Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The one with... 21 October 2008 ;)

So yesterday marks Kerol's 26th birthday... which also meant, our 3rd year anniversary too! =)

As compared to last year, we didn't have any fancy plans to celebrate these 2 significant occasions this year as we were so busy with the pre-engagement preps. Well, not that there were a lot to do, I know.. But in terms of ka-ching, of course to some extend it was very much affected too.. Huhu.

So for the anniversary, being engaged to one another is our way of celebrating it.. ;)

Hmm, that’s that.

But it was up to me then, on how to celebrate his birthday.. *haishh :P* So in view of the time constraint, I’ve told Kerol that we’ll just go for a dinner together.. and he seems to be fine with it.. Heh.. Nasib baik kan, guys just being guys, they are not really fussy about all this celebration thingy.. (yes? no?)..

Well without him knowing it, I’ve actually arranged for a surprise birthday gift delivery to his office :) It’s a last minute thing (I've arranged for it on the day itself, that last minute ok! But thank God everything was do-able according to my request.. *wink*)

BUT. Sangat susah ok untuk meng surprise kan someone yang tak tentu masa nya kejap kat office kejap kat customers’ sites.. sheeeshhh~!! So long story short, Kerol was not in office yesterday, so I had to request for the delivery to be made today instead, morning time.

Anyhow. Coming back to the dinner story.

After much discussion, we’ve agreed to have dinner at my favourite Sakae Sushi in Pavillion.. Hahaha. Yup. His birthday. My favourite meal. :P Tapi kan.. Sangat bitchy ok the traffic yesterday!! It took me 1.5 freaking hours to reach Pavillion… :( Dah rasa bersalah sangat kat Kerol.. So when I reached the car park, I quickly called Sakae Sushi to ask whether do they provide any birthday celebration type of services or not.. They said no. And I even asked, what if it’s upon request. No also. Huhu… The guilt has got all over me by then.. *iSk*.

I mean come on, to him, dah la takde birthday present.. Takde birthday card pulak tuh.. And I was late for the dinner some more… Uishh if it was me, I’m not sure how not to merajok… (Haha).

But I must thank him, he was being quite understanding.. though he did memuncungkan mulut dan menyeyapkan diri in the beginning, despite my constant pujukans dan rayuans dan mintak maafans… ;P

Oh well.

All in all, we had such a nice outing together yesterday night… =) *pHew*

After reaching home and settling down, before we said our goodnights, I did make sure that he’s really coming to office today in the morning. And this morning, I did wake him up some more to make sure he’s early for office. Coz otherwise normally if he can’t make it on time, he’ll just go to the customers’ sites first.

I woke up at 7am, and gave him a wake up call at 7.30am.

Just to make sure that he woke up early. to get ready. to go office. IN THE MORNING.

Basically yeah, just to remind him that he’s going to office in the morning. Huhu.

Who knows, hamba Allah ni boleh pulak rupenye sambung tidur balik sampai taktau pukul berapa because after realising he didn’t sms me nor call me by 10am, I sms-ed him, only to find out that he’s on the way to Shah Alam..

“Kata nak masuk office pagi??” [member mesti konfius apehal plak nak kesah sangat kan masuk ofis pagi ke petang ke tak masuk langsung ke kan.. :P]

“Change of plan.. yadda yadda yadda..”

Alaaaaaa.. *sNiff*. Looks like the plan to surprise him while he’s around in office tak jadi nampaknya…

But still. At least the surprise element was actually still there, cause the moment he stepped into office after lunch time, he was called by his receptionist to pick up his ‘parcel’…

And my he was so surprised, and happy.. and that made me happy too! :) hehehe.

So what did I send him?

It’s via this online florist, they have an array of items to be sent as gifts -- all sorted according to occasion, and according ‘for him’ or ‘for her’. Basically there are flowers, food (such as cakes & chocolates) and others (such as office stationeries, soft toys and such).

Initially I wanted to give him a birthday cake with flowers. But come to think of it, flowers macam akan menghilangkan standard ke-macho-an dia di office. So I thought I'll send him a birthday cake and chocolates instead. But then I wasn’t sure whether he’ll be in office or not when the cake is delivered to him. So in the end, I am happy to send him just chocolates and a teddy bear! Yeayyy… It has been my wish to give him a teddy bear, and now it’s the right timing.. :)

I was contemplating between these two options:

These two seems to be the most appropriate ones to give for a guy, the rest are those real teddy bears like looking. Anyway, I finally settled with the one in brown colour, for the white one doesn’t seem to look suitable for a guy. Plus, it’ll get dirty easily.

And I picked this chocolate for him.

