Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The one with... the details bit... YES! ;)

- The hantaran (from my side) -

Sirih junjung

Pulut kuning + rendang + telur burung puyuh


Blue shirt

Fresh fruits

Fondant cake (before deco)

Ferrero roche

- The hantaran (from his side *tak sempat nak took the pictures when they are in the nice gold-ish boxes*) -

Sirih junjung

Bekas cincin

Telekung (oppss ade rerama biru sesat :P)


Pastries (dengan bakul2 skali buleh dimakan)

- The setting -

The living hall after removing all the furniture

THE place for me to sit :)

The staircase (simple saje! but sweet, I like..)

- The behind the scenes -

My sister Erin doing the last minute deco on the hantaran.. I am so lucky to have her as my sister. Love you sis!!

Erin's friends (especially those on the right & left to Erin) who have helped a lot, I owe them big time!

- The before & after -

Mata lebam kerana banyak menangis pre-engagement -- work stress & esp pasal baju.. *drama drama..* haishh. :P

Ada orang kata agak over for an engagement.. Well, perhaps on the eyes area, a bit too much ey?

- The families -

Lovely Erin

Dearest Mama & Papa

Families from both Mama's and Papa's sides -- opah, the cousins, uncles & aunties.

- The missing in action -

Things would have been even merrier if Liana & Ajim were there!! *iSk*

Even she wasn't there, but at least Alin came way in advance.. :) Oh and Tazz couldn't make it too. Takpe lah, at least she had the valid reasons.. So I'm cool with it.. ;)

- The in-action -


- The crowd -

Me officemates (missing Parveen & Anushia!! *sOb*)

Oya & Muni the Mak buyong ;p She's about to deliver her baby anytime soON~!

Erin & her boyf Faiz

Some of our Gombak friends.. (p.s. Hana, nak gambar dengan kau, Acap, Azidi, Lynn, Khaleel, Pae & Ezal!)

My bestie Dayana & Kerol's bestie Nikman.. :)

Narqes the bakal Mak buyong & Kunut

Fahmie the Pak buyong with Mak buyong

- The extras -

Flowers from my dearest Parveen & her hubby Ryan.. such a sweet friend isn't she?? isk, sangat terharu..

Flowers from my best girlfriends ever! isk, terharu jugak.. (Dayana, tulisan kau sangat tidak berubah ye!! hehe)

- The appreciation -

Nice cuppies in vanilla & chocolate flavours, in blue (to represent my side) and orange-ish (to represent Kerol's side) from Daalia :)

- The happy faces :) -


So there you go.. Some of the pictures I have in my camera. A lot are not here, especially..

  • the pictures of me with my besties - Farah the Mak buyong also (sheesshh can you count how many time I mentioned Mak buyong in this entry?? hehehe), Oya, Dayana, Abby, Roxie, & Tina the Mak buyong jugak... ;P -- who came way earlier to accompany me.. ohhh thanks so much girls!!

  • the pictures with Kerol's families,

  • the pictures of the crowd outside the house, and the food,

  • the picture during THE moment when Kerol's mom inserting the ring into my finger ;)

  • the pictures with Acap, Hana, Azidi, Pae, Ezal, Lynn the Mak buyong & Khaleel,

  • and so many more lah!

Hmm.. All in all, I am pleased with the whole event. Yes there were hiccups here and there -- well that's normal, nothing is perfect in this world aite; but everything went on just smooth sailing.. Alhamdulillah..

So that's all I have now. Moving on back to the normal life shall we? :)

Till later~*

p.s. I hope you don't view this as an entry to brag okie? It's merely for my remembrance sake, hey people don't get engaged every so often!


  1. Lilia,

    Thanks so much for the order. Really glad to hear that your family love the cuppies... was it you that came out the night that I delivered the cuppies to you ? Sorry I tak keluar dari kereta, sebab ngantuk sangat, so my Hubby and son yang hantar boxes ke dalam rumah


  2. tahniah lia...u look so happy, and gorgeous too! :)

  3. congratulations!

    cantiknye mekap!

    i wish u everlasting hapiness.amin

  4. kamu sgt cantik! :)
    and suddenly i feel blue is nice. :)

  5. yup, blue is always looks gud on u. walaupon kau ialah kawan aku yg ke3 bertunang using this colour.

    hantaran & setting semuanya canthek-chanteks. owh bertuah betul dpt adik mcm erin. kau kene fikir dr skrg balasan utk hari dia. haha.

    manader over?! ok laa tu. yg penting anda kelihatan chantique

    hari ni jugak aku akan upload gamba aku sendiri. ;)

  6. Daalia,

    Thank for being so attentive to my order request, I hope I wasn't bugging you too much throughout the whole query for quotation until delivery time ;P

    A'ah, I was the one who came out that night..

    Dalie daling,

    Hehee thank you thank you.. I'm sure you just knew how's the feelings like aite.. =)

    n a d i r a,

    Hi there! thanks.. it was done by this one person named Kak Shaz.. :)


    Thanks niesa... :)*aminnnn*


    oh iyma.. terima kasih... *bLushinG*

    and yeah, that's why i like blue so much! ;)


    thanks farah for all that you've done, the support meant a lot to me :) and also for the comforting comments..

    huhu tatau aku cemane nk prepare time erin nanti.. *iSk*

    sile la hapdet secepat mungkin dong!!

  7. lia....
    more pics...more pics... :)

    the way you put it all is sooooo sweeeeettttt... mana ada braggin' pun, if ada pun, apa salahnya... its UR ENGAGEMENT DAY!!! :)

    congratulations again... n really am happy for u & kerol!!!


