Sunday, 12 October 2008

The one with... one week..i.e. 7 days..i.e. SOON!

... and here I am, having a panic attack.

Long story short, baju tak siap lagi!!!! :(

Damn it you tailor.

I am like so freaking scared now. And sad. And mad. And.. And.. restless!

I'll be in Melaka for 2 days come this coming week, and rest assured will be busy for the rest of the remaining 3 days...

sigh. sigh. sigh.

I SO want to not to sweat over small stuff. But this stuff is definitely FAR from SMALL!!




  1. waa...mesti berdebar-debar.hang on there.many congrats ya.

  2. frh nak dtg kau tunangOctober 13, 2008 8:39 am

    loh .. baju xsiap lg meh ...

    last year time aku tunang, nk tunang sabtu lps zohor, jumaat tu keje sampai mlm lg. sabtu pagi tolong mak aku kt dapor masak lg. pkl 12 mak andam dah sampai nk mekap baru nak mandi. haha.

    xpe .. make urself bz bia xnervous .. but make sure ur baju is done babe :)

  3. eh lilia, am i late to wish you congrats? bad me! CONGRATS GIRL!!! Welcome to the club.. hahhaha!

  4. lilia...

    congratulations......walau lama tak jumpa..but aku still ingt kawan2 lama...hahaha.....


    kalau bj ko tak siap gak...aku tolong ko bom kedai tuh..miahahaha...

  5. relax lilia.. *hugs* everything will be fine..

  6. Congrats my fren. Jgn gabra. Rilek-rilek sajer.Chill kay.

    So happy for you, fren.

  7. hi korang sume -- kak zu, farah, joe, ayu, wan hasmat, liza & ziez..,

    thank you so much for the thoughtful response & wishes.. :) the event went well, at least to our expectation. will update soon ok?