Monday, 24 November 2008

The one with... the red-ish weddings..

1. Wedding Bibi, my UiTM's friend held at Dewan Putrajaya... She looked soooo beautiful and cute as always on her wedding day :)

So happy to get to meet the usual crowd - Oya, Nana, Ayu & Yanti, and some others - Iyma, Zura, K-roll, Faten, Jo, Ya, Sally, Husna, Lisa and Ilani..

2. Wedding Acap & Hana... Acap ni Kerol's BFF... and so happened he's actually my ex-classmate (skali ngan Kerol jugak laaa), mase kat SRK Gomb@k 1.. :) So ever since I met Kerol, banyak laaa time spent with his Gombak's friends.. termasuk la Acap & his then-gf now-wifey Hana.. :) Well last weekend was quite busy for me, dah kate Acap and Kerol ni BFF kan.. So Kerol banyak got involved jugak la.. and that means indirectly I was getting involved too..

Hari Jumaat masa diorang nikah, I wasn't involved... coz it was on a working day. But Kerol did, tapi dia tak bawak camera pulak.. So there are no pictures of Acap and Hana on their solemnization day in my keeping.. But whatever it is, I am so happy for them... With one lafaz, they were pronounced husband and wife... Alhamdulillah...

Hari Sabtu awal2 lagi dah pegi pick up Acap at his house, to form his rombongan to go to Dewan T@n Sr1 M@hfoz Kh@lid for his wedding reception, Hana's side.. We gathered at the M@sjid Neg@ra first, to perform the Zuhur prayer before making our move to the Dewan... Oh Acap and Hana looked soooo gorgeous in red! :) Enjoy the pictures je lah ek.. malas nak tulis panjang2 dah.. :P

"Butang baju melayu aku mana Pahhhhh.." ;P haippp, kerol mase ni jadi pengapit.. bukan nak pi nikah!

A lot of helping hands needed! (lelaki memang sempoi kan? kat luar masjid pun leh bersiap.. :P)

Tahan napas jangan tak tahan... hehehe.. Nikman pun terikut2 heh?

Tiga sekawan... from L-R: Nikman, Zul, Nazrin a.k.a... Z? ke Jamal? :P

The girlfriends who came to accompany Acap's rombongan.. Fieza, Lyn, Ayu, Yani and her cute lil girl Insyirah..

Acap and Hana.. in front of the dewan..

On the stage... that's Kerol in action! hahaha.. dia cuak lebih dari pengantin.. :P

The just-got-married Zarir & Aimi..

The single and available (?) Nazrin..

The ever cute lil girl Insyirah - Najib's & Yani's daughter..

Hmm.. gambar2 yg lain2 takde pulak! ok the rest of the pictures kinda say it all!

Then hari Ahad pulak, both Kerol and I were the bestman and bridesmaid each.. Also, we were involved since morning... The wedding reception on Acap's side was held at Dew@n K0mun1t1 T@man Koper@si P0li$... Since both Kerol and I were in action, so we didn't have that many pictures in our camera.. Lagipun the day before that I was so tired that I forgot to charge our camera..

Hmm both Acap and Hana ni ex MR$M Jasin, and Hana studied in Sheffield.. So masa wedding diorang banyak laaa jugak jumpa my own friends... Dari G0Mb@k 1' friends (Anne, Shahar, Alifah, etc), to MR$M Terend@k's friends (Eddie Jawa & Cyber) to MR$M T@iping's friends (Syikin Razali, Meor, Aizat, Yeen) and U1TM's friends (Rafiq, Yana, Yani) as well.. Huhu..

Alritey, that's all I have for now! Better get some sleep already, wishing for a better state of health tomorrow... ciao~*

p.s. hmmm for more pictures lets wait until the newlyweds return back from their honeymoon k! :) because until then I think Hana's blog will remain idle.. for quite a while!

The one with... Monday sickness..

I am not well today, huuuu.. *sniff*sniff* Now waiting to clear this one report with my director, then I'm planning to buzz off from office.. Can't stand the freezing air-cond lah~! *brrrr*



Oh well, dilly dally dilly dally, pukul 4.30 jugak baru dapat gerak from office… sheeesshh..

