah aku tengah opt for other dewan, awaiting for confirmation now.. worse come to worst, like you said, I have to go for other dates already.. we shall see how.. whatever it is, i am all ready to go through another wedding preps glitch for i know those are normal now... oh my i was such a blur case before, how could i thought that everything should be smooth sailing according my way?? dang! ;P

- erin, -

yeahhhhhh ko memang adik yang knows the right response I’ve been looking for, tak salah kan untuk rasa marah?? :) Tu lah sedih sangat bila papa cakap macam tuh, I was like… terus terdiam malas nak cakap apa.. pasal cik siti ko tuh, yeap memang ko patut marah.. amacam, dapat tak arini???

- iyma, -

oh iyma, kau memang tak putus2 kasik semangat kat aku.. terharu sangat tau! Dulu masa kat uitm tak baik sangat, sekarang ni plak rajin kita communicate di alam maya.. cewah... thanks iyma, for sharing and asking me the other day at bibi’s wedding... insyaAllah from now on I’ll pray for the greatest strength from Allah, hoping that I can go through all this.. and yeah, I am really looking forward to enjoy the wedding preps.. just like you :)

selamat going through bulan terakhir (december is your last month kan before your W day?) as a fiancé… :)


Alritey peeps, there you go... I shall now hop to other people's blogs and check my facebook & friendster... :) hmm mane Kerol nih... nak mengade2 and mengendeng lah!! *sniff*sniff* :P

Wish me get well soon!

Till later~*


  1. pewwwitttt!!!

    besar sungguh senyum hang yerr...

  2. ceh sempat komen2 blog ghopenye, padan la lambat turun!

    i know you are teasing me re my reaction towards silent reader, but i choose to ignore that.. *buwwwek!

    musti la senyum lebar2 ada orang nak manje2 kan time sakit2 nih... weehooooo :)

  3. xdela x suka gila2 punya...wutever it is we're still under one roof, but the way they'v been treating u the other day, that's the typical army fyi...

  4. yes..december is my last month as miss fiancée..uhuhu..

    fyi lia, aku baca blog ko since kat frenster..i be your silent reader..lama gak la..i just love the way u share thought, the way u telling story & the way u write.. :) sometimes it changed my mind towards life..really..

    yela, masa kat uitm dulu kite x rapat sgt kan but we still pernah hanging out sama kan? coz aku rapat gak dgn nana masa tu, ko lg lar rapat dgn dia bila follow blog ko, aku rasa cam close je dgn ko.. :P (duh, perasan sorg..hik hik hik) that's the reason why i'm asking so much when we met..sorry la kalau ko terkejut aku suka tanya2..hehe

    so, goodluck for your W preps and cepat2 announce the date! can't wait.. :)

  5. so nice ar..4.30pm get to go off..

    yes i admit the green tea latte is damn nice..just suspect how much sugar is in the drink!..

  6. concorde,

    ohh ok.. well, whatever it is, thanks for being at my side! :)


    haaaa ye keeeee.. sejak zaman frenster ke... hehehe :P tibe2 rase malu plak... *bLush* and oh, thanks for the compliment.. aku tkde la rase aku ni pandai menulis ke ape.. but glad that you like it ;)

    and hey, with ur comments and all, i do feel flattered and overwhelmed too.. :) and don't be sorry lah, you make me feel comfortable already.. so ask what you want.. coz i sure do plan to ask u a lot of things too, soon!

    will announce the date when the time comes k..and looking forward to you Big day soon! hopefully everything goes to your plan..

    muah muah.


    nice u said? cehhh i was planning to go off by lunch time ok.. 4.30 was considered late already.. huuu.

  7. alamak silap tinggal link...maluuuu
    kita baru start blogging la..

    slalu ngelat..
    tu pun hubby yg paksa blogging..

    Gud luck 4 wedding preps..