Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The one with.. and lets get the journey begins... :)


I don't know whether you know me that well or not, but to me, the thought of having to organise a wedding is kinda.. somehow, bothersome. As far as I am concerned, I am more looking forward towards going through the marriage life itself... not the process of getting married. Ya ya I know people say a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, you should be beyond ecstatic to go through the process..

True. I don’t deny it. Hey are you kidding me, of course I am more-than-words happy to go through the steps in getting married.

If only everything follows my ways, that is.

But you see, reality speaking.. in a real world…when reality can really bites you.. I can’t be getting all that I want, can I..? Boo hoo.. So that’s the main part that has been bothering me all the while.

Until yesterday...

I sat down with Kerol and finally, we have our own wedding checklist now..! *grin* Not entirely a thorough one, but oh well at least, the base is there.. And what do you know, I was, and I am, all excited! And I can’t actually wait to start to walk the talk, and hence start marking the items off my checklist one by one… :) A feeling of which I’ve never thought I would have… :P

But. Knowing myself, my tolerance level towards the differences between reality VS my own expectation is, and can be, very very low. I can easily go bonkers; I think Kerol knows me very well in this respect. So does my family. Heh. To come out with a list yesterday also I contributed to a moment of stress.. My bad!!

So for the upcoming days, I wish for the greatest strength and patience for both of Kerol and myself, come what may… Semoga segala urusan dipermudahkan, amin.

Wish us luck okie!! :)

Oh yeah, before kicking off, I know my reader base is not as large.. but would appreciate it very very much if anyone of you out there can give me a shout and some heads up and some reality smacks on what would be the normal setbacks when it comes to wedding preps.. You know, just so that I can adjust my expectation.. :P Thank u !!!! (To provide me with some useful tips also would be quite good actually.. =))

And YOU.

Farah, Tina, Iyma, Hana, Lynn -- I will definitely bug contact you guys personally for pointers! ;P

Erin, we will have family meeting soon okie!

Alritey, till later~* :)

P.S. tiba2 rasa entry ni poyo tapi lantaklah kan. i so need to get this mixed wedding jittery feelings out of my chest. at least.


  1. hi!sy ni tkde la pengalaman buat wedding preparation ke ape,tapi orang kate,1 important tip-just chill,and enjoy...bende baik,insyaAllah dipermudahkan...

    good luck!

  2. hey babe,
    wedding date bila??u need help u now how to reach me....just holler k.

    p/s : my mom can do curtains and bedroom and such also.Hahaha.promote business mak ni..

  3. frh bawak perut bukan lemakNovember 04, 2008 3:55 pm

    owhh ngerinye aku tengok the word 'you' with big capital tu. rasa mcm letak pistol pulak kat belakang kepala aku ;)

    always be my pleasure. tp tanya awal2 laa sblm aku kemalasan nak melayan kau disebabkan capek membawa perut nih ..

  4. i will always ready to help.. :)
    and i'm really happy to help..aku suka buat benda2 about wedding..sgt suka!
    cuma jgn lar tanya aku time aku tgh sanding lak nnt k.. :P

    and this entry is not poyo langsung la br permulaan..ko akan rasa lg dahsyat bila dah dekat giler nnt..what u really need to do is, relax and enjoy..dont think too much..

    lagi satu, ko kena sabar dgn ur fiance..sbb selalunya org lelaki ni akan buat x kisah..ko yg kena discuss everything dgn mak dia sampai ko rasa ko nak kawen dgn mak dia, bkn dgn dia..hahaha :P tp x tau la kot2 ur fiance suka buat benda2 wedding jarang ade laki cmtu..

    dont worry lah..everything gonna be alrite :)
    (ayat ni utk diri sendiri jgk..fuh! aku pon nervous gak sebenarnya ni)

  5. err... eventho saya tiada pengalaman mengendalikan majlisperkahwinan n i cant offer u any tips, please2 feel free to buzz me if u need any help!!

    and lia, dun worry too much k, there's lots of us to help u help... try to enjoy planning your wedding k!!



  6. lia darling,

    anything, im just a phone call away.. kalau apa-apa, boleh je meeting at starbucks GE Mall, hahahaha..


  7. haishhhh ini jer respon yang ade..? isk...

    oh well.



    thanks :) yep, bende baik insyaAllah dipermudahkan.. aminnnn.

    kak zue,

    wedding date nanti i announce officially k.. nak kene sort out certain things dulu.. ;)

    anyway thanks for being there, will buzz u if the need be k! =)

    farah yang bakal gomok hahaha ;),

    heh takde la sampai nak acu2 pistol kan.. :P alaaa jangan la malas layan aku... jangan la jangan laaaaa.. (i know u're gonna be there, muahs!)

  8. iyma,

    really? amek ko jadik wedding planner kang... :)

    lagi satu, ko kena sabar dgn ur fiance..sbb selalunya org lelaki ni akan buat x kisah..

    hahahaha i so agree with u!!! tapi takpe, he's improving... :)

    anyway thanks for the words of comfort... :)


    yup dear, i'll try not to think too much.. huhu.. and i know you are such a dearly friend of mine, who's gonna be there regardless.. muah muah.


    hehehehe.. ok sure! thanks for always being there dear.. :)


    from what i heard it can be quite ex also to get a wedding planner.

    hmmm... honestly i've thought of that idea too.. but on a second thought, getting someone to organise ur own much awaited event, where's the fun aite.. :)

  9. oh well..klo nak aku jd wedding planner, silalah..aku sgt suka!! i think i want to quit my job & be a wedding x direstui, terpaksa membatalkan niat..