Thought of going back home straight away, tapi teringin nak makan bubur lah! *I’m sick so I’m in my mengendeng2 mode* :P So here I am sipping through my green tea latte at Starbucks in GE Mall while awaiting for Kerol to come down from his office.. (P.S. eh Joe, this tea is memang nice lah! ;) And for suggesting this drink some time back, consider that you are forgiven then for spreading the flu virus to me.. *gRin*)

Anyway, now that all the coughing and sneezing making me so uneasy and drowsy… couldn’t help it from feeling all sappy lah… :P

*clearing throat*cough*cough*

I finally realise that with my attempts to start with the wedding preps and whatnots, I felt that I’ve whined a little too much lah.. Huhu.. my bad!

Skimming through back my recent posts, come to a point where now I feel so grateful -- that I can never thank enough to those who have called, sms-ed, talked to me, and gave comments in this blog for words of comfort… It somehow opened up my eyes that everyone actually had their fair share of the pre-wedding drama(s).. It somehow made me realise that I am not alone…and that I can go through all this despite the challenges.. isk, memang rasa terharu sangat… (told you I’m all sappy at the moment..awwww ;P)

To those who have emailed me and shared with me your wedding checklist, thank you so much…
To those who have called to lend your shoulders to cry on and ears to listen to, despite having no experience at all with wedding preps, thank you so much…

To those who have dropped by this blog and gave me your comments, despite being a complete stranger to me, thank you so much…

To those whom I bumped into at friends’ wedding functions, and took a chance to ask me how’s my wedding preps and all, thank you so much…

To those who have shared their own pre-wedding dramas -- not that I feel happy over other people’s misfortune, but rather you guys make me feel that setbacks do happen so I shouldn’t feel discouraged and all negative -- so with that, thank you so much…

Really guys, thanks so much from the bottom of my heart! :)


Oh here’s the reply to those who commented in my previous post:

- concorde, -

Thanks bro :) I shall from now on increase my patience and tolerance level k.. And ececehhhh… navy memang tak suka army ke?? ;)

- ayu ilusm, -

thanks girl.. I’ve never thought that there are some dewan in KL that can be so cruel like that.. this is like a reality slap to me.. huhu.. similar like you, I myself are such a risk adverse person, can never bear to go through such a risky situation! Anyway glad to hear that you get to have your wedding reception to be held at the dewan of your choice.. I think I know which one is that dewan X you’re talking about.. cantik dewan tu, baru je pergi during the recent weekend for a friend’s wedding… ;)

and yeah, the orang dewan yang I dealt with the other day also was damn kerek mannn.. I think they took their role SO seriously for their own good, sheeeshhh.. pangkat mejar jer, berlagak nak mampus.. itu namanye gila kuasa tuh… huhu.. *still geram*

thanks dear for sharing :)

- myJinsei, -

hey, I didn’t get to hear properly lah what’s your name… huhu! Sorry sangat, was too overwhelming being approached by a complete stranger like you.. *smiling sheepishly*

anyway, what I’ve been meaning to say.. thank you so so so much for coming upfront and said hi.. :) I felt so happy too! Rasa excited pulak, tak sangka ada silent reader yang sporting macam you.. :P

semalam masa dah balik baru teringat “eh apesal tak tanye dia ada blog ke tak”.. skali tengok pagi ni you ade tinggalkan link… heheh macam tau2 je.. thanks ye!

Nice meeting you, nanti share with me the picture taken eh, semalam camera I dah low battery…

And hey, thanks for sharing with me with some of your experiences too!

- shya, -

another silent reader’s comment that put a smile on my face this morning.. :) thanks shya for dropping by and shared with me your experience.. really, your comment somehow gave me some boost of strength.. =)

- farah mak buyong my childhood bestfriend, -

thanks dear, as always you’ve never failed to be there.. huhu.. yeah aku tengah opt for other dewan, awaiting for confirmation now.. worse come to worst, like you said, I have to go for other dates already.. we shall see how.. whatever it is, i am all ready to go through another wedding preps glitch for i know those are normal now... oh my i was such a blur case before, how could i thought that everything should be smooth sailing according my way?? dang! ;P

- erin, -

yeahhhhhh ko memang adik yang knows the right response I’ve been looking for, tak salah kan untuk rasa marah?? :) Tu lah sedih sangat bila papa cakap macam tuh, I was like… terus terdiam malas nak cakap apa.. pasal cik siti ko tuh, yeap memang ko patut marah.. amacam, dapat tak arini???

