Sunday, 2 November 2008

The one with... Monday blues, on Sunday.. huhu..

I stay glued in front of TV the whole evening for Heroes marathon, and now after took my bath thinking that it’s about time to do work (yup I had to bring back homework, sheeshhh!!), I am now finding myself being caught by Channel 105 for it’s Inspirasi P.Ramlee – remake of Madu Tiga show.. Ngaaaaa~~*

How I wish for a longer weekend!!

Went to Ipoh yesterday for Irna’s wedding.. As always, a friend’s wedding has always been a place for a mini reunion with old friends.. :)

My MR$M Taiping's / U1TM's friends..

The newlywed Irna & Yusri - congrats my dear friend! :)

Oya's Che K played the good bf carrying her (nice) handbag.. Awwwww. PDA alert!!!! :D

The must-have pose -- bergambar di 'pintu gerbang'.. :)

With my once-upon-a-time housemate, Irna.. Hmm.. while typing this entry and coming out with this caption, I couldn't help it but feeling how I miss the good old days... *sOb* Now everyone's on their own path, but somehow I'm glad that some of us are still in touch..

With Has's ever cute niece, Lisa.. She's so adorable!

Yusri, Irna & myself..

The friends I grew up with during the uni days..

It's a great, though tiring trip.. But one thing for sure, I ate damn a lot!! Huhu. Thanks to Kerol who dragged me to this place near the dataran Ipoh or something, that serves udang galah in the menu.. But it's very satisfying, no doubt.. :P

OK lah.. I'd better get going.. I have work to do (siGh), I hope I don't have to sleep so late!

Till later~*


  1. wahh... pantas update... hehe...

    bestnyer makan udang galah... tak pernah makan pon...

    and i LOVE Che K's pic!!!

  2. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  3. ms. 0y@,

    heh, update di saat mencari mojo untuk start buat keje... haruslah pantas.. ;P

    bestttttt.. sedap pun sedap.. murah pun ya jugak... tapi.. high in calories.. huhu..

    you'd better thank my Che K for the nice shot of your Che K... hahahaha.

    s0ulz dearie,

    what's with the big laugh dudeeeee..? :)

  4. patutlaaa ada orang tanya aku dimana lokasi udang galah.. hehe u're welcome haha ;)

  5. a.z.i.d.i

    hehehe.. ye, my indirect thanks goes to mereka2 yang dihubungi berkenaan dengan lokasi ;)