Thursday, 9 October 2008

The one with... in all seriousness, I am in need of help..

Before I begin, to touch base about the day, can you imagine it's exactly 10 days more to go?? Like, I can now use my two bare hands to countdown to that day, for real.. *whoaa...* =)


The title kinda says it all. In all seriousness, I need to seek for an advice.

I wouldn't be bothered to explain the story behind it, but to make it short -- due to some miscommunications between me and me daddy, I’ve kinda missed my dues to pay this year’s zakat fitrah.. I know I know it’s bloody keji shame on me but that's what had happened. Please don’t be so quick to judge. If you must know, I am truly deeply regretted on my own carelessness.

So now I am not sure on what denda I have to do, in addition to bertaubat and pledge not to repeat the stupid mistake ever again.

I sms-ed my mom yesterday from office:

“Ma, mama tau tak apa denda ek kalau terlupa nak bayar zakat fitrah? Kalau tak ganti puasa kita kena replace that puasa, and bayar fidyah. Kalau tak bayar zakat pulak macamane ek?”

To which she replied,

“Entah.. Yang mama tau, dendanya berdosa..”

Fineeeeeeeeee. Very helpful indeed.

“Alaaa mama ni.. Itu budak kecik pun tauuu.. sheeshhhh. Mama tolong find out kan boleh? Masa pergi surau nanti ke? Or masa pergi kelas mengaji ke? Thanks!”

So yeah, I need your opinion on this please. How howwww?? What do I need to do exactly ya?? :(


  1. i used to think that dads are supposed to pay for zakat fitrah for unmarried daughters, and husbands have to pay for wives... but apparently, this year's Ramadhan, i was told that if the daughters are working, the zakat should be paid by themselves, not the dads... so, your miscommunication is completely understandable...

    on the penalty, um... you can try calling Pusat Pungutan Zakat Wilayah Persekutuan... because i think they have some kind of calculation... on how much you have to pay and to choose to give rice or cash... or try the FAQ section at the website...

  2. i dah kawen tau ...October 09, 2008 6:00 pm

    aahhh .. setau aku pn mcm tu .. dads hv to pay for unmarried daughters .. tp ada org kata kalau dah kene keje kene baya sendiri .. im not sure. last year bapak aku bayarkan aku lg (dgn selamba aku ingatkan dia)

    skang lg laa xamik tau sbb gua dah berlaki. haha ;)

    xpe lia, next year kau xperlu risau lg!!

  3. macam best je count down tu kan...rase thrilled semacam jer hehehe

    tp sori xleh nk tolong on dat zakat thingy...saya x tauler hehehe anyway oya's suggestion is the best...better refer trus to the experts...kalau tanye2 byk dalil-dalilnya

  4. hehehe....bile kite dh keje memg kena byr sendiri..sepatutnya la...sebab zakat fitrah ni dikira sebagai zakat harta pencarian...lagi afdal kalau tak silap byr di tempat@negeri di mana kite bekerja....

    denda if not mistaken...kena byr denda....cuma berapa aku tak ingt..nanti aku try tanyekan ustaz2 yg ade....hope aku ingt...fac aku ni agak jauh sket ngan fac islamic studies...ape2 pn..aku try eh lia....

  5. It's ok. Just be mindful that you have to pay the zakat in the following years. It doesn't mean that if you're working, then you have to pay on your own. It's the person responsible on you (in this case should be your dad and if you're married, it's suppose to be your hubby) is suppose to pay for it. If that person is unable (no income, etc) then you have to pay on your own. On top of that, there are a lot of other zakats which you may need to pay. Zakat emas, zakat pendapatan, zakat wang simpanan. Read on those parts. Increase your knowledge.
    Plus, as a muslim, don't forget to perform your prayer as well. I'm also a Muslim, so it's my duty to remind the others as well.
    Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. Good luck on your engagement!

  6. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,.....1!!!!
    i wana countdown u as well laa lia!!!
    feelind soooo excited for u!!!!

    as for the zakat, hmmm, i agreed with ur mom... dapat DOSA laaa...hehehe...

    i dun tink the penalty is that big or u committed a big sin as u totally forgot about it which means it is unintentionally... dun worry too much...

    u worry too much laa dear fren... and u tink too much too...

    cant wait to see u again..


  7. ms. oy@

    yeah, that's what I thought too.. i've been paying on my own for the past 4 years, God knows how this time around the miscomm. came about.. siGh.

    anyway, i've googled for the FAQ.. roughly i know what to be done. but still, there's confusion here and there.

    guess calling the Pusat Pungutan Zakat WP is better after all.


  8. cis berlagak betul si puan miang ini..,

    itu lah kan. ade yang kata anak pompuan is still under the responsibility of the dad even dah working.

    whatever it is, yeah you are right.. next yr no more confusion! heh. ;p


    heheh tu lah.. memang thrilled. lia rase macam lia ni terlebih over excited. tapi nasib la kan, memang thats what i feel! ;)

    wan hasmat,

    hi!!! hmm thanks eh.. itu lah kalau dapat tolong konfemkan, that'd be great... :)

  9. anonymous,

    hi, thanks for the words of advice. normally ever since i started working i've been paying on my own. for some reasons this year came the confusion, hence the miscomm.

    anyway, when it comes to knowledge, as far as the religion is concerned, i'm scared to ber ilmu kan readings. scared i confuse myself. however, you are right, we should keep on equip ourselves with knowledge about our own religion. and that, i do via various ways, not readings alone.

    thanks for the reminder! and keep on reading ya! :)

  10. cik seben dearie,

    thanks dear... uwaaa am alone in starbucks now... how are you in terengganu??? ;)

    see u next week!!!

    countdown jangan tak countdown okie!! xoxo.

  11. kerol ade remind ko tak? kalo x biar aku basuh diee.. haha

    hmm bertaubat nasuha laa kot.. iaitu menyesal dgn sepenuh hati, janji x ulang lg dan berdoa memohon keampunan..