- iyma, -

oh iyma, kau memang tak putus2 kasik semangat kat aku.. terharu sangat tau! Dulu masa kat uitm tak baik sangat, sekarang ni plak rajin kita communicate di alam maya.. cewah... thanks iyma, for sharing and asking me the other day at bibi’s wedding... insyaAllah from now on I’ll pray for the greatest strength from Allah, hoping that I can go through all this.. and yeah, I am really looking forward to enjoy the wedding preps.. just like you :)

selamat going through bulan terakhir (december is your last month kan before your W day?) as a fiancé… :)


Alritey peeps, there you go... I shall now hop to other people's blogs and check my facebook & friendster... :) hmm mane Kerol nih... nak mengade2 and mengendeng lah!! *sniff*sniff* :P

Wish me get well soon!

Till later~*

Friday, 21 November 2008

The one with... my gloomy Friday..

This is gonna be very long-winded. Very.

Despite the busy working schedule, I cannot help it but to come out with this one entry.. I SO need a venue to vent this one thing out of my chest.. I guess until I reach to the point where I am done deal with this one thing, I promise I will stop using the word ‘stress’ very loosely ok? And the exclamation mark too, I will stop using it like nobody’s business..

So that’s that, and as for now…

Oh yeah I am so damn stressssss !!!!!!

Lo and behold, yes it’s about my upcoming wedding.. sheessssh.

I cannot proceed with the other preps just because the date cannot be confirmed as yet!

You see, before the engagement both families have agreed on the date already. Hence, both Kerol and I have carried on with the booking of dewan. Ok, I’ve never have had in mind what kind of wedding I would love to have, but when it comes to the location, I do have one place in particular. In fact, God knows for whatever reasons, I’ve set that in mind since way back in 2005 when I attended my high school seniors’ wedding, whom the groom happened to be my friend’s brother and the bride happened to be my block mate once upon a time. Oh well, it’s nowhere fancy, it’s just this dewan of which I can rent for a wedding reception at a rate much lower than the market, on the expense of my dad being an ex-army. I’m not gonna be specific, am sure you can go figure!

So, I guess being an ex-army really means nothing to them; they treated by dad just like the other normal civilians. Oh wait, perhaps the stupid hierarchy system they practise!!! (I know a lot of my friends are of the army’s kids, am sorry guys.. I may sound as if I’m generalizing them, but.. heck please, just let me have my moment ya? Thanks.)

First thing first, ok fine, they have confirmed our booking. We were happy, we finally have a date for our W day so we proceed with the other wedding preps -- I’ve booked the photographer, and the make-up artist too.. (OK so what if I want to start with the preps this early?).. And another major thing was, Kerol’s side has booked a dewan too, by using the earlier confirmed date of ours, as a base.

All these bookings, wont happen, if I wasn’t being confirmed on the dewan (hence the date) in the first place kan? kan? kan???!!

So one fine day, Kerol called the officer in charge to arrange for a meet up, we want to see see look look the inside of the dewan.. You know just to get a grasp of how to come out with the theme, deco, arrangement of main table so on and so forth.

And that’s when, just like as if it’s not a big deal, the officer told Kerol off, saying that there will be an internal function on the supposedly my W day, so they need to use the dewan.


I mean, ok FINE. It’s their dewan and they can use it for their own event.

But please la have some courtesy, you’ve issued a letter of confirmation and then kill the excitement of the innocent people just like that?! Stress nye!!! Why the heck you didn’t check the calendar of event at the time you considered and hence, confirmed our booking? And really, if suddenly there’s an event to be held on my supposedly W day, why the freaking heck you didn’t call us to inform? What if Kerol didn’t call on that day? Perhaps we would have been happily distributing our wedding invitation cards then only you will call to say it has to be cancelled???! (Sounds dramatic, but I am trying to make a point here.)

I swear the moment I heard how they told Kerol about the cancellation, I hope that if that officer has a daughter, she will be equally ‘punished’ when she’s getting married and in the process of booking a place for wedding reception too. *kilat sabung menyabung* (tanda marah)… Hey I am no angel ok. Spare me some slack.

So that’s when and how my stress days started. Hari2 berlalu penuh dengan stress.. (ayat poyo I know). What’s more with the crazy workloads, sigh I just cannot afford to receive this kind of ‘surprises’.. And you know, the remarks you get when you tell your family -- “Hah, dewan kena cancel? Itu laaa.. Patutnye book dewan lain jugak as a back-up..” “Abis tu macamana?” “Alaaa dah bagitau kawan / sedara...”

Arghhh all these responses are just damn depressing!