And the outcome?

Hehehe.. Who knows, the soft & cuddly gingerbread man is quite big.. and it was delivered in a transparent wrapper.. =)

Yeay, he's happy.. Am happy... *smiLing*

So now I can work in peace knowing that my plan to surprise him is, to some extend, menjadi.. *gRin*

Hmm.. to my dearest fiancé -- happy 26th birthday and happy 3rd anniversary!! xoxo.. =) I hope I didn't embarass you with the surprise gifts ya.. *wink*

Alritey, till later~*

p.s.#1 - oh I must thank Muni for giving me the link to the url of the online florist.. :)
p.s.#2 - adakah entry ini berbaur PDA? (that's public display of affection). Tak kan? :P


  1. frh si perempuan jugakOctober 22, 2008 5:16 pm

    haih. inilah perempuan. kau dpt cincin, dia..? (saiko)

    haih. inilah perempuan. befday dia, but dinner at ur favourite place.

    haih. inilah perempuan. xde idea nk bg apa since its a delivery gift. bear pon jadi la, anyhow it still comes back to u. haha.

    but still, everybody loves surprises ;)

  2. farah ko ni anti perempuan ke pro perempuan?? ceh :P,

    haish. aku dapat cincin, dia dapat aku.. :)

    haish. dinner at my favourite place means indirectly his favourite place too. otherwise takkan dia leh nak makan kat situ kan? :)

    haish. bukan takde idea, takde fulus dowh... the idea of giving a bear was not simply made for a gift sake ok, i mean, sweet kan for a guy dapat bear? and i'll make sure he brings it to sleep :)

    yeah, that's the whole idea. surprises to make up the day! :)

  3. oh kiut dan schweet nyer...

    p/s: ok, i dunno why kali ni TAK terasa nk muntah darah reading the PDA stuff

  4. x kira, nak bitau jgk!! ;P
    your anniversary sama dgn aku! 21st October jgk..waah!!

  5. lia,
    sangat canteekkk the chocolates and the bear is really2 cute!!!
    can i have the link to the website??


  6. ms. 0y@,

    oh, terima kasih.

    oh, means all the while you will? :P

    and oh, means this IS the PDA type of entry? :P


    anniversary engagement kan? ke anniversary relationship skali? :D

    anyway glad to see your status in FB.. happy kemain yerrrr.. good good..


    kan? heh i'll email u the link shortly okie?! :)

    jelesnye you're gonna have a blooDy loNg weekend!!!! iSK.

  7. hahah my anniversary flowers were 1 day late too!

  8. anniversary engagement jer..relationship punya dah x celebr8 after engaged..byk sgt celebr8n nnt kopak lak :P

    eh, tetiba aku sgt rajin mengomen..sori lah ek,lia..aku mmg cukup teruja kalo bab2 tunang & kawen nih..heheh :P

  9. Sweet nyer. Eh li@, ada delivery in Penang tak? I nak link tuh jugak. Dah lama tak surprise for my hubby. Kesian dier

  10. joe,

    haha is it.. what was the reason? ;)


    hahaha a'ah kan banyak sangat anniversary pun takleh gak.. :P

    ohhh takpe takpe.. sila la komen banyak2.. aku suke dapat2 feedback nih.. rase lagi bersemangat nak update (*hint*hint*) =)

    ko bukak la blog wehhhhh!! leh aku bace esp pasal wedding prep ko.. *winK*


    hehehe kan.. ? =)

    i've given you the link, they do deliver to penang kan.. so ape lagi... hehehe all the best!

  11. bukak blog?
    i dont think so lah..
    i'm not good in writing and story-ing..baca blog ko yg best dah la..

    nak tau pasal wed preps aku, tanya je lar..kang aku cite panjang lebaq no.. :P

  12. huhu~

    thnx for the arrangement my dear


  13. iyma,

    alahaiii aku pun main tulis je cik kak oiii.. best tak best belakang cite ;)

    anyway yup i sure would be asking you, soON okie? (tibe2 dah start risau, boleh? huhu)

    dearest s0ulz,

    my pleasure... :)

  14. comel aje bg bear :D at least ur fiance suka.. kalau ben i la kan, dia malu dpt bear ni semua. hahahahaha! & he hates surprises!

  15. ~liza~,

    hehehe kan? :)

    well, to tell you the truth, i tak pernah tanye plak dia whether he likes bear, surprises and stuff. a'ah kan, guys normally tak suka kan.

    (actually i yang was more excited than he was masa dapat tau he got the delivery aritu).

    hmmm.. a point to discuss nih.

    heh. thanks for the idea!