Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The one with... the details bit... NOT.

Sheessshhh I so want to use up my lunch time updating the details bit about my engagement but the network apparently is undergoing some PMS moments.. bugger!

Later perhaps?

P.S. I don't know why but I couldn't help it from feeling upset with these 2 guy friends of mine, who somehow didn't bother to respond to my invitation. I mean, fine, I don't invite EVERYONE in the whole wide world for it was only a small occasion to start off with (mind you I sure do will extend the invitation to a larger crowd for the Big day later, of course) but for a fact that I picked to invite these 2 friends, for sure it meant something aite. Oh well, maybe I'm the only one who treasures the friendship. Now I know. Yeah so I am such an emo person. Now you know.


  1. ala..i want moooore! ;P

  2. hehehe udah update dahhh.. semata2 karena kau... *cewaH* ;)

  3. lia...
    i know bout the one guy...
    who is the other one??


  4. Lia,

    Sometimes friend ynag cenggini, abaikan sajer. No point la sakit hati pasal depa. They are at the losing end, not you laling...

  5. seben,

    hmm you don't know the other one, it's my taiping's friend.. huhu.


    thanks dear for the words of comfort :)