And you’d be surprised true enough around KL, you'll need to book the dewan as soon as 6 months ahead.. Because apparently that’s the difficulty I’m facing now -- to find the other dewan as alternative to make sure I can stick to the original date..

My dad, on the other hand, doesn’t want to give up. He said perhaps now they have their 2009 calendar of event, they will be more certain when giving their consent regarding the usage of their dewan.

Fine, beggars shouldn’t be chosers, I agreed.

Dad said the officer has agreed to meet today at 10am, for us to send in another letter to book for another date. I insisted to follow my dad this time around (previously my dad went alone). Knowing for a fact that I will go MIA (that’s missing-in-action) first thing today for that respect, I worked till as late as 4am yesterday (!!!) to make sure I finish up the portion of my work today.

And today we reached there at 10.15am. Lack of sleep and still pissed with the cancelation, I was already all moody.

Guess what, not only the officer didn’t turn up on time as promised (Huh I thought army supposed to be all disciplined and whatnot??!!) but he actually has got a meeting to attend (then why the heck gave us the promise in the first place??!).. You know what time we waited until? 1pm ok! 3 freaking hours!!!

And the officer was not being courteous at all, he didn’t say sorry (you wish!) and all he did was just signing off the letter without giving much assurance and comfort to the already losing-faith me, and buzz off for his Friday prayer. And I must say, (too bad) he'd given me the impression that he is being very very rude. And there we were, left just like that. As if we were little kids who can quickly be happy after being bribed with the stupid colorful candy.

Benci ok!!!

I didn’t manage to even ask him how sure he is with this new date, is it still subject to changes?!

On the way back, I was already at the point of breaking down, grumbling how I wish I can scold the officer yadda yadda yadda..

And yet what did my dad say? He said, I was just being emotional. And he gave me few words of advice, that he didn’t want me to become like the once-upon-a-time him -- bad-tempered.

I tell you, not that I didn’t appreciate his effort to arrange this for me, but the way he talked to me was like adding fuel to the fire. I was already so purple with rage and upset with what happened and how we had to wait for the officer and how he treated us, and yet my dad can say that I was being bad-tempered???!


I was just being… a human.

Salah ke untuk rasa marah after what had happened?

Salah ke untuk rasa marah after being treated the way the officer did to us?

Salah ke untuk rasa marah over how the one decision made by the officer (which can be dealt with better if that officer was being more particular with his decision) can affect the decision of the many others?

I felt so so so hopeless.. This is like so burdensome. Especially both Kerol and I have to do all this from A to Z, all by ourselves. If something like this happened, it is us who have to bear the consequences and feel the heat.. All the others can say is, “Abis tu macamana?”.


I am just so sad you see, why is this happening to us… enough said.

Ok maybe I am just being negative now, I hope I can see all this from a different light come tomorrow.

Till later, enjoy your weekend!

p.s. Just to share, using their dewan can actually be very risky. Before we left the officer's room just now, one of the staff there told me that there was this one time, a couple's booking was cancelled just like that one month before the actual wedding took place!! And yes at that point, the wedding cards have been distributed around! Reason given to them? Well somebody wanted to have his son's event to be held there on that day. Can you imagine??? Not sure how true, but I am not surprised if it did happen... Scary!!! Oh well, unless of course if your parents are somebody, I think then you don't have anything to be worried. As for now, I'm giving up on that dewan despite being confirmed this morning.. I want to opt for other dewan and I don't mind having to pay extra just as long as I am given the very much certainty needed. So that I can proceed with the other tasks with a peaceful mind.... Till then, I can't confirm my W day yet.. Wish us luck!

p.s.2 I think this is my first ever entry without a smiley icon, yes?

Saturday, 15 November 2008

The one with... situ sini sana sinun...

Our $treamyx is finally back to business, I can blog from home... yeay~*

I don't know why but as to the contrary of the norm, I am SO freaking busy comes to this year end… siGh.. Orang semua start fikir nak holiday and such, but on the other hand I have to think about how best to manage my workloads.. Everyday I wish I can split myself into (at least) 3 so that one can be in office, another two can be at two different clients premises each.. Heck I’d LOVE to have more of me actually, so that I can be in office and at all the clients places of which.. hmm 23 altogether? Oh another one perhaps, being away holidaying.. :D

If and only if… huh?

