Thursday, 30 October 2008

The one with.. of here and there.

Hello mello. I am like so busy at work yo! Mojo oooo mojooooo!

(Hey, it rhymes!! Big deal, sheesh…*eyes rolling*)

Anyway. On the personal life front -- it has never been better.. :)

Working life wise, I guess the people around is having love-hate feelings towards me.

Oh yeah, and so do I, trust me.

It seems like everyone including myself hates me for being so meticulous. and so detailed. To the bosses, I tend to take some time to complete my tasks. To the juniors, my review comments are very irritatingly demanding. A sentence without a full stop also is like an eye-sore to me. Let alone the main substance. Reviewing a report can really drives me crazy! Why oh yeah, I can be that particular.


Everyone also (again including me) have just got to love me for being so meticulous. and detailed. To the bosses, my work is of an acceptable quality (throughout my years here I’ve never been satisfied with my work, well more like I’ve never had the right confidence level to be proud of them -- so I reckon it’s about time, I definitely deserve it enough said thank you very much). To the juniors, I’m doing them a favour -- more often than not I’ll amend their work myself.

I.freaking.hate.this.situation. Oh well, I am born perfectionist and I am not sorry for that.

Is it ridiculous to call it quit just because I can’t bring myself to cope up with the ever mounting responsibilities? What kind of person I am then if I were to choose to steer clear from opportunities? What kind of person it would make me if I don’t want to continue climbing up the ladder?

Hmm.. Let me guess, stupid?


That’s that. I don’t have the answer just yet.

Before I end, here are some random pictures taken during the recent long yet very hectic weekend of mine.

Welcoming Maya Arissa to the world :)

She's oh so adorably cute!! Let's congratulate my dearest friends Famie & Muni ya.. :) Am so happy for them!!

My youngest brother is sitting for SPM soon. And his school has had a graduation ceremony held for them already.

And hey he had his picture taken with a girl!! How.overwhelming. *griN* You know what I mean, my brother is a grown up already, I can't actually quite believe it!! Huhu.. :P

Alip had just turned 5 last Monday.

I seriously have no idea there's a cartoon called Ben10. Haihhh. On another related note, Alip is still the cute boy he is! :)

There were some more activities, but no pictures were taken. Like the activity of mengecat rumah Acap & Hana bersama rakan2 Gombak pada hari Sabtu pagi, and also attending open house of Kerol's aunty on Saturday night whereby I was constantly introduced as, "haaa.. yang ni la orangnye.. yadda yadda yadda.." Huhu! *smiling sheepishLy*

Eh out of curiousity (and innocence :P),

  • How do you address your fiancé's relatives eh? Like would you call her 'Mak Long' as 'Mak Long' just the way he does, or you'll just address her in general merely as 'aunty'?

  • And now that I'm engaged, when I shake hand greeting the fiancé's mom, by now should I be kissing her hand out of respect already? Or is it too much too soon?? Huhu. Like, seriously? Cause I still don't you see.

Hmm, it depends eh? Sheesh, I thought so too lah..! iSk~*

OK lah.. Till later k..


  1. Oh, the baby's soooo cute!!

    Anyway, don't know la about you kan, but as for me, any older people, i will always cium tangan.. doesn't matter if it's the fiance's mother (not that i have one.. LOL!) or my mom's friend ke, or someone i just met. but it depends jugak the person camana cos sometimes even if kita tunduk nak cium tangan pun dia tak suka and cepat2 tarik tangan.. :D

  2. Babe,

    Cium tangan ker tidak kan? Always a dilemma, rite?

    In my opinion, for Kerol's mom, tak salah u cium tangan sebab dier bakal mak mentua you.

    As for me, I cuma cium tangan my parents and "his" parents and "his" orang tua perempuan sahaja. Yang lelaki, idok la (kalao sedara).

    Yang lain, I just salam sahaja. And also, for my family yang tua nie...I cium those yang I respect sahaja. Yang I menyampah tuh, I salam, tapi tak la cium. Ha ha ha...

  3. joe,

    abo? *iSk*


    hi!! :)

    kan, so cute kan?

    anyway, hmm.. i don't normally salam cium tangan of the older people. cuma takat buat macam tunduk hormat tu sket.. coz rase macam over plak if nak cium. so does when it comes to the fiancé''s mom.. huhu. konfius konfius.

    oh from a glance that's such a nice page u have there, haven't got the chance to go through. will do nanti k! :)


    tu laaaa... sangat dalam dilemma.. huhu.. :P so it's normal to have this confusion aite? i am not thinking too much aite?? ;)

    hmm i'll let the flow to take its course.. huhu.

  4. aku rasa kan, ko patut la cium tgn ur fiance's mom..wei, bakal mak mertua tu..masa sarung cincin salam cium tgn kan? kan? kan? so, teruskan lar..
    i think we should learn from now..sbb kalau dah kawen baru nak start buat, lg rasa awkward..

    erm, panggil makcik jer kat sumer mak sedara dia..unless she said "eh, just call me mak long, mak ngah, mak lang..bla..bla..bla.." dont think too much..just be yourself..and i'm sure everybody will love u..
    (berckp melalui pengalaman..kehkehkeh)

    oh, aku sgt suka mengomen di blog kamu skrg..aku mohon mahap! :P

  5. iyma,

    oh ye ke.. kene start cium tangan dah ker? huhu.. aku segan ler. selama ni tak cium alih2 cium kang kot ibu dia terkejut kang.. huhu..

    anyway, baiklah. nanti akan aku start praktis supaya tidak berasa awkward di kemudian hari.. :) thanks so much for the words of encouragement!

    hmm tu lah kan. i'll start with a generic way of calling the uncles and aunties, unless being asked otherwise. and yeah i will of course definitely be myself. but as to whether everyone will love me or not, errr that i'm not sure.. :P huhu.. aku adalah tiada ciri2 wanita melayu terakhir. hoho.

    oh iyma aku adalah suka kamu mengomen banyak2. ala2 memberi semangat untuk aku mengupdate blog. *hint*hint*


  6. aku rasa xkire kalau org tua mana pn kene cium tangan .. sbb org tua kan. lg plak kalo bakal mak mentua, tu kau mmg kene ciom abis, kalau pakai lipstik biar ada kesan lipstik kat tgn dia, kalau xde lipstik air liur pon jadik la. asalkan ada bukti. gagaga

    gud luck

  7. farah,

    hahahaha budus.

    anyway aku memang jenis tak cium tangan orang tua.. like i said earlier, aku just akan cam tunduk sket macam hormat macam tu...

    and yeah, all the best to me.. coz am gonna put it into practice real soon in the next meeting with her.. :P