  8. Nice pictures lia. I totally agree with dayana, It's ur special day. U deserve it!!!

    Bila tarikh kahwen nyer? Jgn lupa jemput kay...

  9. 22, 2008 11:25 am

    eh lupe. i didnt get the door gifts :( :( :(

  10. thanks lilia for the compliments.... hehe ... congratulations .... engagement pun nampak meriah habis tu .... meriah sungguh macam wedding .... you looks sooo happy, and beautiful !!! nanti jangan lupa order lagi kat saya ek bila u nak kawin nanti ..... cuppies and fondant set pun boleh ... ooopppsss.... ter-advertise la pulak kat sini... hope u don't mind ek.... sorrry ....

  11. seben,

    hehehe.. itu lah.. nak kene tunggu from abby & also from rozek the photographer pulak after this. itu lah, lenkali sile beli kamera :)

    thank u dear, you've always been the nice & supportive friend of mine.. luv ya!!!



    hehehe thanks zie..

    the W day akan di announce later... :) don't worry you are in the guest list! ;)

    farah bucuk bucuk comey,

    as per my sms, i am truly deeply sorry ok, didn't know that you didn't get the cuppies... *iSk* it was really unintentional...


    thanks daalia, hehe..

    takpe takpe, sile advertise :)

    and if you managed to took the pictures of my cuppies, do put up in your blog ya?

  12. lilia.. congaratulation!!! you're so gorgeous in blue... and erin is so creative and brilliant when it comes to hantaran thingy..(lucky you!!!)

  13. sorry for much delay. I'll upload it on facebook the latest by tonight. haven't been updating my blog for 2 weeks now, thats how occupied (pemalas) I am.

    It was a blissful and wonderful event, don't apologise not even a small ink. You looked gorgeous, the whole ceremony went flawless and my best wishes for you and Krol always. :-)

  14. fauzana,

    ohhh thank you thank you :) *maLu*

    and yeah, sangat tatau ape nak buat ye if come the time erin is getting engaged pulak... huhu.. but anyway, yeah i am so lucky to have such a darling sister!


    its OK abby, take your time. lemme know once you've done with the editing & uploading k? =)

    and babe, thanks for the well wishes... xoxo.

  15. lilia..

    congratulations for the engagement....aku berhasrat ke sana even ko tak jemput pun.muahaha....sebab aku tahu..kwn2 ramai ke sana but yet...

    kena jadi fasilitator....cittt....

    ko sgt cantikkkkk......comel jer hantarans....sweet.....

    kawen jgn lupa jemput k...

    congrates again.....

  16. thank u friend..! :)

    nasib baik ko ckp ko ade hal, else aku hempuk ko for not coming eventhough you knew it was my engagement day..

    ape2 pun sorry for not inviting k! rest assured, i will sure do for the W day! :)

  17. hello. hopping from ayu's page. reading a nice happy entry makes me grinning all the way here ;)

    i hv frens who put the details of their E-day and W-day, but i never ever portray it as bragging. we are entitle to one kan anyhow?

    congratz again :P

    ps: abby tu my uitm fren. regards to her eh.

  18. u look very pretty, mana ada over.. & congratulations once again!

  19. syeda,

    hi there! :)

    hehehe yeah it was indeed a happy entry of mine =)

    btw, thanks for drop by ya. will let abby knows.


    thanks dear.. :)

  20. one of ur silent gettng engaged,tp still byk xsetel...just nk tau,spe yg makeup..kalu ade contact,bley bg x..if bley,email kt ek..n anak tudung yg u pkai tu,jenis yg keras tu ek..i xtau nk pkai.,kang xpsal2 jd ape,ur engagemnt mmg cantik..i can say,perfecto...congrats again...

  21. nor,

    hi there.. am so flattered by your comment, really :) thanks so much..

    i will email you the details eh about the tudung and make up.

    oh ya, congrats.. and all the best for your upcoming engagement!

  22. Please take note on the following:
    - Your make up makes your face looks oily. Try to arrange for a good base/foundation etc. Try to ask the make up artist to make yourself looks a bit "berseri". You didnt look that cheerful during your engagement.

    - Your eyes are big enough, so do not pay too much attention on that part, otherwise your face looks a lil bit "garang".

    - Do not let your family members wear exactly the same color as yourself. U will be a bit tenggelam, like your engagement, cant really see that you are the main person. Maybe ask them to wear something darker than your dress or vice versa.

    - Make sure that your hand bouquet - the flower is not "too big". Bouquet of roses are nice but if you want some other flowers, choose something that is a bit smaller than your engagement flowers.

    - Lastly, smile nicely & "bersungguh-sungguh". Dont fake your smile.

    Good luck menempuh alam perkahwinan.

  23. si anonymous whoever you are lah kan,

    please take note that for my W day,

    - i definitely will be cheerful, the same way i was during my E day.

    - i'm using the same make-up artist.

    - look garang or not, that's the same face i'm gonna 'wear'.

    - family members are going to wear the same colour theme with me.

    - hand bouquet not sure yet, maybe big maybe not.

    - i will definitely smile the way i did during my E day.

    so deal with it.

    i mean.. come on.. siapa yang tak cheerful during such a memorable event? and siapa yang will fake her smile during such event too??? goodness.

    i hope i don't know you vice versa, hence the judgement you had on me.

    i do acknowledge that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.. so the way you see me on my E day as compared to the way many other people see me, i choose to value the others' comments.

    with that, thank you very much.