Anyway, some salient updates of mine, of late…

  • I am now working for this one client, of which the so called “project manager” of that client deliberately happened to be an ex staff of my department.. (What's the odd I wonder? Talking about karma ey?) Hmm he's someone whom I would say, did not have a pleasant experience when he was with us… So yeah as you can guess, he’s playing the I’m-your-god-damn-client-now-so-be-afraid-be-VERY-afraid-coz-it’s-revenge-time!!! card… I tell you, it’s no joke ok, this is one heck of a tough assignment by far.. A very very demanding client.. If there’s only one good thing about the client, being at their place means I get to bump into a lot of celebrities!!! Thee hee hee..

  • Went to my favourite tailor’s place today, to return back 2 of my newly tailored baju kebaya I recently collected from her.. I was a bit disappointed coz normally the outcome will be so perfect but this time around something is just not right with the cutting.. So I went to whine, she re-took my measurement which was something she has not been doing for long coz she can just rely on her notes (hint: so far I’ve been able to maintain my figure la tu.. *wink*).. Only to be told later by her that actually my pinggang dah membesar sikit BUT my bontot dah mengecik sikit… Sebab tu kali ni baju tu nampak pelik sikit on me.. To which she said something yang sangat cacat… And I SO agree with her.. WHOAAAA bagaimana kah itu boleh terjadi??? For all I know, my weight does maintain for quite some time.. hmmm? *iSk* Saya adalah cacat, badan tidak proportionate.. huhuuuu~~~ *mind bothering.. mind bothering..* :(

  • Kerol and I have started to do the wedding preps bit by bit.. The date cannot be confirmed yet as there’s a problem with the booking of the dewan (sebab tu stress tak tentu pasal last week, sheesh) but we still carried on with our so called field study.. cewah.. alaaa when I said wedding preps I mean I am still at the stage survey meng-survey lagi.. Masih see see look look what’s out there in the market.. Maklum lah selama ni tak pernah amek pusing langsung, sekarang baru sibuk nak tanya2.. So starting last week we’ve been dedicating our Saturdays for this purpose.. Harini pergi survey this one boutique (harini TERbangun lambat, so sempat pergi satu tempat je.. hehe!) that does pelamin and pelamin only, terus jatuh cinta because they can work with what we want, within our budget.. ;) Most likely we’ll be using them, but we want to keep our options open still.. But that place tops our list for now.. Oh happynye! :)

  • Talking about wedding, I am still the not-so-normal girl who doesn’t have any particular dream wedding.. Hmmm… Well ada tu ada, but the 'dream' is built up slowly according with the flow.. (SO? Hmm tiba2 confuse apekah motif point nih... :P)

  • Saya adalah sangat tidak sabar untuk TARA 3 finale next week!! I am definitely rooting for Ida & Tania’s team (though deep inside I’m still wishing if only Henry and Bernie can make it to the top 3.. huhu!).. And as much as I hate Geoff and Tisha, I can’t help it to love them too.. Hehe.. And with that I hope they will score the second place.. And I'm definitely not a fan of Vince and Sam, perasan tak they bring such a bad jinx to the other teams?? Every time they dragged the others to team up with them (and hence being at gain on other people’s expense, sheeshhh) mesti that other team had some problems.. (From my observation) Paling obvious is kerana mereka lah Henry and Bernie terkeluar.. And kerana mereka lah Geoff and Tisha had problems with the cab… EeeEEee geramnye!! (emo.. emo..)

  • (Alamak, nak cakap pasal wedding lagi lah! Please excuse me ye…) Suddenly now I am like SO looking forward to attending people’s wedding because I get to observe around for reference… Hehehe.. Keji I may sound, but of course laaa tujuan utama mesti lahh nak memenuhi jemputan and also to share the joy and happiness of that couple…. ;)

  • Hmm if you must know recently my firm merged with our counterparts in Thailand and to an extend, Vietnam too.. So being in the department that deals with assignments involving cross border transactions, we are naturally opened up to a lot of opportunities working with clients located in those 2 countries.. But ever since the bosses got to know that I am ‘settling down’, somehow my chances got restricted naturally.. Don’t know how and what to feel… Hmm.. Deep down I feel not fair and all, but on a second thought I think perhaps I should be glad that they appear to understand my situation, no? Entah lah… But given a choice, of course I’d love to travel … Lagipun those opportunities bukannye required me to be there for long.. It’s on assignment-by-assignment basis, just like the way the outstation job we do here domestically works.. Oh well, just a thought...

Hmm.. ok lah.. I think that’s all for now.. Till later~*

Thursday, 13 November 2008

The one with... I'd like to...



