Sunday, 5 October 2008

The one with... what month is this already? *wiNk*

My oh my, it's already October... Soon, it's gonna be the end of 2008... time really flies huh? (Duh, what kind of lame statement is this?? :P)

Anyhow, how's your Raya been so far? I know I know today's Sunday already, tomorrow most of us (if not all) will be back to work, but hey lets try not to focus on that k...

I went out with Kerol yesterday, we went to One Utama just for the fun of it.. As awkward as this may sound, somehow I did feel this little excitement feelings inside me when I was getting myself ready to meet him.. It was like as if I haven't been meeting him for so long... Haha.. :P

So anyway we went there, and had such a great day ourselves.. We took a stroll around the mall hopping from one outlet to another, had a very nice (heart-to-heart) chat over our delicious meal at Sushi Groove, and enjoyed ourselves watching Mamma Mia… Ah, perfect! :)

We then made our move to Abby’s house to do the Raya visit, meeting up with my best girlfriends Alin & Dayana as well…

I had such a great time talking and laughing with them, and the fun continued with Alin & Dayana crashing my house afterwards.. They stayed at my house for a while and we did what we girls do best -- gossiping and discussing about almost everything especially when it comes to the matter of the (precious & fragile) heart! Oh isn’t life full of dramas? And yeah, what’s life without the presence of great girlfriends?! ;) After the much needed moment with me girlfriends, we finally kissed goodbyes at the wee hours of 2 in the morning…

And today, here I am hanging out at Starbucks in GE Mall... enjoying my vanilla latte while surfing the net, and again... meeting up with my girlfriends :) Oh and Tina is coming too as well...

Hmm.. Alin & Dayana have gone for a while to check out some stuff, so I am left alone now.. And therefore taking the opportunity to write something here.. *wink*

This coming 21st October, marks my 3rd year anniversary with Kerol... and his 26th birthday too... I haven't planned yet on how to celebrate these 2 important occasions, but one thing for sure….. we are actually getting…. ENGAGED!!!! :)

After keeping this under the (very) low radar for quite a while, finally.. I am like SO ready to spill the beans ;P I mean, it is just about the right time to spread the joy... =)

I want to write more, but really I have to go.. Huhu.. The girls are here already.. So sorry, I don't mean to kill the moment.. But I will continue this later...SOON, I promise k!

As for now, please pray that everything will go on just fine ya...

Till later~*

p/s.. How am I feeling? Oh yes, I am like so definitely thrilled... but at the same time, excited! =) The date is going to be on 19 October 2008, and that's like another 2 weeks to come!! Weeeeeeee...


  1. lilia.. tahniah.. dah boleh agak dah pasal ni on your birthay celebration... anyway, congratulation again...

  2. i'm happy for u...felicitation!
    so agak2 when is the D day?? u better plan it when i'm around!!

  3. uishh!!!

    kamuu udah mahu tunang yaa... dengan sapa??? dengan itu kerol kaa???

  4. sib baik i byk baju biru ..... u nak biru apa? biru laut? biru turqoise? biru baju pengawas? name it. hehe

    cant wait too ;)

  5. kak's biru turqoise...!eh biru laut pun ade...ala..tak kisah...janji biru!!

  6. fauzana,

    hehehe thanks!! ko bile lagi? dah siap beraya rumah masing2 dah tu?? :)


    thank you! :) hmm about the D day tuh... well, it'll be more -- you better be around when i plan it!!! ;)


    aihhhh tak cukup busybody lah kamu ini if you don't know to who i am getting engaged with.. doink~!

    joe mamma mia!,

    i know! thank you :)


    hehehe thanks hot mama! :)

    farah bile nak jadik mama?,

    pakai je ape2 yang ade kaler biru, as long as tak overshadow aku! :)

    erin adikku,

    yep, tak kesah laaa janji biru..!

  7. xpe aku jadik mama miang dulu ..

  8. frh miang,

    hahaha duh.. silakan.


    thanks! :)

  9. Im sooo happy for you!!!

    The big news so far!!! hmm i still remember our the teen girls at the school domitory...growing up together.we were always wondering who'd we end up with n when....

    so lilia dearie, u've gotten ur answer :).im am just too happy for you sweetheart! :))))

    wishing everything to go prettily and smoothly for such a nice and beautiful couple...Lilia & Kerol!

    Big hugs and many litle little kisses for the bride-to-be :)

    p/s : dont get panicky all over babe.yg penting niat kena betul, hati mau ikhlas maaa...u've tried ur best to make everything work n leave the rest to God Almighty :)