Thursday, 30 October 2008

The one with... and so the "pressure" begins... ;)

Dearest Oya, thanks so much !!! :) What can I say, great mind thinks alike *wink*wink*

Had a great time with Oya just now at KLCC.. (How come I didn't know they have Sakae Sushi opened in KLCC already?! Dang, should have gone there instead of the one in Pavillion the other day..). So anyway, both Oya and I had our cravings for sushi & sashimi satisfied during dinner, and we had so much fun catching up with each other's life.. Nice!

OK lah.. TARA 3 re-run is starting soon. Till later~*


  1. Updated.

    Ngaaaaaaaaa henry & bernie got eliminated????!!!!! sheeeeeshhhh. so bloody hard to believe!! iSk.

  2. ceh..tgk TARA pon emo.. :P

    Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus was a very great book!!

  3. Glad u like the gift =)
    Tak layan TARA, so x leh join...

  4. I was disappointed too Lia.

    I dun like Geoff & Tisha. Hopefully they get eliminated next week.

    But, suddenly I like Ida & Tania. So positive.

  5. a ah.
    henry & bernie dah kuar.!
    aku tgk smalam.
    ko takde.
    mama pun takde.

  6. eih!!!
    lepak ngan kak oya tak ajak aku!

  7. iyma,

    ouuuuhhh ko tak kenal aku eh.. aku memang akan emo bile tengok tv :P

    itu lah, i've seen it having a good review in the mags and also via words from the street.. definitely will read the book, and will make the fiance read too.. :D

    ms. 0y@,

    r u kidding me? i LOVE the gift ok!! =)

    am sure if you have astro you would have layan-ed tara, and hence be equally emo too.. hehe.


    kan? i pun keciwa jugak.

    but don't know why for what reasons i secretly like that Geoff & Tisha.. they're like Rob and Amber -- the couple you'll have love hate feelings. heh.

    anyway, i'm rooting for ida & tania nevertheless. for the obvious reason.

  8. ~LindziAzreen~

    nasib baik aku tak terserempak ngan ko.. ko bgtau mama eh bernie & henry keluar? heh mama hampir bgtau aku.. sempat aku jerit kasik jangan bgtau, heh.

    sape suh ko tengok prime time show.. kalau tunggu kol 12 mesti ko dapat tengok ngan aku & mama :)

    kan ke ko semlm ade deeparaya open houseeeeee. =)