(no-brainer entry, like obviously).

sigh. till later~*

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The one with.. (my) stress life cycle..

ps. tak reti nak enlarge the picture without affecting the pixel.. *whatever*

Monday, 10 November 2008

The one with.. rimas..

Sigh I never thought it can be so hard, juggling between working and doing wedding preps.

By now I so want to let the world knows, when is THE day but I just cant... yet.

You can plan things as much as you desire, but things won't materialise that easy.. Simply because at the end of the day, you have to rely on external factors. A LOT of them.

Sigh.. Stressnye!

If only I can just quit my job and focus on being a wedding planner of my own.

Dear bosses, yes, I don't do much work today.. Please spare me some slack, I'll make it up later come tomorrow (I hope).. Oh by the way, when will the workloads ever stop mounting up?? :(


Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The one with.. and lets get the journey begins... :)


I don't know whether you know me that well or not, but to me, the thought of having to organise a wedding is kinda.. somehow, bothersome. As far as I am concerned, I am more looking forward towards going through the marriage life itself... not the process of getting married. Ya ya I know people say a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, you should be beyond ecstatic to go through the process..

True. I don’t deny it. Hey are you kidding me, of course I am more-than-words happy to go through the steps in getting married.

If only everything follows my ways, that is.

But you see, reality speaking.. in a real world…when reality can really bites you.. I can’t be getting all that I want, can I..? Boo hoo.. So that’s the main part that has been bothering me all the while.

Until yesterday...

I sat down with Kerol and finally, we have our own wedding checklist now..! *grin* Not entirely a thorough one, but oh well at least, the base is there.. And what do you know, I was, and I am, all excited! And I can’t actually wait to start to walk the talk, and hence start marking the items off my checklist one by one… :) A feeling of which I’ve never thought I would have… :P

But. Knowing myself, my tolerance level towards the differences between reality VS my own expectation is, and can be, very very low. I can easily go bonkers; I think Kerol knows me very well in this respect. So does my family. Heh. To come out with a list yesterday also I contributed to a moment of stress.. My bad!!

So for the upcoming days, I wish for the greatest strength and patience for both of Kerol and myself, come what may… Semoga segala urusan dipermudahkan, amin.

Wish us luck okie!! :)

Oh yeah, before kicking off, I know my reader base is not as large.. but would appreciate it very very much if anyone of you out there can give me a shout and some heads up and some reality smacks on what would be the normal setbacks when it comes to wedding preps.. You know, just so that I can adjust my expectation.. :P Thank u !!!! (To provide me with some useful tips also would be quite good actually.. =))

And YOU.

Farah, Tina, Iyma, Hana, Lynn -- I will definitely bug contact you guys personally for pointers! ;P

Erin, we will have family meeting soon okie!

Alritey, till later~* :)

P.S. tiba2 rasa entry ni poyo tapi lantaklah kan. i so need to get this mixed wedding jittery feelings out of my chest. at least.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

The one with... Monday blues, on Sunday.. huhu..

I stay glued in front of TV the whole evening for Heroes marathon, and now after took my bath thinking that it’s about time to do work (yup I had to bring back homework, sheeshhh!!), I am now finding myself being caught by Channel 105 for it’s Inspirasi P.Ramlee – remake of Madu Tiga show.. Ngaaaaa~~*

How I wish for a longer weekend!!

Went to Ipoh yesterday for Irna’s wedding.. As always, a friend’s wedding has always been a place for a mini reunion with old friends.. :)

My MR$M Taiping's / U1TM's friends..

The newlywed Irna & Yusri - congrats my dear friend! :)

Oya's Che K played the good bf carrying her (nice) handbag.. Awwwww. PDA alert!!!! :D

The must-have pose -- bergambar di 'pintu gerbang'.. :)

With my once-upon-a-time housemate, Irna.. Hmm.. while typing this entry and coming out with this caption, I couldn't help it but feeling how I miss the good old days... *sOb* Now everyone's on their own path, but somehow I'm glad that some of us are still in touch..

With Has's ever cute niece, Lisa.. She's so adorable!

Yusri, Irna & myself..

The friends I grew up with during the uni days..

It's a great, though tiring trip.. But one thing for sure, I ate damn a lot!! Huhu. Thanks to Kerol who dragged me to this place near the dataran Ipoh or something, that serves udang galah in the menu.. But it's very satisfying, no doubt.. :P

OK lah.. I'd better get going.. I have work to do (siGh), I hope I don't have to sleep so late!

Till later~*